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How to Communicate With Your Dog?

As dogs are very friendly and loyal friends to humans, communicating with these cute creatures is the most important secret in order to build an excellent relationship with them and understand their behavior. But the majority of people who deal with dogs do not care about communication and are content with giving commands to the dog, making him carry them out, and getting used to them over time.

Part 1: How to Talk to Your Dog by Body Language?

In order to communicate effectively through body language with your beloved dog and understand him, it is important for you to build a behavior that reflects calm, reassurance and understanding.

walking with dogs on park

Show affection to your dog

Continuous visual contact is the most important body language and cornerstone in order to show affection to your dog and understand what he is feeling during that period.

  • Create comfortable environment: your posture should embody relaxation, creating an environment of ease and ease of communication.
  • Wagging tail: a wagging tail means friendliness because this only means the presence of strong feelings, whether good or bad. If the dog is happy, he will wag his butt along with the tail, but if the butt is not wagging as well, be careful.

For example, if a dog is leaning forward toward an object that interests him, he will likely bark, lunge, or growl, which indicates negative emotions. A dog's hostility can be further revealed if he freezes in place and becomes harsh.

  • Shiver back: If the dog is frightened, he may shiver back, pull his ears back, and try to get away. This can also lead to growling or fear-related aggression. In this case, try to distance the pronate from what scares him.
  • Shake body: when a dog feels positive emotions, he will shake slightly and appear to shake his body as if they were wet, which means he is relieving stress.
walking with big dogs

Therefore, if a human wishes to communicate with a dog, the essential element is to recognize the dog as an independent being. Dogs have a tremendous sense of their own self, and just as humans resent being pulled and prodded, so do dogs.

Part 2: How to Play with Your Dog?

Interactive games

These are the best types of games as they strengthen the bond between you and him. You can use fetch balls or tug of war ropes and these activities will provide him with good physical exercise.

Obstacle Course Game

Create an obstacle course in your home or a designated play area. Guide your dog through this path, get him used to crossing obstacles, and encourage him with mental and physical stimulation.

Hide-and-seek game

Hide toys or dog-loving items around your house and let your dog search for them. This toy engages their natural hunting instincts and adds an element of excitement to playtime.

Training Games

You can incorporate training commands during gameplay. For example, use “sit” before throwing a toy or ask for a trick before offering a reward. This toy will help you enhance your dog's obedience.

little corgi baby corgi

Part 3: Establishing Rules: DOs & DON'Ts


  • Set a consistent routine: Create a consistent daily routine for your dog, including feeding times, walks, and play sessions. This routine will provide stability and reassurance, contributing to your dog's improvement.
  • Clear rules: Set clear boundaries and rules within your home, by specifying the areas that your dog is allowed to go to and areas that are prohibited for him.
  • Regular exercise: Make sure your dog gets regular exercise to channel his energy positively. This will help him improve his fitness and avoid diseases and injuries.
  • Socialization: Expose your dog to different environments, people, and other animals to encourage positive social behavior. Socialization helps prevent fear-based aggression and promotes having a well-adjusted companion.
how to establish rules for dog can do


  • Avoid punishment after the fact: If your dog misbehaves or crosses his limits, address the problem immediately and avoid scolding or punishing your dog after the fact, as he may not associate the punishment with the behavior.
  • Avoid neglecting mental stimulation: Don't neglect mental stimulation for your dog. Provide interactive puzzle games or training sessions to keep your dog's mind occupied and prevent boredom and entertainment.
  • Overlooked Health Needs: Regular veterinary check-ups are a crucial thing to do. Neglecting your dog's health may cause him to feel discomfort or pain, which may affect his psychological and physical health.
  • Ignoring signs of stress: Pay close attention to your dog's body language and behavior by using the techniques we mentioned in this article. Because ignoring signs of stress, anxiety, or discomfort will inevitably lead to behavioral problems.
how to establish rules for dog can not do

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Understanding your dog is important to building a strong bond between you and him. The language of communication in dogs is signals such as facial expressions and barking.

Giving commands clearly and avoiding repetition during training are among the effective methods you can rely on.

Body language, including eye contact and posture, plays an important role in understanding your dog.

Besides, you can try HitPaw Voice Changer so you can experience a funny wonderful time with your friends

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