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Brigitte Overwatch Character Guide: Rolling to Me

Brigitte Overwatch: a Hero Quick Guide

brigitte Overwatch

Overwatch Hero Roaster is divided into Tank, Support, & Damage classes. However, there are some heroes that can play in more than one class, and Brigitte, an Overwatch support hero, is one of them.

She also has a strong defense shield and healing abilities, making her a fun character to play with. This guide will help you figure out if Brigitte Overwatch is suitable for you or not.

Quick Guide to Brigitte's Abilities and Relationships

Brigitte brings a combination of support and tank abilities to the table, making her a versatile Overwatch hero.

Unlike most support heroes, Brigitte has a higher HP of 200 and 50 armor. In addition, she has a shield to protect her and the team against enemy attacks, making her useful in both tank roles and support roles. So if you thought Brigette is your typical healer then you are in for a surprise.

Brigitte’s Tool Kit

Brigitte has a close-range weapon called Rocket Flail, which is capable of hitting multiple enemies within its damage range. However, the close range nature of her weapon set means she has to go close to the enemies while still staying with your team. So playing with Brigitte means you will have to rush often into enemy ranks and maintain communication with your team in order to succeed.

You need a solid understanding of Brigitte’s abilities to fully unlock her potential. Brigitte’s storyline also shows relationships with some heroes in the Overwatch universe. We will cover all this info to help you utilize Brigette better during the next section.

brigitte ow2

Brigitte Relationships

As mentioned earlier, Brigette has close connections with other heroes, according to the Overwatch storyline. Here are two heroes that are directly related to Brigette according to her lore:

Torbjörn and Brigitte

Torbjörn and Brigitte

Torbjörn is one of the first heroes from the Overwatch universe, and he is also Brigitte’s father. Both Torbjörn and her father shared a love for technology, and she has honed her technology overtime to make use of it on the battlefield.

Reinhardt and Brigitte

Reinhardt and Brigitte

There is a reason why Brigitte shares some abilities with the Tank class despite being a Support hero. She learned the Tank skills from Reinhardt, who is Brigitte’s mentor, not to mention a formidable Tank. Reinhardt was Torbjörn’s best friend, and Torbjörn trusted Reinhardt enough to let him train his daughter.

Reinhardt is also Brigitte’s godfather, and he is always there to protect her in any situation. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that Reinhardt is one of the best Heros to pair with, as both heroes supplement each other's abilities and play style.

Abilities of Brigitte

Abilities  Brigitte

Brigitte gives the players plenty of abilities to play with 6, to be exact. Her abilities can have healing, damage, or shielding effects depending upon which one you use. Here is a detailed breakdown of Brigitte's Overwatch abilities to give you a better understanding of how to use them in battle:

Rocket Flail (Basic Attack)

Rocket Flail is Brigitte’s basic attack where she uses her Flail to deal 35 damage to enemies. This ability can damage multiple enemies at the same time and triggers her Inspire passive ability.

Barrier Shield

Barrier Shield can be triggered by pressing the secondary fire key, and it can stop up to 250 damage before it breaks. Brigitte can shield her teammates behind her shield and protect them from enemy attacks.

In addition to defense, Brigitte can also use her shield to charge forward through a move called Shield Bash.

Repair Pack

Repair Pack is basically a health pack that heals allies and restores their health up to 110 points. Brigette can throw the Repair Pack towards the ally that needs it, and this pack can heal teammates from a distance.

Repair Pack is recharged 3 times, and it has a cooldown of 6 seconds in between uses, so players have to use this ability carefully.

Whip Shot

Whip Shot is a long range attack that involves Brigitte throwing her Flail to deal damage to far away enemies. This ability can only target a single enemy at a time, and it only deals 70 damage, but it is good for keeping enemies on their toes.

Inspire (Passive)

Inspire is Brigitte’s primary healing ability that passively heals her allies without pressing any keys. As long as a teammate is within 20 meters of Brigitte, they will automatically regain 15 health points every second for a total of 5 seconds.

However, in order for her passive Inspire healing ability to work, Brigitte will have to deal damage to enemies with her Rocket Flail. So, dealing damage actually triggers the Inspire passive healing ability.

Rally (Ultimate)

Brigitte’s Ult is called Rally, which boosts her speed and gives extra health and armor to teammates for 10 seconds. This ultimate can be used for rushing enemies together with your team.

Brigitte Overwatch: Modify Your Voice to Young Girl

If you are obsessed with Brigitte’s voice lines, then you aren’t alone. Brigitte’s voice acting was done by Matilda Smedius, and it's a perfect blend of subtle yet powerful. It is no surprise that fans of the character want to convert their voice to Brigette’s voice, but they aren’t sure how it's possible.

A voice changer tool can be used to convert your original voice or recording into Brigitte’s voice through AI manipulation. However, not every tool can produce accurate results, and HitPaw Voice Changer is one of the few tools that are actually reliable. We will explain how you can use HitPaw voice changer to get realistic-sounding Brigitte voice output.

How to use the HitPaw Voice Changing Function?

Using HitPaw Voice changer to mimic Brigitte's Overwatch voice is simple. You can make adjustments to an existing voice available in HitPaw Voice Changer to make it as close to Brigitte’s voice as possible. Here are the steps for using HitPaw Voice Changer:

  • Step 1. Download the HitPaw Voice Changer and launch it on your computer.

  • Step 2. Go to the AI Voice option and then import the audio file.

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  • Step 3. This is the important step; you will have to select a female voice from the available voice-changing options.

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HitPaw Voice Changer Features

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HitPaw Voice Changer is so effective at changing voice accurately, thanks to a wide range of features. Here is a list of all the features you can expect when using HitPaw Voice Changer:

  • 1.Soundboard with over 100 distinct sound effects for easy usage during live streams.
  • 2.Easy-to-use interface with simple navigation.
  • 3.Comes with a free version for casual users.
  • 4.Supports real time voice changing for live streamers and for calling.
  • 5.Comes with voice enhancement and noise cancellation to improve the audio output.
  • 6.Can be used for making copyright-free music.


Brigitte is one of the most versatile heroes in Overwatch right now, and mastering her abilities is definitely rewarding. If you were wondering what her abilities are and how you can utilize them this guide should help answer those questions.

If you are a Brigitte Overwatch fan and want to use her voice for creating content or live stream you can use Use HitPaw Voice Changer for free. Just follow the steps explained above and convert your voice into Brigitte’s Overwatch voice.

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