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How to Sound Like Boo Voice in 2024

Embark on a whimsical journey as we uncover the secrets to replicating the voice of boo monster inc. in 2024.

Imagine delighting friends or embracing the joyous innocence of Boo's laughter during virtual calls. With HitPaw AI Voice Changer, we unveil a transformative tool that makes embodying Boo's precious tones in real-time an accessible and playful endeavor.

Join us in exploring the magic of capturing monster inc boo's voice as we infuse your conversations with the heartwarming charm that defines this beloved character from the animated world.

Who is Boo from Monster Inc.?


Boo, a.k.a. Mary Gibbs, is the utterly endearing and curious toddler from Pixar's Monsters, Inc.

With her innocent eyes and infectious laughter, Boo inadvertently finds her way into the monster world.

Despite initially being the source of comedic chaos for Sulley and Mike, Boo forms an unexpected bond with the monsters. Her genuine joy and affectionate relationship with Sulley become central to the film's heartwarming narrative.

Voiced by Mary Gibbs, Boo embodies the essence of childhood wonder and friendship, making her a cherished character in the world of animation. As we explore replicating Boo's voice in 2024, it's her precious innocence that we aim to capture.

Monsters Inc Sulley and Boo

sully & boo

Here is the introduction to the heartwarming friendship of monster inc sully and boo. Sulley, the lovable blue giant, and Boo, the curious toddler, form an unlikely bond in the bustling world of Monstropolis.

Initially a source of hilarity and chaos, Boo's innocence melts Sulley's heart, turning their interactions into moments of pure magic. As Sulley strives to protect Boo from the comical misunderstandings of the monster world, their endearing camaraderie becomes the emotional core of Pixar's iconic film.

This dynamic duo, with Sulley's protective charm and Boo's infectious laughter, exemplifies the perfect blend of humor and heartfelt connection that captivates audiences of all ages.

Who Voices Boo from Monster Inc.?

mary gibbs

The delightful voice behind the character Boo in Monsters, Inc. belongs to Mary Gibbs.

As a toddler during the film's production, Mary's authentic giggles and innocent babble became the heartwarming sounds that brought Boo to life.

Despite being too young to comprehend her role fully, Mary's spontaneity and genuine expressions created the perfect audio backdrop for Boo's enchanting presence in the animated world. While Mary Gibbs did not pursue a career in voice acting, her contributions remain an integral part of the enduring charm that Boo brings to Monsters, Inc.

As we explore capturing Boo's voice in 2024, it's Mary's original, innocent tones that we aim to replicate.

How to Sound Like Boo from Monster Inc. in Real-Time

Embark on an enchanting endeavor to replicate Boo's adorable voice from Monsters, Inc. in real-time, made possible by the magical HitPaw AI Voice Changer. Step into the world of Monsters, Inc., and let HitPaw AI Voice Changer be your guide in echoing the whimsical voice of the beloved Boo in 2024.

This innovative tool brings the joy of Boo's laughter to your fingertips with its incredible features.


  • HitPaw AI Voice Changer boasts a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for users of all skill levels.
  • Experience instant voice modulation in real-time, allowing you to hear the changes as you speak.
  • Enjoy a diverse range of voice effects that cater to various characters and personas, including the iconic Boo from Monster Inc.
  • Tailor the voice-changing settings to match Boo's unique vocal characteristics.
  • Seamlessly integrate the voice changer into your preferred communication or streaming platform.
  • Experience high-quality audio output with minimal distortion, ensuring a natural and convincing voice transformation.

Click Now & Check How to Change Your Voice in Real-Time


Try practicing these four simple steps to improve your speech first.

To select the input and output you're using, go to "Settings" and utilize the drop-down menu.

select input & output
Do you need assistance differentiating sounds? This is the answer!

Refresh the list to make sure all manually added devices have been added.

refresh list

Click "detect" to check the audio's functionality if, even after choosing the device, you can still not hear anything. When used often, the microphone and speaker icons must be green.

check audio status

Click "feedback" to get in touch with us if, after detection, you haven't heard anything.

click feedback in inconvenience

2. To utilize your chosen effect, choose it and click.

choose effects

AI Voice Effects allows users of devices with graphics processing units (GPUs) of AMD 6G and Nvidia 4G or higher to change their voice in real time.

select ai effects

3. To listen to the sound of your voice, click the "Hear myself" and "Voice Changer" buttons. Next, attempt to talk into the microphone. Noise suppression can be manually used when outside noise is too loud. Because the noise reduction option can filter out specific noises, it is important to notice its height.

adjust global settings

4. Once you've chosen and evaluated the suitable sound effects, you may change the volume to the necessary level.

adjust voice setting

FAQs about Boo from Monster Inc.

Q1. What sound does Boo make Mario?

A1. Boo from Monsters, Inc. does not make the sound "Mario." Boo is known for her adorable laughter and innocent babble in the animated film.

Q2. Why is Boo so shy?

A2. Boo is shy due to her unfamiliarity with the monster world and the initial startling encounters with Sulley and Mike in Monsters, Inc.

Q3. How can I make my voice beautiful?

A3. Practice good vocal hygiene, stay hydrated, and work on breathing techniques to make your voice sound more beautiful and resonant. Moreover, you may enjoy your voice through HitPaw AI Voice Changer effortlessly.


In wrapping up our delightful journey into the enchanting world of capturing the voice of boo from monster inc in 2024, let the innovative HitPaw AI Voice Changer be your portal to whimsy.

Seamlessly transforming your voice in real-time, this tool unlocks the joy of embodying Boo's laughter effortlessly. Whether for playful virtual calls or adding a touch of magic to your daily conversations, HitPaw AI Voice Changer elevates your vocal experience.

Embrace the innocence and charm of Boo, and let your voice resonate with the heartwarming tones of this beloved character. Step into the realm of imaginative voice modulation, try HitPaw AI Voice Changer and infuse your world with Boo's delightful essence today!

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