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Top 6 AI Cartoon Generators to Make Cartoon Characters

The arrival of AI technology has truly changed the dynamics of this world, introducing new and creative features in all aspects. Imagine generating your favorite cartoon characters by only inputting the prompt.

Doesn't it sound unrealistic? Although it sounds unrealistic, a reliable AI cartoon generator has made it possible. If you want to opt for AI-generated cartoons, you can explore the 6 mind-blowing options in this post.

Part 1: 6 Best AI Cartoon Generator: Free Online

Finding the best AI cartoon character generator is still daunting despite many available tools. But you can get your hands on the most exciting AI-generated cartoon tools below.

1. HitPaw Online 4AiPaw

The most recommended AI cartoon generator from text you must aim at is HitPaw Online 4AiPaw. It is one of the best AI-generated art creators with many amazing artwork styles and options.

Besides offering an intuitive user interface, HitPaw Online 4AiPaw blesses you with amazing image quality. To generate flawless cartoon characters, all you need to do is navigate to the tool's official website and then let the AI cartoon generator do the rest. Another thing to ponder about the HitPaw Online 4AiPaw is the speed at which it generates the mesmerizing AI-generated artwork.

  • Doesn't require any knowledge to generate the art
  • Offers the intuitive user interface
  • Allows you to preview the generated image
  • No installation required
  • Doesn't come up with the watermark or unwanted ads
  • Download the generated AI art in terrific sound quality
Generate Now!
  • Step 1: You'll first need to navigate to the official webpage of the 4AiPaw Online and hit the ''Start Creating'' icon. You can also produce the automated prompt by tapping the dice option. Entering the desired text prompt is also possible in the search box.

    create cartoon with ai
  • Step 2: Select the appropriate option from the Artist and Style sections. Next, tap on the Generate icon before selecting the saturation and size of your output.

    ai cartoon generator from text
  • Step 3: After generating the cartoon characters, click on the Download icon to export the generated artwork.

    ai cartoon face generator
Generate Now!

2. Fotor

Whenever there is the talk of a cartoon AI art generator pops up, you can't ignore the Fotor. It is a commendable AI cartoon generator that allows you to generate eye-catching and attractive AI-generated cartoon characters courtesy of the prompt text.

Apart from producing mesmerizing AI-generated artwork, Fotor also enables you to adjust the photos' saturation, contrast, and brightness.

cartoon ai art generator Features:
  • It allows you to turn the text into mesmerizing AI-generated cartoons
  • Easy to use
  • No installed needed
  • Comes up with the multiple editing techniques

3. Jasper Art

Jasper Art is another magnificent AI cartoon generator that allows you to produce wonderful AI-generated cartoons. It doesn't ask you to spend hours producing mesmerizing cartoon characters. Instead, you can produce mind-blowing AI-generated cartoons by only typing the prompt text.

ai cartoonizer Features:
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited AI image generations
  • Doesn't come up with the watermark
  • Generates the high-resolution images
  • No installation needed

4. NightCafe

By allowing you to generate 4 mesmerizing AI-generated cartoon characters from one prompt, NightCafe is a reliable free AI cartoon generator. It has an extensive library of AI-generated Images, meaning you can generate everything from the text prompt.

ai cartoon voice generator Features:
  • Comes up with 40+ outstanding presets to choose from
  • Offers the 5 texts to image algorithms
  • Blesses you with the high-resolution images
  • Produce the fascinating cartoon characters from the text prompt

5. DALL-E 2

DALL-E 2 is powered by Chatgpt and has been a terrific AI cartoon generator. Apart from offering an intuitive user interface, the quality in which this AI cartoon face generator produces the AI-generated cartoon is truly remarkable. It only asks you to enter the desired description and turn that text into a mesmerizing cartoon character.

cartoonify ai Features:
  • Offers the intuitive user interface
  • Transform the text into an amazing AI-generated cartoon character
  • Generates high-resolution photos
  • Web-based AI cartoon generator

6. Dream by WOMBO

You can also visit the Dream by WOMBO when selecting the most appropriate AI cartoon character generator. It is one of the best AI cartoon generators that empowers you to access highly attractive artwork through text prompts. Only visiting the official website of the Dream By WOMBO will be enough to create amazing artwork.

ai voice generator cartoon character Features:
  • 40+ image presets and styles
  • Allows you to generate the four images simultaneously
  • Easy to use
  • Easy access available

Part 2: 10 Most Popular AI-Generated Cartoon Characters

AI does the magic brilliantly, as we have listed the 10 magnificent AI-generated cartoon characters that look like humans.

1. Moe Syzlak- The Simpsons

Moe Syzlak is a cartoon character who appeared in The Simpsons. Surprisingly, the AI cartoon character generator has transformed Moe Syzlak into a human-like shape.

cartoon ai

2. Ned Flanders- The Simpsons

From sharing the secret to singing the Bible songs, everything about Ned Flanders that pops into our minds is fascinating. AI technology has taken one step ahead, making Ned Flanders a human having the appearance of a common person.

ai cartoonify

3. Tinkerbell- Peter Pan

The AI generation of the Tinkerbell is one of the most exciting things a cartoon AI art generator has ever done. She looks beautiful, and everyone who seems to look at her can't put their eyes on her.

ai cartoon

4. Pocahontas- Pocahontas

Sometimes you won't believe in the creativity of an AI cartoon generator free, and the generation of the Pocahontas is a clear example of it. Her eyes look watchable; no one would say this is only a cartoon character.

ai cartoon generator free

5. Aladdin and Jasmine- Aladdin

Who would not have known about the Aladdin? But, the AI generation of Aladdin has left millions of people by surprise. He looks like a handsome boy who does not hesitate to express his beauty.

ai cartoon generator free

6. Carl Fredricksen- Up

You'll see hundreds of AI generations of cartoon characters, but nothing comes closer to the amazing AI generation of Carl Fredricksen. He looks human, and no one would say he is an AI-generated character.

ai cartoon filter

7. Milhouse Vanhouten- The Simpsons

The AI generation of Milhouse is quite an amazing one. Although he doesn't wear the red glass, you can't degrade the amazingly good cartoon characters' AI generation.

free ai cartoon generator

8. Lady Tremaine- Cinderella

The influence of Lady Tremaine was huge in Cinderella, but her impact is even bigger in the AI-generated image. She looks like a strict lady known for making strict rules for others.

ai cartoon face generator

9.John Smith- Sleeping Beauty

Creating the AI character of John Smith appearing in Sleeping Beauty was quite easy. His AI-generated image indicates that John Smith could also look handsome.

cartoon ai generator

10.Bart Simpson- The Simpsons

Bart Simpson is the last AI-generated cartoon character we've created, and he looks elegant and like a human in the image. Bart Simpson has a baby-like face that has attracted people around the globe.

cartoonify an image

Part 3. FAQs about AI Cartoon Online

Q1. What is an AI cartoon generator?

A1. AI cartoon generator is a computer program or system that uses artificial intelligence techniques, such as deep learning, to automatically convert photographs or images into cartoon-style representations. AI cartoon generators have gained popularity in applications such as social media profile picture creation, artistic expression, and even as a tool for content creators and digital artists looking to transform their work into a more stylized form.

Q2. How to generate AI cartoon voice?

A2. Generating an AI cartoon voice involves using text-to-speech (TTS) technology with specific voice styles or characterizations that resemble cartoon characters. Nowadays there are a lot of AI cartoon voice generators that offers customization options for voice styles, pitch, and speed.

Q3. How to turn photo to cartoon on iPhone?

A3. The HitPaw Photo AI for iOS stands out as an excellent tool for transforming photos into cartoon-style images. This versatile application not only allows you to create cartoon versions of your pictures but also offers a wide range of other features. You can effortlessly add color to black and white photos and even give your images a Japanese-style animation treatment. With this all-in-one app, you can accomplish various tasks seamlessly, eliminating the need to switch between multiple apps. Are you an Android user? Don't worry. HitPaw also provides an Android version for converting photo to cartoon on mobile.

Final Thoughts

You can select the best cartoon AI generator after trying the 6 magnificent AI generators we've mentioned.

We recommend the HitPaw Online 4AiPaw as the best free AI cartoon generator that empowers you to generate highly mesmerizing cartoon characters in wonderful image quality.

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