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[2024] Top 6 Voice of Rapunzel Voice Changers for PC, Online & Mobile

If you're enchanted by Rapunzel's voice and thinking about who voices Rapunzel or who voiced Rapunzel in the Tangled series, you are not alone. Many fans love the unique charm and warmth that lies in her speech. And guess what? Now, you can incorporate that magic into your voice. We've compiled a list of the top six voice-altering tools for your PC, online, and mobile platforms that can transform your voice to sound just like Rapunzel's. So, are you ready to let down your hair and change your voice for a bit of fun?

rapunzel cartoon

The Best Rapunzel Voice Changers for PC

Dive into the enchanting world of Tangled with HitPaw AI Voice Changer! your gateway to capturing the magical voice of Rapunzel. With its cutting-edge voice-changing technology, HitPaw offers an extensive library of audio clips, including those of Rapunzel's mesmerizing voice from 2023. Embrace the power of music and the charm of Tangled with HitPaw's AI Voice build-up feature, ensuring an experience of unmatched convenience and versatility. Get ready to unravel a new layer of vocal magic, transforming your voice into that of Rapunzel's with ease and flair, all thanks to HitPaw AI Voice Changer.


  • Excels in precision and flexibility, allowing you to emulate Rapunzel's sweet tones.
  • Connects smoothly with numerous platforms, ideal for aspiring voice artists.
  • Experience high-quality voice transformation for magically lifelike performance.

Here's a step-by-step guide to adding Rapunzel voice effects using HitPaw AI Voice Changer:

  • Step 1:Launch HitPaw Voice Changer and select 'AI Voice' to import your voice from the Rapunzel file.

    Import files in HitPaw
  • Step 2:Search and apply a desired sound effect from the library to achieve the Rapunzel voice.

    Select AI Voice Effects
  • Step 3:Adjust pitch, click 'Change Voice,' and download to fully embody the voice of Rapunzel.

    Change the voice

Part 2: Hottest Online Rapunzel Voice Changers

1. Voice Changer with Effects

voice changer with effects app view

Step into Rapunzel's tower and let your voice float out the window with enchantment using "Voice Changer with Effects for iOS". This app isn't just a tool; it's your personal magic wand to morph your voice into the voice of Rapunzel or any character you adore. Perfect for iOS users seeking whimsical adventures right from their fingertips!


  • Explore a multitude of voice effects for endless amusement.
  • Navigating through the app is a breeze, even for beginners.
  • Change your voice in real-time during calls or recordings.
  • Easy-to-use interface with clear instructions.
  • Offers a wide collection of voices including Rapunzel and other cartoonish voices.
  • Some voice effects may require in-app purchases.

2. Voice Changer with Effects

voice changer with effects app view

Android users, rejoice! With "Voice Changer with Effects for Android", you can swing from your modern-day tower with the captivating voice of Rapunzel. This app offers a trove of effects, turning your voice escapades into a spellbinding experience. Transform and enchant with ease as you venture into your very own fairytale.


  • Embark on an audio adventure with an extensive selection of cartoonish voices.
  • Enhance your voice with integrated sound editing tools for a professional touch.
  • Share your transformed voice on various social platforms.
  • Numerous interactive voice effects, including popular cartoon characters.
  • Integrated sound editing tools for enhanced audio quality.
  • The app contains advertisements which may hamper the user experience.

3. VoxBox -Text to Speech Toolbox

Voxbox Text To Speech app view

Unlock the magic of Rapunzel's voice without ever having to sing a note with VoxBox - Text to Speech Toolbox. This innovative tool isn't just about changing your voice; it's about creating spoken wonders from any text in the voice of Rapunzel. Dive into a world where your words craft the narrative, embodying the charm and magic of fairy tales.


  • Turn your written content into lively speech using Rapunzel's voice.
  • Choose from a variety of cartoonish voices for a fun and personalized touch.
  • Record the converted text-to-speech for future use or sharing.
  • Integrated text-to-speech functionality for diverse vocal effects.
  • Offers a wide range of cartoonish voices for personalized text conversion.
  • Ability to record converted text as speech within the app.
  • Limited features in the free version of the app.
  • Contains in-app ads which can distract the user.

Part 3: 2 Most Useful Rapunzel Voice Changers for Mobile

1. Voicer Celebrity Voice Changer

voicer celebrity voice changer app view

Ever dreamed of narrating your life with the voice of Rapunzel? Voicer Celebrity Voice Changer turns that dream into reality, allowing you to adopt the personas of your favorite characters, including the long-haired princess. This app is your backstage pass to becoming Rapunzel, with just a tap and a giggle, on any platform you choose.


  • Enjoy a wide range of fun impersonations.
  • Use the app in real time to bring a twist to your conversations.
  • Effortlessly share your celebrity voice clips with friends.
  • Large selection of celebrity and character voices including the voice of Rapunzel.
  • The ability to use voice effects in real-time for calls or gaming.
  • Quick sharing feature to easily post your creations on social media.
  • The app may include in-app purchases for advanced features.

2. Revoice: Change your voice

revoice change your voice app view

Immerse yourself in the world of enchantment with Revoice - Change Your Voice, where every user gets to speak with the voice of Rapunzel. It's not just a voice changer; it's a gateway to reimagining your vocal identity across tales and adventures. Enter the universe where every message and call is an opportunity to sprinkle a little magic.


  • Offers a variety of voice options.
  • Quickly edit your recordings with simple tools.
  • Tailor your voice clips with numerous sound effects to make them unique.
  • Provides an array of voices including the charm of Rapunzel's tone.
  • Intuitive editing tools enhance user experience.
  • Customizable effects give users control over their voice creations.
  • The app might have limited functionality without in-app purchases.
  • Advertisements may interrupt the user's experience.

Things about Rapunzel's Voice Actor

In the enchanting world of Rapunzel, Mandy Moore's voice shines as she brings the character to life in Disney's "Tangled". With charm and might, Moore captivates audiences with her exceptional talent. While animated renditions boast Moore's portrayal, the question of who will champion Rapunzel's voice in live-action adaptations remains unanswered. Yet, anticipation builds as audiences eagerly await the reveal of who will carry on the legacy of Moore's iconic performance, capturing hearts worldwide.

FAQs of Rapunzel

Q1. Who voices Rapunzel in Tangled?

A1. Rapunzel's bubbly and optimistic voice is brought to life by actress and singer Mandy Moore.

Q2. Is Rapunzel's singing voice the same as her speaking voice?

A2. Yes! Mandy Moore not only voiced Rapunzel's spoken dialogue but also sang all of her songs in Tangled, including the iconic "When Will My Life Begin"?

Q3. How can I capture Rapunzel's vocal style?

A3. Rapunzel's voice is characterized by its sweetness, youthful energy, and a touch of wonder. Try speaking with a bright tone, clear pronunciation, and a hint of curiosity in your voice!


In conclusion, voice transformation is a thrilling experience thanks to advanced apps like HitPaw Voice Changer. For entertainment, content creation, or to quench the curiosity about who voiced Rapunzel in Tangled, playing with voices brings excitement to the audio world. We highly recommend you try out HitPaw Voice Changer and embark upon this audio adventure with Rapunzel's enchanting voice, among many more. Happy exploring!

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