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10 Best Vocal Remover Online Free in 2024

There are many separate and individual applications and software available in the market for removing vocals from a track. But some users prefer using vocal remover online tools as online tools require no separate installation and hence users save a lot of space on their device. If you are among such users looking for online tool to remove vocals, then this article is definitely for you. The article brings you top 10 online vocal remover tools.

Part 1. Best Free Vocal Remover Online Recommended in 2024

This section talks about the top 10 tools for vocal remover online. Read below to know more.

1. Vocalremover.org

Vocal Remover is one of the best remove vocals online tools and is used by tons of users. By creating karaoke, this online platform helps in getting rid of vocals from any track. Once users have chosen a song, the AI of this tool will differentiate between the instrumental and vocal tracks.

remove vocals from audio online

2. Tunebat Vocal Remover

Tunebat Vocal is another popular online tool that is used by lots of many music lovers to remove vocals from audio online. This online platform allows users differentiate a track into instrumental and vocals tracks. It is supported by its advanced AI technology that help users extract high-quality bass, drums, and other sounds.

 vocal remover online free


Lalal.ai is a vocal remover online free AI-based tool that allows users extract vocals, sounds, and accompaniments from a track, while keeping hold of original quality. Users can easily extract vocals and instrument from a track that too at no extra charges. The tool also provides scalable business solutions that allows users integrate the track with website or applications.

best vocal remover online free

4. PhonicMind

Being one of the best vocal remover online free tools, PhonicMind is easy to use and separates vocals, drums, and bass guitar from a track. This tool comes with advanced AI that removes the vocals from a track and offers users a music without the vocals. Users can also practice how to play their favorite instruments from the separated track. Users can run covers with the instrumentals after removing the vocals. The tool can also be downloaded from app store of Apple and Android.

remove vocals from a song online

5. Remove-vocals.com

Vocals Remover can be used to remove vocals from a song online for free and that too in a professional manner. Users can upload the track on this platform easily and can make changes as per requirements. Without installing any tool or registering on the platform, users can efficiently use this platform to remove vocals from the audio files.

vocal remover free online

6. Notta Vocal Remover

Notta is another perfect vocal remover free online tool for users that prefer online solutions. It can assist users separate the background and vocals music from video and audio files. In addition to this, it can also be used as a free online vocal converter. The AI within precisely separates the music into instrumental and vocal parts. Users can download the extracted instrumental or vocals sounds as per their needs.

ultimate vocal remover online

7. X-Minus Pro

X-minus is one of the ultimate vocal remover online free tools that provides users the capability of splitting the music into different stems. Users can have high-quality results while offering a unique and basic functionality across this online vocal remover.

free online vocal remover

8. MyEdit Online Vocal Remover

MyEdit is a free online vocal remover that uses an AI algorithm to get rid of vocals. The tool comes with a wind remover, audio trimmer, BPM finder, and other tools as well. With this online tool, users can convert a track into a karaoke version without any vocals. Users can also set the vocals of a music file to a specific level rather than completely getting rid of them. The features of this tool are very basic and created to accomplish one goal. Regrettably, the platform cannot be used for full audio mixing or production. If users need a complete audio editor, they need to look for a different option.

free online vocal remover from youtube

9. AudioAlter Vocal Remover

AudioAlter is a free online vocal remover from YouTube. Users just have to visit the platform, upload the track they wish to get rid of vocals from, click Remove vocals option, and download the output. This vocal remover, unfortunately, is not the most efficient platform and might not work with all kinds of songs. Also, users do not get to preview processed tracks before downloading in the browser. Nevertheless, the tool is a good option for a free, useful, and incredibly simple-to-use online tool.

remove vocals from song online

10. AI Vocal Remover

AI Vocal Remover can be used to remove vocals from song online, thanks to the embedded AI that offers users the desired results. Within no time, users can separate instrumental or vocals sounds from the audio files with the help of AI. Therefore, it is a good option for all the non-technical people to get rid of vocals from their audio files.

 vocal remover online

Part 2. Limits of Vocal Remover Online Free

Though online tools comes with specific advantages, they also comes with more-than-imaginable disadvantages. Below are some limitations of using online vocal remover tools.

  • Some free online vocal removers have limit for 10 minutes audio length
  • Free online vocal remover has file size limit for the audio in the free version
  • Slow processing speed of removing vocal from a song online
  • No extensive set of features offered in the free version
  • Support limited audio file format
  • Contain ads across the complete interface

Part 3. Best AI Vocal Remover to Remove Vocals from a Song with Quality Loss

HitPaw Video Converter is the ultimate answer and choice to overcome all the above mentioned limitations of online vocal remover. The tool allows users to delete vocals from both videos and audio, that too without compromising on the quality. It comes with them most advanced AI that analyzes the entire track and separates instrumental and vocal in a track. Follow the below steps to know how to use this tool.

  • Step 1: Download, install, and launch HitPaw on your device. Navigate to Toolbox >> Vocal Remover option.

     online vocal remover
  • Step 2: Now, add your audio or video by dragging the files into Vocal Remover.

    vocal remover online
  • Step 3: Next, the AI will start analyzing the file automatically.

    remove vocals online
  • Step 4: Once the analysis is done by the tool, users will be shown two audio tracks—vocal track and instrumental track. Users can export either once them, or both of them.

    remove vocals online


With that being said, we just had a look at top 10 vocal remover online tools. Most of the vocal removers comes with a time limit for the length of audio that they can process and processes slowly depends on the internet. HitPaw Video Converter is the ultimate tool to overcome all limitations of online vocal remover.

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