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YouTube to Karaoke: How to Convert YouTube Video/Songs to Karaoke

You will hardly find a person in the world who does not love to sing to karaoke. There are different karaoke pubs and bars where people sing their heart out. However, with the changing time, the machines in these bars and pubs were not updated. And hence, they do not contain the latest karaoke songs. And hence we need a good karaoke converter. Since YouTube contains every new and updated videos and songs, we will talk about how to convert YouTube to karaoke easily.

Part 1. How to Directly Download Karaoke Songs from YouTube

If you have favourite Karaoke songs on YouTube, you can easily download them with HitPaw Video Converter. This tool can download any video or audio file from YouTube along with 10000 more video sharing and hosting platform. You can directly download YouTube Karaoke songs up to 320kbps for enhanced listening experience. Follow the below steps to know how to download Karaoke from YouTube without quality loss.

  • Step 1:Launch HitPaw Video Converter and click the Download tab. Open YouTube in your browser and copy the video URL of the karaoke video you wish to download.

  • Step 2:Go back to the Download section in the tool. Tap the Paste URL option that will paste the copied link automatically to the interface, and a dialog window will open.

    youtube to karaoke
  • Step 3:Tap the Download option to begin downloading the video.

    youtube to karaoke converter

Part 2. How to Convert YouTube Video/Songs to Karaoke

Creating a karaoke version of your favorite song is nothing but removing vocals from the song so that it contains only the instrumental part. An ideal YouTube to karaoke converter does this effortlessly and saves you the trouble of manually removing the vocals. HitPaw Video Converter comes to your rescue again with its vocal remover. The tool easily removes vocals with just a single click. Users do not need any technical knowledge to operate this tool. Below are some features of this tool that might seem helpful.

  • Automatically detect and separate the vocal and instrumental part
  • Maintain the quality and overlays of the media file
  • Support deleting vocals from both audio and videos
  • 120x faster parsing speed without quality loss
  • Easy to use, no technical skills required

Follow the below steps to know how to convert YouTube video to karaoke using this tool.

  • Step 1: Download, install, and launch HitPaw on your device. Navigate to Toolbox >> Vocal Remover option.

    convert youtube song to karaoke
  • Step 2: Now, add your audio or video by dragging the files into Vocal Remover.

    convert youtube video to karaoke
  • Step 3: Next, the AI will start analyzing the file automatically.

    youtube to karaoke
  • Step 4: Once the analysis is done by the tool, users will be shown two audio tracks—vocal track and instrumental track. You can export either once them, or both of them.

    youtube to karaoke converter

Part 3. Popular Karaoke YouTube Channels Recommended in 2023

In this section, we will have a look at some of the best and recommended karaoke YouTube channels that you can use to suffice your needs. Keep reading to know more.

1. KaraFun Karaoke

KaraFun Karaoke is a famous and well-like karaoke channel and it is an official platform as well. The channel comes with a vast library of karaoke songs, which houses current and classics hits. Users can use their karaoke converter and sing along with their videos to enjoy karaoke singing.

convert youtube song to karaoke

2. Sing King

Sing King Karaoke is one of the most popular channels on YouTube for karaoke songs. The channel comes with huge library of popular songs in different genres. The videos on this channels include on-screen lyrics for users to have a great singing experience.

convert youtube video to karaoke

3. sing2piano | Piano Karaoke

As the name suggests, Sing2Piano channel is expert in offering piano-based karaoke songs. The channel offer instrumental versions of hit songs and also provides on-screen lyrics for users. If you are someone who wants to sing along to piano instrumental, this channel is perfect for you.

youtube to karaoke

4. Stingray Karaoke

Stingray Karaoke is another famous channel on YouTube that offers a tons of karaoke songs for people of all ages. With its user-friendly interface and huge library, the channel provides an interactive and immersive karaoke experience. It is known for its on-screen lyrics and high-quality audio tracks, thereby making it simpler for users to have a great singing experience with confidence.

youtube to karaoke converter

5. PopUp Karaoke Instrumentals

PopUp Karaoke Instrumentals YouTube channel aims on offering instrumental versions of popular songs for karaoke. This channel is extremely preferred by people who want to practice their singing skills or wish to perform without the original vocals. The channel houses instrumental tracks across different genres, catering to different musical preferences. The channel also offers high-quality audio and -screen lyrics to improve the karaoke experience for its users.

convert youtube song to karaoke

6. Mega Karaoke Songs

Mega Karaoke Songs is yet another popular channel on YouTube that provides a huge range of karaoke songs for singers of all kinds. The channel is famous for its huge selection of songs, including different genres such as hip-hop, rock, pop, R&B, country, and more. Whether you are seeking for the timeless classics or latest chart-toppers, this YouTube channel has got you covered, thanks to its huge catalog of songs.

convert youtube video to karaoke

7. AcoustiClub

AcoustiClub is a popular channel on YouTube that is known for offering stripped-down and acoustic versions of hit songs. With its unique approach to music, this channel has gained a significant following on the video sharing platform among music fans seeking for soulful and intimate versions of their favorite songs. The channel’s collection spans different genres, including rock, pop, country, R&B, and more. Whether you are prefer timeless classics or a fan of chart-topping songs, the channel provides a diverse range of acoustic hits to suffice your different musical needs.

youtube to karaoke

8. KaraokeOnVEVO

KaraokeOnVEVO houses over 8000 videos and has tons of options to select from. The channel majorly focuses on providing karaoke versions of songs from the VEVO music video platform. In addition to this, the offers high-quality karaoke tracks synchronized with the original music videos, enabling users to sing along to their favorite songs.

youtube to karaoke converter


With that being said, we just had a look at the best method to download a song from YouTube and convert YouTube song to karaoke. HitPaw Video Converter comes to your rescue for both the tasks. It easily downloads the song and removes vocals with just a single click. There are also some popular karaoke YouTube channels that you can use.

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