[Full Guide] How to Record Facebook Live Video

Joshua Hill
Updated on 2021-11-10

With the world entering an area of information, we must keep up with the trend of the times at any time. Facebook was born and live streaming is now the trend of the times. It can help us grasp global information and meet new friends faster, also make the connection with family and friends on the other side of the ocean faster and more convenient.

When do you need to make a video with family and friends, can you record Facebook live and capture this precious picture? Here are some of the best Facebook video recorders for video calls and real-time video.

Part 1: How to Record Facebook Live Video on Windows

How to Record Facebook Live with HitPaw Screen Recorder

If you are searching for a screen recorder to help you record Facebook video calls on your Windows computer, HitPaw Screen Recorder for Windows would be you’re the best choice. It is compatible with most versions of Windows, such as Windows 10/8/7/64 bit, and Mac version coming soon.

If you feel like record a Facebook video of high resolution, HitPaw Screen Recorder is the best choice for you. This software support recording Facebook video calls and live videos in 1080P and 15fps to 60fps, you can use editing to trim the video. Also segment recording is one of its best functions for live video.


  • Simple and friendly interface
  • Support multiple file-formats
  • Offer built-in media player and trim recordings
  • Segment recording to record the live video
  • Picture in picture for presentation
  • Record Webcam to capture screen and yourself simultaneously
  1. Download and Install HitPaw Screen Recorder on your computer.
  2. Click the Record Screen, and you can select the full screen or move the mouse to customize the recording area.

    record Facebook live
  3. Press the settings. (The icon is located in the lower right corner) You can choose the settings that intend to change the effect of the how-to record live video on Facebook.

    how to record Facebook live
  4. Click on the start icon. And, tap the pause button to pause the recording. You can want to screenshot simultaneously, click on the Screenshot icon at the bottom of the interface.

    can you record Facebook live
  5. If you have a fancy for PIP, click the icon, tap and choose the settings. Then HitPaw Screen Recorder recording. Also, you would like to record a webcam, need to return the home interface.

    how to record Facebook live video
  6. Click the stop icon, you should end recording and trim. If you are satisfied with the recording, tap the play button to preview it.

    can you record a Facebook live

Part 2: How to Record Facebook Live Video with Mac

The latest version of Mac OS has a built-in application that allows you to capture the screen. With these tools, you can easily record live streams. Folling the guide:

  1. Open the recording app, and simply press Shift-Command, you will find a small control, now click it.
  2. Select the area. Then you need to select the position to capture and start recording in full screen.
  3. Start the Facebook record. Tap on the record button to start recording a live stream.
  4. Save your Facebook record video. Hit the Stop icon on the control panel to stop recording. You can preview on the bottom right if you’re satisfied and save the video file.

Part 3: How to Record Facebook Video Call on iOS

If you prefer the iPhone, recording Facebook Video is much simpler. That is iOS 11 and above has the built-in screen recording feature. Following the step:

  1. 1. Open the Settings, select the Control Center and click Customize Controls.
  2. Direct towards Screen Recording. And add it to your Control Center.

    Facebook live
  3. Return to the Facebook app, and create a video chat or find the live stream you want to record. Then move towards the bottom to enter the control center. Click the screen recording button that is recording.

    can you video record a Facebook live?
  4. Stop the recording. You can either click on the red circle button given on top or use the Stop Recording icon in the Control Centre. Then, you will receive a notification.
  5. Save the recording. Move the Control Center, and tap Stop Recording. Find Facebook video recordings in the "Photos".

Part 4: How to Record Facebook Live Video on Android

DU Recorder is a Screen Recorder app that allows you to record a video of anything that happens on the Android screen. If you have recorded a video, you can also use the editing tools to edit it.

Key Features:

  • High-quality live streaming
  • Supports many kinds of frame rates, resolution, and bit rates
  • Apply for RTMP address
  • Powerful video editing features
  • Used to be the simultaneous recording of microphone and internal audio

Follow the steps to learn how to record Facebook live video:

  1. Download DU Recorder.
  2. Open the app, and you can find the screen record in the home interface. Just hit the start button and record your video.
  3. Stop recording. Tap the stop button if you end the video recording.

    Facebook video
  4. Conclusion

    This article shares with you how to record Facebook live through different methods. Of course, it is easy and suitable to use HitPaw Screen Recorder for you. No matter what kind of electronic device you are using, you can easily record Facebook videos.

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