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Can You Sell AI Generated Art? All You Should Know Here

Recently, the infusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into art has sparked intriguing questions, with one in particular taking center stage: "Can you sell AI-generated art?" The art world hasn't remained untouched as AI technologies evolve, making their presence felt across various sectors.

This convergence of creativity and technology has given birth to a novel problem: the marketability of artwork crafted entirely by AI systems.

With AI algorithms now capable of producing astonishingly intricate and captivating artworks, a fascinating debate has emerged about these creations' value, ownership, and commercial prospects.

This exploration delves into the heart of the matter, unraveling the multifaceted dimensions surrounding the selling of AI-generated art.

Part 1. What is AI-Generated Art

AI-generated art is a type of art crafted using artificial intelligence. It comes to life through various methods, most commonly using algorithms to create images or sculptures. This art form is often viewed as more "objective" than traditional art, as human artists' personal biases do not influence it.

what is ai generated ai

Unlike traditional art, AI-generated art emerges without direct human involvement, leading to diverse viewpoints about its authenticity.

Some consider it a genuine art form due to its non-human origins, while others argue that it lacks the essence of human creativity. Irrespective of opinions, AI-generated art is a captivating emerging domain, certain to progress in the upcoming years.

This intriguing intersection of technology and creativity continues to spark debates and drive innovation, and its evolution remains a topic of fascination.

Part 2. FAQs about Selling AI-Generated Art

Art and technology converge in fascinating ways, giving birth to AI-generated art. This new medium has sparked many questions regarding its sale, legality, copyright, and commercial use.

Let’s dive into some of the most frequently asked questions about selling AI-generated art.

1. Can You Sell AI-Generated Art?

You can! The legality of selling AI-generated art has raised eyebrows recently due to the advancement and widespread use of AI technology. However, there’s no reason why AI-generated art shouldn’t be sold. Think of AI as a tool for artists, much like a camera for photographers.

Artists who use AI to craft their creations should rightfully own and be able to sell their work. So, if you're an artist harnessing AI to craft your masterpieces, you have the full right to sell them! But remember, reselling or reproducing another artist's AI-generated work without permission is a breach of copyright.

2. Are AI-Generated Images Copyright Free?

In the United States, AI-generated images are typically considered copyright-free. However, this can vary based on the jurisdiction and the specific algorithms used.

Always double-check the regulations in your region or consult a legal expert to ensure you're on the right side of the law.

3. Can I Use AI-Generated Art for Commercial Purposes?

Certainly, you can sell AI-generated art. Yet, exercise caution. Not all AI art generators grant the same rights for commercial use and redistribution.

Some might restrict the commercial utilization of AI-generated art. Always review the terms and conditions of your AI software to ascertain what is permissible.

4. Can You Sell AI-Generated Art As NFTs?

Absolutely. The popularity of AI-generated art has paved the way for the creation of NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens. NFTs are a form of digital ownership backed by blockchain technology, allowing creators to sell their digital artwork.

Companies like Eponym offer text-to-image AI software that empowers artists to directly sell their AI-generated creations on platforms like OpenSea, a prominent NFT marketplace.

5. Is it Legal to Sell AI-generated art?

Yes, selling AI-generated art is legal. However, it’s crucial to understand the licensing terms associated with your AI-generated images. These licenses span from complete commercial usage rights to limited personal use rights.

For instance, platforms like Midjourney provide a commercial license to paying subscribers, enabling them to use their AI-generated images for commercial purposes. Conversely, free trial accounts might only allow for personal use, forbidding the sale or commercial exploitation of AI-generated art.

Part 3. How to Sell AI Art

If you're wondering how to monetize your AI-generated masterpieces, here are some effective methods:

1. Sell AI-generated Art as Stock Images

Selling AI art on stock image sites like Adobe Stock and Freepik is an excellent way to earn a passive income. These platforms allow you to showcase your AI-generated content to potential buyers.

The demand for certain types of content is high, particularly scenic backgrounds and photorealistic images. Remember the target audience on these platforms - designers, journalists, and businesses.

They often search for practical images, like industrial landscapes or corporate settings. Flashy anime-style art might not be the best fit here. Tailor your offerings to meet the needs of these buyers for better results.

2. Sell AI Art as NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have emerged as a game-changer in art. NFTs represent true digital ownership of art pieces stored on a blockchain, making them tamper-proof and secure.

This method has proven incredibly lucrative, with some NFTs selling for millions. The integration of AI and NFTs opens up new horizons.

Converting your AI-generated art into NFTs is a straightforward process that enables you to earn cryptocurrencies. This digital ownership trend is worth exploring if you aim for a high-value market.

sell ai art as NFT

3. Sell AI Art on Freelance Sites

Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork offer a direct route to potential customers. Instead of merely selling AI art files, consider offering customizable services.

For instance, you can create personalized digital art for couples based on their submitted photos. Or assemble a package of AI avatars derived from customer images.

Providing value is key to success on these platforms. Many people need to be aware of AI avatar generators, so offering a collection of AI-generated images can be a unique and attractive proposition.

sell ai art on freelance site

4. Selling Print on Demand Products

Print-on-demand products present an opportunity to showcase your AI art on various items like mugs, stickers, and clothing. This avenue is perfect for those who might not have traditional art skills but possess a creative imagination.

Thanks to AI, your ideas can come to life on physical products. Whether you see yourself as an artist or not, your creativity is valuable. AI can help you harness this potential and turn it into profit through an array of print-on-demand items.

5. Selling Prompts

Consider selling prompts or ideas that can inspire other artists or creative individuals. Sometimes, all someone needs is inspiration to create something extraordinary. Your AI-generated prompts can serve as that spark.

This approach contributes to the artistic community and offers a unique product that can attract buyers seeking a creative nudge.

Part 4. Best AI Art Generators Recommended

When it comes to creating art with the power of AI, these generators stand out:


DALL-E, developed by OpenAI, is a cutting-edge AI art generator. It can transform textual descriptions into stunning images. What's even more exciting is that OpenAI's policy has evolved. Initially, generated images couldn't be used for commercial purposes.

However, in July 2022, OpenAI opened the doors for commercial use of DALL-E's creations. This means users can now freely use, sell, and merchandise the images they craft with DALL-E, granting them full commercial rights.

best ai art generator dall-e

2. MidJourney

MidJourney is a notable AI art generator. A Commons Noncommercial 4.0 Attribution International License is in place for free and trial users. This implies that while you can't profit from the images, you can use them creatively, with due credit to MidJourney.

But, if you're a paid member, the images you produce are entirely yours. This provides the freedom to utilize them for commercial purposes.


3. NightCafe

NightCafe offers AI-generated art that can be used commercially. There's a catch, though – the images must not involve copyrighted elements in their creation. Also, any images entangled with copyright regulations in your region might pose limitations.

But if these concerns are cleared, NightCafe's AI art can be a valuable resource for your commercial ventures.

nightcafe ai art generator

4. HitPaw Video Converter

HitPaw Video Converter is a desktop program that integrates AI Art Generator feature, allowing you to craft mesmerizing images from simple prompts. It provides hundreds of preset AI art styles including anime, old photo, water color, game, etc. Whether you seek fantastical landscapes, vibrant portraits, or abstract masterpieces, HitPaw AI Art Generator delivers stunning, unique artworks.

  • Step 1:Open the HitPaw Video Converter and navigate to the Toolbox menu. There, you will find the AI Art Generator feature.

    hitpaw ai art generator
  • Step 2:In the prompt window, we’ve provided some popular preset prompts for your reference, you can click Replace prompt to change another one. Or, you can input your own creative prompt or description for the desired image.

    Moreover, HitPaw Video Converter boasts an array of art styles, from realistic sketches to surreal digital creations, allowing your imagination to soar.

    enter prompt
  • Step 3:After entering your prompt and choosing image specifications, hit the 'Generate' button. The magic begins as the software converts your text into stunning AI artwork.

    nightcafe ai art generator
  • Step 4:The software generates two images with similar art styles. Preview these by double-clicking. Once satisfied, click the download icon to save your AI-generated masterpiece to your computer.

    download ai generated art

Unleash your flair with HitPaw Video Converter's AI Art Generator, creating captivating visuals from mere words. This tool opens a gateway to endless possibilities, bringing your imaginative concepts to life.

The Bottom Line

The realm of selling AI-generated art is diverse and promising. There are numerous avenues to explore, from stock images to NFTs freelance platforms to print-on-demand items. Each method has its target audience and potential rewards.

You can use the popular AI art generators to create your own artworks for selling. DALL-E, MidJourney, NightCafe, and HitPaw Video Converter are the most recommended AI art generators.

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