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How to Sound Like Cleveland Brown Voice in 2024

Have you ever wondered how to emulate the distinct and lovable voice of Cleveland Brown from Family Guy? Diving into the whimsical world of voice imitation has never been more exciting, especially when it involves mimicking the Cleveland Brown Family Guy. The latest technology provides tools to enhance your digital experience, thus bringing your favorite characters to life in exciting ways.

Let's walk you through the exciting journey of sounding like Cleveland Brown and other Family Guy characters in your online interactions with HitPaw Voice Changer.

Who is Cleveland Brown?

Family Guy Cleveland Brown

Cleveland Brown is a fictional character from the Family Guy. Residing in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island, he is one of Peter Griffin's best friends. A prominent figure in the show's diverse cast, he is unique for his slow and soft-spoken voice & warm and gentle personality, contrasting the loud characters in the series. His character is African-American, and he is often portrayed as the level-headed, wise, and moral compass of his friend group, offering sound advice and a calming presence amidst the chaos that frequently surrounds the Griffin family.

His backstory is fleshed out through various episodes. He is a high school graduate, married with children, and has held multiple jobs throughout the series, including a stint as a deli owner. His family life is central to his character, particularly his relationships with his ex-wife Loretta, his current wife Donna, and his children, Cleveland Jr., Roberta, and Rallo.

Cleveland and his family remain integral to the show's dynamic, enriching the series with humor, heart, and unique perspectives.

Who Voices Cleveland Brown?

Cleveland Brown Voice

Cleveland Brown voice is originally by Mike Henry, an American actor, voice actor, writer, and producer. His association with Cleveland began with the character's inception and continued for over two decades. His ability to give this character a distinct, gentle, and endearing voice contributed significantly to its popularity and appeal among fans. His vocal performance brought a unique depth to Cleveland, mixing humor with warmth and sincerity, making the character stand out in the animated series.

His involvement with Family Guy extended beyond voicing Cleveland; he also contributed as a writer and producer, showcasing his multifaceted talent in animated television. However, in June 2020, inspired by a broader industry reflection on racial representation and sensitivity, Mike Henry stepped down from voicing this character.

Cleveland Brown Voice Actor

He expressed his belief that persons of color should voice characters of color, demonstrating a commitment to progress and inclusivity in voice acting. Following his departure, Arif Zahir, known for his impressive voice work, especially on platforms like YouTube, took over this role. He was celebrated for his ability to capture the essence and nuances of Cleveland's voice. Also, he has been praised for his seamless transition into the role, ensuring the character remains a beloved presence on Family Guy.

How to Sound Like Cleveland Brown Voice in Real-time

To sound like Cleveland Brown in real-time, the HitPaw AI Voice Changer is an easy and effective solution. This software leverages advanced AI technology to modify your voice, enabling you to accurately mimic Cleveland's unique vocal characteristics during live conversations or while gaming online. It offers a range of realistic voice effects and soundboards to achieve the voice of your favorite character. You can reduce the background noise and preview the output before downloading. It even lets you perform voice modulation for the pre-recorded voices.


  • Simplify navigation and use, allowing for quick voice changes without hassle
  • Transform your voice into Cleveland Brown during live chats or streaming
  • Ensure the output is natural and clear, resembling Cleveland's distinctive tone
  • Work seamlessly with various communication and streaming platforms
  • Adjust voice parameters to fine-tune the Cleveland Brown voice effect

Click Now & Check How to Change Your Voice in Real-Time

Step 1. Choose Input and Output

Choose Input and Output

After launching this software, click the "Settings" button. Now, open the menus for the "Input" and "Output" and choose the required sources.

Detect Sources

To detect the manual sources, you should press the refresh icon first. If the sources don't appear, tap the "Detect" button.

Microphone and Speaker

Once the Windows "Choose your Microphone" and "Choose your Speaker" appear, check their color. They must be green for normal use.

Step 2. Select Voice Effect

Select Voice Effect

It's time to explore different voice effects by expanding the "Real-time Voice" section from the main interface. Click the desired one to apply.

Step 3. Change Global Settings

Change Global Settings

Here, you need to check the bottom to disable or enable the "Hear myself," "Noise reduction," and "Voice changer" options as preferred.

Step 4. Adjust Voice Settings

Adjust Voice Settings

Once any voice effect is applied, a settings column appears on the right side. It will let you change the "Pitch," "Timbre," and "Volume" to achieve the desired Cleveland Brown voice. Start changing your voice on the compatible platforms. That's all!

FAQs about Cleveland Brown in Family Guy

Q1. Does Cleveland Brown Jr appear in Family Guy?

A1. Cleveland Bornw Jr in Family Guy made occasional appearances. His journey on Family Guy temporarily concluded in 2010 during an episode that depicted his attendance at what was believed to be his father, Cleveland's, funeral with his mother, Loretta.

Q2. What is the Cleveland Brown's personality?

A2. Cleveland Brown is characterized by his kind-hearted, patient, and gentle demeanor. He is depicted as a devoted friend and family man, often showing a high tolerance and understanding towards others.

Q3. Has Cleveland Brown's voice actor always been the same?

A3. While Mike Henry initially voiced Cleveland, the role has seen changes to align with the show's values, showcasing the evolution of the character's voice portrayal.


Sounding like Cleveland Brown has never been easier, thanks to the innovative HitPaw AI Voice Changer. Whether you're a fan of Family Guy, a beginner in voice acting, or simply looking to add fun to your online presence, this tool offers a thrilling way to emulate the character of Cleveland Brown. Dive into the world of voice changing and let your creativity fly with the distinct voice of Cleveland Brown.

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