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[Latest] 7 Best AI Story Generator Online Free

Storytelling is a remarkable time honored tradition that enables you to make sense of everything happening in this world. Thus, if you're aspiring for something wonderful but need to gain knowledge of how to begin, you've arrived at the perfect location.

With the emergence of artificial intelligence producing every kind of content has become simple as generating the stories from the text prompt has also become simple courtesy of the AI story generator.

Dive into this guide to opt for the AI generated story.

Part 1: Top 7 Free AI Story Generators Online

Producing AI generated story is indeed a spectacular thing, and the following 7 amazing AI generated story tools aim to make your job much easier than you think.

1. Simplified

A wonderful AI story generator that can help you to access highly mesmerizing stories is Simplified.

It is a multi-talented AI that aims to produce full and short stories without breaking a sweat. The AI story generator free has 30+ mind-blowing languages and 10 wonderful voices. Simplified also lets you modify the AI stories after generating them


2. Rytr

Producing the AI generated stories is also possible courtesy of Rytr. The mind blowing AI generated story tool comes up with 40 use cases, 20 tones, and 30 languages. You can generate SEO titles, product descriptions, and marketing copies with minimal effort. While producing the AI generated story, you can select the length, style, and genre.

story ai generator

3. NovelAI

If you're a novelist and looking to create mesmerizing stories through an AI story generator online free, NovelAI could be the most appropriate option. Apart from allowing you to get your hands into the stunning AI generated stories, NovelAI also allows you to alter the sizes, color schemes, and fonts.

ai generator story

4. Shortly AI

If you're short of creative ideas but have yet to write a book, Shortly AI comes up with wonderful ideas. Shortly AI is mind blowing AI story maker that enables you to generate the plotlines, stories, settings, and characters based on the keywords and descriptions you tend to input.

It has wonderful features that allow you to count the number of pages and words in your story. On top of that, using this AI story generator is a piece with only having to visit the official website and produce the flawless AI generator story by a text prompt.

ai story generator game

5. ClosersCopy

Another copywriting tool that helps you get the amazing AI generated stories on board is ClosersCopy. It enables you to produce scripts, stories, emails, social media content, marketing copy, and wonderful articles.

Regardless of what type of story you'd want the ClosersCopy to come up with, it will accept your request to produce a highly impressive and attractive story.

ai story generator game

6. Plot Generator

Terming a story complete without the plot lines isn't possible, and that's where Plot Generator comes into the sight of people wanting to produce AI stories. It is a flawless AI story generator free that empowers you to produce the characters' plot lines in the stories.

The wonderful tool lets you select from the five breathtaking styles, and creating the stories in multiple languages is also possible.

ai story generator game

7. StoryLab AI

Various people have complained that the AI story generator they opted for doesn't produce a good flow while producing large-length stories. Fortunately, you won't find such types of issues with the StoryLab AI.

Apart from offering a mesmerizing user interface, the AI story generator based on prompt is capable of creating top notch stories in a few seconds. If you're looking to create stories for your book or university presentation, StoryLab AI has got you covered.

The story generator AI comes up with sensational ideas, and creating the outlines, hooks, and marketing copies through keywords is quite simple. Since it comes up with different styles and genres, producing eye-catching stories is only a matter of a few moments.

 ai story generator free unlimited

Part 2: FAQs About AI Story Writers

Q1. Is AI story writer legal?

A1. If you don't use the AI story writer to mock someone, producing the AI generated story is legal. However, the story you tend to produce should respect the basic principles of society.

Q2. Why should writers use an AI plot generator?

A2. Spending a lot of time creating the structure of a script and finding the correct sentences isn't worth it.
Thus, a writer can save a lot of his time by looking at the AI plot generator, as apart from saving a lot of time, a story generator can allow you to produce a more engaging and attractive story structure.

Q3. Can I use this tool for commercial purposes?

A3. The stories generated by AI story generators could be used for commercial purposes, as no one owns these stories. Hence, you don't need to worry about copyright violations while using the stories commercially.

Extra Tip: How to Change Voice When Reading AI Generated Stories

After generating the AI stories using the AI generated story maker, you intend to narrate that story in your favorite author's voice. Can you change the voice while reading AI-generated stories? HitPaw Voice Changer is one of the best voice changing sensations that lets you change your voice completely while playing online or chatting.

It comes up with wonderful voice filters that allow you to replicate the voice of multiple popular characters.

  • Change the voice through multiple voice changing effects in real-time.
  • Integrated the real-time gaming and chatting platform.
  • Flawless voice modifier for content creature live stream etc.
  • Helps you to customize the voice while changing it.
  • Helps you to modify the voice in wonderful sound quality.

Here's the step by step guide to changing the voice while reading the AI generated story.

  • Step 1:Install the HitPaw Voice Changer after visiting the official website and then start the program to begin the proceedings. Next, visit Settings and choose the input and output devices.

    story generator ai free
  • Step 2:In this phase, you must select your favorite character's voice and start reading the story. This way, you can make your favorite author read the AI generated story at a wonderful sound quality.

    ai erotic story generator
  • Step 3:Before speaking into the microphone, you'll need to ensure that the Noise Reduction, Voice Changer, and Hear Myself options are enabled; otherwise, you won't be able to change the voice in real time.

    ai erotic story generator
  • Step 4:Open the online application you'd like to alter the voice into and choose the HitPaw Virtual Audio Device as your input device.

    ai story generator funny

Final Words

It is always great to produce AI content that ends up helping you a lot in various aspects of your life. A story generator AI does the same, allowing you to create something highly impressive in a few moments that couldn't have been possible without AI as you'd have spent many hours replicating the same.

This post has listed the 7 mind blowing and stunning AI generated story tools that make producing AI stories look simple. Your wish to narrate the AI generated story in the voice of your favorite person is also made possible courtesy of the HitPaw Voice Changer.

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