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AIFF vs WAV: How to Choose?

The main difference between these two audio formats is that the AIFF audio format comes with the metadata, but WAV doesn't have that luxury. If you want to know more about the AIFF VS WAV debate, dig into this post to get all the exciting information about it.

Part 1: What is an AIFF File?

WAV is the abbreviation of the Waveform Audio File Format, and it is one of the simple and oldest high resolution audio formats generated by Microsoft and IBM in 1991.

The Audio in the WAV works by turning the audio signals into the binary data stored as the bitstream in the PC. WAV file will store the data in chunks like the AIFF format tends to do on Mac computers. WAV prompts the uncompressed audio files and Windows audio format for your raw data using the usual bitstream termed Linear Pulse Code Modulation.

what is aiff file
  • Prompts the uncompressed format enabling you to produce the recording without quality loss
  • WAV files are easy to use
  • Comes up with a dynamic range of upto 102 kHZ
  • Prompts the regularly frequency, making the audio format producing a smooth
  • You can use it as an interchange medium between several platforms.
  • Since WAV is an uncompressed file, it will cover a lot of storage space.
  • Some compatibility issues might pop up with the online use and playback devices.
  • WAV could get corrupted easily

Part 2: What is a WAV File?

AIFF is the short form of the Audio Interface File format, which is a commendable audio dike format designed by Apple in 1988. It relies upon the Interchange File format.

Like WAV, AIFF is also an uncompressed audio format and is supposed to take extra storage while storing the audio files. For instance, it could be 10 MB per one minute of audio. Although AIFF could also work on Windows, it works mostly on iOS and Mac devices. Surprisingly, it isn't impossible to compress the audio format as you can launch and play the AIFF media on the VLC, Apple iTunes, Windows Media Player, and Media Player Classic.

what is aiff file
  • AIFF is lossless audio format that tends to provide better sound quality
  • Prompts the high dynamic range
  • Easy to use
  • You can play the AIFF files on almost all media devices and media players.
  • Difficult adding the tags
  • You might have difficulty sharing it online
  • AIFF comes up with uncompressed files covering a lot of storage space

Part 3: What are the Differences Between AIFF and WAV?

After learning about the AIFF and WAV audio formats separately, it is now the time to conclude the AIFF file vs. WAV audio formats by discussing the differences between these two audio formats.

3.1 AIFF vs WAV: Audio Quality

Both the WAV and AIFF are uncompressed forms of that data, implying that despite getting compressed, you won't see the quality of the audio getting compromised. Since these two audio formats store the same amount of data, the quality is most likely to be similar.

Both the WAV and AIFF audio formats are compatible with the sample rates and audio resolution that help you to store the audio recordings in high quality. These two audio formats tend to retain the original data while recording courtesy of the uncompressed nature. Hence, using these two audio formats on the professional audio application is possible.

3.2 AIFF vs WAV: File Size

Despite being carrying the uncompressed audio data, WAV and AIFF audio formats could go through several different differences in the file size. The formatting and metadata of the audio formats make a small difference between the file size of the WAV or AIFF audio formats.

The WAV or AIFF audio's file size relies upon certain factors, including the duration, rate,sample, and resolution. The presence of the sample rates and high audio resolution will come up with the large audio sizes capturing the large audio data. Hence, it is pretty difficult to separate the WAV and AIFF audio format even if you talk about the file size of these two audio formats.

Bonus tips: Best Way to Convert AIFF to WAV

If you want to play the audio files into a particular media player but that media doesn't allow you to play the AIFF audio files, you can use the HitPaw Video Converter to convert the audio into the WAV audio format.

While converting the audio into the preferred format, the HitPaw Video Converter doesn't affect the sound quality, retaining all the metadata information and ID3 tags.

  • Supports multiple video formats
  • Compatible with the Mac and Windows
  • Doesn't prompt the sound quality loss
  • Comes up with the 120 conversion speed
  • Allows you to convert multiple audio files simultaneously

Here's the step-by-step guide to turning the AIFF to WAV through the HitPaw Video Converter.

  • Step 1:Install and Start the HitPaw Video Converter on your computer and click on the Add Audio button to import the audio you'd like to convert into the WAV audio format.

    click on the add audio button
  • Step 2:Press on the Convert All button to select the audio format you're looking to convert the audio into.

    select the audio format to convert the audio
  • Step 3:Once you're done selecting the appropriate audio format, you'll need to tap on the Convert All or Convert button to start converting the audio into the preferred audio format.

    tap on the convert all to start converting the audio
  • Step 4:After downloading the audio into the WAV audio format, you can access it from the Converted tab.

    access the audio file from the converted tab

Q1. Which format is better: AIFF or WAV?

A1. It depends upon your choice whether you're going for the WAV audio format or AIFF audio format. WAV is compatible with most devices and software, but the compatibility of the AIFF is a bit of a concern. Since these two audio formats are uncompressed, you can't separate them talking about the audio quality of these two audio formats.

Q2. What are the advantages of AIFF?

A2. AIFF audio format blesses its users with various mind blowing and terrific advantages. For instance, you can explore the high quality audio, metadata support, lossless compression and cross platform compatibility by opting for the AIFF audio format.

Q3. Is WAV the highest quality?

A3. Several people think that WAV audio format remains the file format with the higher audio quality than the rest. Since it tends to store the data without compression, it is bound to retain the audio information and metadata tags. Hence, there is no significant proof of whether WAV contains the highest audio quality, but it undoubtedly contains impressive sound quality.


Hundreds of people want to learn about the AIFF VS WAV debate, and this post comes handy in this regard. We have listed the in-depth analysis between the .AIFF and.WAV and which option suits you more.

HitPaw Video Converter is by far the best tool when it comes to turning the AIFF audio format into the WAV audio format. It helps you to convert the audio files in lossless quality supporting the batch conversion.

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