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Explore the Best 10 Safe Anime Websites for Uninterrupted Entertainment

If you are looking around the web to find safe Anime websites for you and your kids, you have come to the right place. We have curated a 10 safe Anime website list to explore and enjoy leisurely. It is important to find safe websites because most free streaming platforms have too many ads and popups, which may include easy access to phishing or scamming websites.

In this article, we will also share a good media downloader so you can watch them offline and on any device you want.

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Are you excited to learn more? Let's start.

The Ultimate List of Top 10 Safe Websites to Watch Anime

Our list of safe websites to watch Anime on most internet-enabled devices follows.


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There were many websites before and after Crunchyroll was a thing, but none came close, as Crunchyroll brought to the masses. It was the first massively popular website that brought legal streaming to worldwide audiences.

There are ads on free sub and limited episodes to watch, but once you subscribe, there are no ads and no popups whatsoever. Available in over 180 countries, the website is secure and safe to use.

Crunchyroll is the website that brought Anime and Manga in one place to Western audiences and has contracts with major Anime studios. The platform even has a store for popular Anime show merchandise.

This is where you go if you want free Anime websites that are safe and full of content.


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Backed by Sony, it will soon acquire Crunchyroll. What's more to know about this platform? Though it is not one of the safe Anime websites free options, as you need a subscription, a lot is going on here that is worth the money.

Funimation uses industry standards to protect users' data and ensure you are secure when making payments. It also does a lot to combat piracy and has robust measures.

Funimation has massive exclusive content, over 13,000 hours of Anime that you won't find elsewhere, and made Dragon Balls, Beyblade, and much more popular in the West. A true king of safe free Anime websites to watch with their free trial.

3.Netflix (Anime Section)

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Netflix is a streaming giant with tons of exclusive content to cater to its fanbase, with big names like Kaguya Sama and Death Note as exclusives. It has a complete Anime section for amazing shows and a must-watch catalog.

Netflix as a whole is a safe and trustworthy platform for streaming and hence brings the same for its Anime collection. This alone makes it worth more than free safe Anime websites that still have 3rd party popups.

With a clean and streamlined UI, you will have a blast here because you can find most new shows that will be subbed and dubbed based on your preference.

4.Hulu (Anime Section)

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Hulu is also an excellent place for the best safe Anime watching websites because it is already a giant in streaming shows and movies. It brings many amazing Anime to its websites and prioritizes quality.

Though it has industry-grade safety and precautions, it has unparalleled child safety protocols to provide safe content to kids with PIN protection.

Hulu gives you access to many famous Anime studios through licensing, and more will be added.

5.Zoro Anime Website

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Though some users have complained about spamming emails, that is only on mobile users. Even with most free websites, you don't have to worry if the Zoro Anime website safe or not.

Zorro provides users with free massive content with good quality and streaming options, with downloading allowed, too. This is the first of the Anime websites that are safe on our list, but you may have to tiptoe around 3rd party websites if you choose to download a show.

Overall, users have favorable reviews and accept some ads and popups as it is one of the few safe websites to watch Anime for free.


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9Anime is now AniWave with a new and improved outlook but the same old commitment to safety. Thus, it is one of the best Anime safe websites. The best part is that it contains ads, and the website doesn't have intrusive popups or buttons that may guide you to third party websites for clicks.

So, if you are Anime websites safe fan and want a massive library of new and vintage Anime releases, AniWave is the place to be.


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AnimeLab is one of the best safe Anime websites you can watch, especially if you are in the land down under—multiple device options with fantastic quality and easy to use and navigate.

As the website is geotagged for New Zealand and Australian users, it has many powerful names, like Demon Slayer and My Hero Academia, on its licensing to provide the best content. Furthermore, it is incredibly safe to use, but the only issue is that people outside these countries need a VPN to access their content.

8.VRV (Anime Section)

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VRV has many anime collections on its websites and hosts premium services such as Crunchyroll, VRV Select, and MONDO. It is the best safe websites to watch Anime because of this fantastic collection. So enjoy diverse yet exclusive content from these three services all in a single website.

9.Tubi TV (Anime Section)

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You can find popular Anime on this safe Anime websites option, including Naruto, Attack on Titans, and many big names. Rest assured, even though Tubi TV is a safe Anime website for free and earns through supported ads, it doesn't have any intrusive practices that are plaguing many others.

The only issue is that it may violate copyright laws, so if you don't want to be tangled in it, you should use a VPN to watch and stream the shows.


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Another excellent option for safe websites to watch anime on is AnimeKisa, which is also a popular streaming service where they do have ads, but they are not that intrusive. They are only directed at the video player, which you can quickly close and continue with whatever you watch.

This non-intrusive ad management is not standard in safe Anime websites that are free. Still, you can find great shows categorized based on whether you want to watch subbed or dubbed.

Ultra-Tips: Download Your Favourite Anime with HitPaw Video Converter

You now have a great list of safe Anime website alternatives that can provide you with thousands of shows and movies for Anime fans. But all of them are streamable with limited download options. Many users also want to download from these safe Anime websites to watch as they please.

HitPaw Video Converter and Downloader is the best option for these fans and users because of the streamlined process with the highest speeds available.

Here are some of the best features of this safe Anime website downloader.

Quality Features of HitPaw Video Converter and Downloader
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  • Access over 10,000 websites.
  • The steps of downloading and converting media are quick, simple, and can be done in bunches.

How to Download and Use HitPaw Video Converter?

  • 1. Download and install the app to your computer.

  • 2. Enter your Anime show URL in the "Copy URL" box in the Download area. You can copy the link and click on the dialogue box; the program will handle the rest.

    copy the url you want
  • 3. Let the tool analyze what you copied before, and then choose the quality of the video to download. You can also select multiple videos here.

    paste the url to the software
  • 4. Finalize your selection and download.

    analysing the link begin downloading
  • 5. If you navigate to the Toolbox tab, you can have separate download modules for Crunchyroll and Netflix, allowing more to do.

FAQs of Safe Anime Websites

Q1. Which is the Safest Website to Watch Anime?

A1. There are many excellent and safe websites, out of which we have shared the best 10. You can use any of these and are assured everything works fine.

Q2. What Anime Website Has No Viruses?

A2. None of the websites we share in this article have viruses. However, if a website causes a popup to a 3rd party ad website, please be vigilant in not accepting anything.


You can enjoy anime episodes by browsing these safe Anime website options. We recommend using a subscription model website as they are more secure.

Finally, the best way to enjoy Anime is to download them from Crunchyroll, Netflix, BiliBili, etc. in the highest quality through HitPaw Video Converter and Downloader and watch them offline.

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