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Top 6 Best Vocal Remover to Remove Vocals from A Song

Several reasons will urge you to remove song vocals in your audio production adventures. For instance, you might take this route when the mixes and vocals of an old song aren't available. Moreover, when you lose original files after creating a song, you'll be forced to remove vocals from the song. Hence, whatever the reasons behind your decision to remove vocals, we'll show you the best free vocal remover.

Part 1: 6 Best Vocal Remover to Remove Vocal from Song (Free Concluded)

To remove vocals from a song accurately or quickly, you need to choose the right vocal removal tool. In this section, we'll introduce you some professional software as well as some free and easy-to-use software. Without further ado, let's take a look down.

1. HitPaw Video Converter's Vocal Remover - 100% AI Algorithm

This is the only desktop software recommended on our list. HitPaw Video Converter is a powerful video and audio processing software, it has an AI function " Vocal Remover" which is capable of removing vocals from song for karaoke with the advanced AI Algorithm.

  • All video and Audio files are supported
  • HitPaw HitPaw Video Converter supports removing vocals from any video and audio file.

  • Acapella Extractor
  • 1-click to create an acapella from a song

  • Create a Karaoke Track
  • Make karaoke tracks from any song

  • Advanced AI Algorithm
  • Smartly analyze the vocal track and instrumental track

  • GPU acceleration
  • 120x faster acceleration

The steps to remove vocals from song with HitPaw Video Converter are super easy:

  • Step 1.Free download and install HitPaw Video Converter to a PC or Mac computer. And then choose Toolbox > Vocal Remover to download this AI feature.

    hitpaw vocal remover
  • Step 2.Import the video or audio that you want to islate vocal from.

    add files to hitpaw video converter
  • Step 3.Wait for the program to analyze the file and you'll get the vocal track.

    remove vocal from song with hitpaw video converter
  • Step 4.Choose the music or vocal track that you want to export.

2. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a brilliant and easy way to get rid of vocals from songs. It comes with a straightforward interface, but you'll need some time to learn to fully master how to use it to remove vocals. So how to take vocals out of a song using Adobe Audition? Here are sone steps.

  • Step 1. After launching Adobe Audition, you'll need to import the clip from which you'd like to remove vocals.

  • Step 2. You need to select the "Effects" icon in this phase and then navigate to the Stereo Imagery option. Later, all you need to do is hit Central Channel.

  • Step 3. After navigating to presets, you'll need to hit "Vocal Remove".


3. Audacity

Audacity is a fairly popular recorder and audio editor that can be used for scrubbing, multitrack mixing, analyzing spectrum, reducing, changing speed, and adjusting the pitch of your audio. Moreover, you can also remove a voice from a song using this tool.

Here's how to remove vocals from a song Audacity.

  • 1. After installing Audacity, you'll need to launch it and import the song you'd like to remove vocals from.

  • 2. You'll need to select the track by hitting Ctrl+A and navigating to the "Effects" option afterward. Select the "Vocal Remover" option afterwards.

  • 3. You'll need to select "Preview" after selecting the vocal removal option. You'll need to know the range of the song's vocals to remove them.

  • 4. After removing the vocals, you can export the file by hitting the "File" icon.

    remove vocal from song

 4. Moises.ai

You can remove the vocals from your song by using Moises.ai. It is an online tool and comes with a simple interface to serve your purpose. However, since it is a simple online tool, the effect of removing vocals from a song is not as good as that effect using a professional tool like Audition.

Here's how to get vocals from song in Moises.ai.

  • 1. After visiting the official webpage of moises.ai, you'll need to select the Upload Track icon and then hit Track Separation Next up, you'll need to select the audio you'd like to remove vocals from.

  • 2. Now, you can select the preferred extraction type. For instance, you can select 2,4 or 5 tracks.

  • 3. You'll need to select "Preview" after selecting the vocal removal option. You'll need to know the range of the song's vocals to remove them.

  • 4. After putting everything in order, you'll need to tap "Submit" to use the with the vocals separated.

    remove vocal from song

 5. GarageBand

GarageBand is another fascinating free music creation tool that helps you record, create, and play self-created music. GarageBand comes with a large library that accepts instruments, different sounds, voices etc. On top of that, GarageBand also enables you to remove lyrics from a song.

Here's how to separate vocals from a song using GarageBand.

  • 1. After launching GarageBand, you'll need to add a song you'd like to get rid of vocals from.

  • 2. Select the "Effects" icon after hitting the "eye" icon. Next up, you'll need to select Manual after launching Graphic Equalizer.

  • 3. You can adjust each frequency band's volume after launching the equalizer in a window. Next up, you'll only need to decrease the song's human voice frequency.

  • 4. After tapping the audio icon, you'll need to select the Command+C option. Next up, you can create a duplicate of your song by hitting the Command+V icon. Later, you'll need to transfer the audio to the right or left to parallel the two. Moreover, you'll also need to then Pan Dial fully right on your second track and fully left on your first song.

  • 5. You'll need to remove the middle tracks and export the file on your computer.

    isolate vocals from song

6. Logic Pro

Logic Pro is also a reliable tool that can help you remove vocals from a song. You don't need to follow many guidelines to put things in order. Instead, you can do your job by following only a few simple steps.

How to get vocals from any song using Logic Pro? Let's have a look at its steps mow.

  • 1. After installing Logic Pro on your PC, you'll need to launch it and import a song to its interface.

  • 2. You'll need to parallel the song after duplicating the music track.

  • 3. You'll need to navigate to ''Utility'' after inserting an effect. Next up, you'll need to select the Gain icon.

  • 4. After swapping the right and left channels, you'll need to cancel your vocal track and also, don't forget to invert the phase before doing it.

    remove voice from song

Part 2: Frequently Asked Questions About Removing Vocals

Is it legal to remove vocals from songs?

It is illegal to edit copy-right music for your commercial uses. You can use the edited music for personal use, but it isn't legal to remove vocals from a song.

Can I remove music and keep vocals from a song?

Yes, the tools we've mentioned above allow you to remove music from a song. At the same time, the tools also help you to keep vocals from a song.

How to remove lyrics from a song?

Audacity allows you to remove the lyrics from your song as you'll only need to import the file and then serve your purpose.


This guide could be useful if you're to remove song vocals, as we've mentioned the outstanding vocal remover to serve your purpose. Every tool we've mentioned here in this article makes sense and doesn't cause any issue to serve your purpose. HitPaw Video Converter is the soly desktop software that can remove vocals from song lossless.

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