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Know Everything about Voice Actors | Mulan from Disney

"Mulan" movie was made in 1998. This movie is a mix of music, comedy, fun, drama and adventure. The story is based on an old Chinese legend. Hua Mulan is the main character of this movie. This movie is most loved by people because it's the 36th animated film made by Disney and the ninth one in what they call the "Disney Renaissance" period. Mulan was made at a Disney animation studio in Florida. Tony Bancroft & Barry Cook directed it. The story of Mulan was written by Rita Hsiao, Robert D. San Souci, and some others.

mulan character from disney

Everyone knows that "Mulan" is loved by many millennials today, and we call it one of Disney's most progressive Princess films. But this movie didn’t get as much success when it first came out. It was okay, but it was not one of the best movies like other Disney Renaissance movies like “Aladdin,” "Beauty and the Beast," & "The Lion King." In this article, we will discuss everything about Mulan and Voice actors Mulan behind the characters of Mulan.

Part1: All Things about Voice Actors and Mulan

Things about Mulan

Mulan is the primary character in Disney's movie "Mulan". She's a young woman who is determined & brave. She is the daughter of a soldier who wants to make her family proud. Her father was asked to fight in a war against Shan Yu to defend China. And Mulan decides to disguise herself as a man who’s name is Ping and take his place in the army to keep him safe.

Mulan was much inspired by the legendary figure Hua Mulan. She's also known as the 8th official Disney Princess. She doesn’t come from Royal Blood like other princesses, and that is the thing that sets her apart from others. Mulan was the last Disney Princess and she was created during the period of iconic animated films, which is also called the Disney Renaissance.


Mulan lives with her mom and dad in a little village. She takes care of her grandmother, who is funny. She also has a dog, and his name is Little Brother. In those days, girls used to follow the strict rules of their families just for their honor. And, that is what was expected from Mulan, too. But Mulan feels like she can never fit in an environment where people have such expectations of her.

Mulan is a clumsy person, and she doesn't want to do her chores, rather she used to make gadgets for household work. His father didn’t like this, and he got annoyed. As part of the Fa family, Mulan has guardians which were called the Fa Family ancestors & family guardians. They were animals from the Chinese zodiac. At the end of the original Mulan story, Mushu (small dragon), becomes the personal guardian of Mulan. Now, we will talk about the voice actress of Mulan.

Part2: Voice Actors Mulan---Then and Now

Ming-Na Wen

Ming-Na Wen is the one who voiced Mulan. But, the singing voice of Mulan was done by Broadway star Lea Salonga. By the way, Salonga also sang for Princess Jasmine in “Aladdin,” which is Disney's 1992 film.

Ming-Na Wen played the character Melinda May for 7 years on "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." She has also achieved more than eighty acting credits. She got more credits due to her voice for many characters. Mulan was the first great animated role for Ming-Na Wen and that is why she just provided the speaking voice for Mulan.


Lea Salonga

The singing voice actor for Mulan was by Lea Salonga. She is a famous theater performer. She also played the role of Kim in Miss Saigon at the age of 18 years. She also played a role in Les Miserables on Broadway.

mulan singing voice actress

Eddie Murphy as Mushu

In all animated movies, there's always a character who adds humor to the film. Eddie Murphy is famous due to his unique humor skills, and that is what he reflects in Mushu's character.

mushu voice actor

Harvey Fierstein as Yao

Harvey Fierstein is a white man who plays the role of a Chinese soldier. He used his Brooklyn accent while performing the role of Yao. Yao is a character who starts off as an adversary, but at the end, he becomes a friend of Mulan.

yao voice actor

Gedde Watanab as Ling

Gedde Watanabe is a famous personality from the time when he played the role of Long Duk Dong in '16 Candles,'. He is the voice of Ling in Mulan, and he is the fellow soldier of Mulan. The singing voice of Ling is provided by Matthew Wilder.

ling voice actor

Miguel Ferrer as Shan-Yu

Miguel Ferrer belongs to a famous family in Hollywood. His parents' names are Jose Ferrer & Rosemary Clooney. He is also the cousin of George Clooney. Ferrer has a good personality, and he is both a musician & actor. He is the voice behind Shan Yu. Shan Yu is Mulan's main adversary in the film.

shan yu voice actor

Pat Morita as The Emperor

Pat Morita is a well-known personality from the time when he played the role of Mr. Miyagi in "The Karate Kid”. In Mulan, he is the voice actor behind The Emperor.

the emperor voice actor

James Hong as Chi Fu

James Hong is one of the busiest actors in Hollywood. In Mulan, he is the voice actor behind Chancellor Chi-Fu. Chi Fu is the most trusted person of the Emperor. Chi-Fu is a character who doesn't support women to be soldiers.

chi fu voice actor

George Takei as First Ancestor

George Takei seems to be very famous these days. He also had a role in Mulan as the leader of the Fa family's ancestors. Ancestors safeguarded Mulan and used to send Mushu to help Mulan.

first ancestor voice actor

BD Wong as Shang

BD Wong is the most respected actor in New York.”. In Mulan, he is the voice behind Shang. Shang is the captain of the army.


June Foray/Marti Nixon as Grandmother Fa

June Foray is a successful girl in animation. She is the voice actor behind Marti Nixon in Mulan as the grandmother of Mulan. She also sang for Grandmother Fa in the movie Mulan.

grandmother voice actor

Miriam Margolyes as The Matchmaker

Miriam Margolyes is one of the character actresses who takes part in many TV shows and movies. In Mulan, she is the voice-over actor behind the Matchmaker.


James Shigeta as General Li

James Shigeta used to be a well-known singer in Japan. In Mulan, he is the voice behind General Li. He is the father of Shang, who trusts him.


Part 3: Mulan and Other Princess

In the Wreck-It Ralph 2 trailer, there are many famous Disney princesses. Their names are Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle, Anna, Elsa, Moana, Aurora, Mulan, Pocahontas, Merida, and Jasmine. They are shown in the movie living together with their animal friends. Vanellope finds herself among them unexpectedly. Cinderella's princess immediately becomes wary when she breaks a glass slipper and starts using it as a weapon. They talk when Vanellope questions why only guys seem to save the day in stories, and she's known as a genuine Princess. Mulan’s voice is cool and people dream to sound like her.

mulan and other princess

Part 4: Mulan-Live Action Movie

In the live-action movie Mulan, a brave young woman who’s name is Mulan disguises herself as a man. Mulan does this to protect her sick father from joining the army. She fights against the invaders who are from the north of China. In the movie, we can see Mulan as a feminist. This is because she challenges gender norms, or she is someone who fluidly navigates gender roles. The voice actor of Mulan is Ming Na Wen. The central part of the story reflects the journey of Mulan to accept her identity. The message of the story is simple: You should be proud of yourself. Always challenge the expectations of society. Show your real side to this world.

action movie mulan

Part 5: Voice Actors Mulan: Modify Your Voice like her

If you love Mulan character, you might want to sound like her and use that sound to prank your friends. Must try HitPaw Voice Changer. It is a voice-changing software that you can use to turn your voice into any anime character. For Example, Mulan’s voice or moana. You can also change your voice into any other favorite character from Mulan movie. You can use that sound in the live stream and while playing games. It’s an easy tool with a lot of voice effects. You have the option to choose the voice effect of your preference. There are also options by which you can adjust the speed and tone of your voice. People love to use HitPaw due to some unique qualities it contains.

Features of HitPaw Voice Changer are:

  • It is easy to use and has a straightforward interface that is also user-friendly.
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  • You will not get any Robot-like sound with HitPaw Voice Changer. It provides a natural sound.
  • With HitPaw Voice Changer, you can change many files with a single click.

How to use the Functions of HitPaw voice Changer?

Step 1: Configure Input & Output

Go to "Settings". Now, choose the input & output devices.

open settings

If you are manually adding any devices, just refresh it. Check if you can detect it.

manually added devices

You are still facing the same problem and are not able to hear any voice, just click on "Detect".

click on detect

If the microphone/speaker icons are green, it means everything is fine.

Step 2: Pick Voice and Sound Effects

Check the effects and apply your favorite voice effect.

Choose a voice & sound effects
Step 3: Tweak Global Settings

You will see the options of “Hear Myself” and "Voice Changer”. Speak something to check how your voice is sounding. Sometimes, there might be background noise, which you can remove by enabling the noise reduction after clicking the icon of the speaker.

turn on ‘‘Voice Changer’’
Step 4: Fine-tune Voice Settings

By hovering the avatar of Cartoon, you can adjust voice settings after previewing the sound.

fine-tune voice settings


In this article we have explore the all voice actors Mulan. Mulan is the main character of the Mulan action movie and you might have learned everything about Mulan. It’s a movie that is a mix of comedy, drama, and fun. The voice actor of the main character is Ming Na Wen, who has a very cool sound. Many people are fans of Mulan Voice. If you want to change your voice into Mulan’s voice, we have a solution for you. Choose HitPaw Voice Changer. It is software that not only changes your voice into any character’s voice but also gives the sound a touch of the human voice. So, with the help of HitPaw Voice Changer, you can turn your voice into any anime character and use it in live streaming and playing games to prank your friends.

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