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A Quick Guide for Symmetra Overwatch

If you’ve been playing the game Overwatch for a while now, then you know the energy and abilities that each character brings to the battlefield. One such character is Symmetra, a hero who has gone from being a support maestro to a formidable Damage-per-second (DPS) character. With the ability to manipulate hard light, she brings a unique playstyle to the game, making her a force to be reckoned with in the right hands.

While our focus is on Symmetra, we can't ignore the diverse cast of characters in Overwatch. One such character worth mentioning is Roadhog, a tank hero known for his imposing presence and powerful close-quarters combat.

Let’s dissect Symmetra's gameplay, explore her abilities, and strategies, and discover what makes her a valuable asset in the DPS role.

ow2 Symmetra

Voice Actor for Overwatch

Symmetra wields hard light technology, creating photon barriers for defense and teleporters for swift repositioning. Symmetra uses her Photon Projector to defeat enemies, protect teammates, create teleporters, and set up Sentry Turrets. Her most iconic ability is the Teleporter, which allows her to create a pair of linked teleporters, enabling swift movement for herself and her team.

Symmetra Voice Actor

Anjali Bhimani

So, you want to know who is the voice behind the overwatch character Symmetra? Meet Anjali Bhimani, the amazing Symmetra voice actor and a versatile artist who's been part of theater, TV, and various forms of entertainment. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, she brings a unique touch to Symmetra, making the character feel real and relatable.

So, how does she do it? Anjali truly channels Symmetra instead of just reading the lines. To create Symmetra's iconic personality, she thinks about how Symmetra would feel and express herself. Anjali even taps into her background, infusing Symmetra with the richness of Indian culture, which helps to bring more authenticity to the character.

Symmetra Overwatch: Abilities

Symmetra abilities

Symmetra is a powerhouse in Overwatch with four amazing abilities that make her one of the favorite characters in the fandom. Let's break down these cool moves that help her and her team dominate the battlefield.

Photon Barrier: A Massive Shield

Ultimate Ability: Photon Barrier

Symmetra's ultimate move, Photon Barrier, is like a superhero shield. It's a huge wall with 4000 HP that can block all sorts of attacks. She can place it almost anywhere within 25 meters and keep it up for 12 seconds. This shield is like a guardian angel, helping Symmetra and her team take control when they are under attack.

Teleporter: Warp Speed Travel

Ability: Teleporter

Symmetra's Teleporter is like magic. She puts an exit pad where she wants to go and an entrance where she is. She and her buddies can then instantly travel between these two spots. It used to last forever, but now it's a quick 10 seconds. The build time is just 1 second, and it has less health now (200), making it a snappy tool for quick moves during battles.

Sentry Turret: Sneaky Little Friends

Ability: Sentry Turret

Symmetra has these cool little turrets that damage and slow down enemies. She can throw them like tiny grenades, and they stick to walls or surfaces. With a max of three turrets, each dealing 40 damage per second, they're perfect for causing chaos in tight spaces or distracting the enemy team.

Photon Projector: Zapping Enemies

Primary Fire: Photon Projector

Symmetra's main weapon is the Photon Projector. It's like a laser beam that gets stronger the longer it zaps. She can use it up close or from a distance to melt enemies with hard light.

Symmetra overwatch

Extra Tips: The Best Voice Changer for Overwatch

Playing Overwatch with your friends is never about winning, it's about having a blast during the game. Imagine adding an extra layer of excitement, creativity, and cleverness to your experience – that's where a voice changer comes in! Here's why you might want to give it a try:

Be Sneaky with Style

Changing your voice makes you a mystery to your opponents. It's like having a secret weapon that lets you pull off unexpected moves and surprise tactics. Keep them guessing and amp up the excitement!

Become Your Favorite Hero

Overwatch has heroes with awesome personalities. With a voice changer, you can sound like your beloved characters. Whether you want to mimic Symmetra's sophistication or unleash Junkrat's chaos, it's all about making the game more fun!

Add Laughs and Drama

Picture this – cracking jokes, making funny comments, or adding a touch of drama. Your teammates and opponents will love it! It's a fantastic way to turn Overwatch into a playful and enjoyable space for everyone.

Keep it Private

Maybe you prefer a bit of privacy while gaming. A voice changer lets you play without giving away too much about yourself.

So, if you're ready to take your Overwatch adventure to the next level, consider trying out a voice changer.

HitPaw Voice Changer's Features

Spice up your Overwatch experience with the AI Music function in HitPaw Voice Changer. This unique feature allows you to transform your voice into various characters, bringing a new level of creativity to your in-game communication.

  • ● Key Feature: AI Music FunctionWith this cool feature, you can turn your voice into different characters, making your in-game chats way more fun. Whether you want to mimic Overwatch Symmetra or create your unique personas, it's all possible!
  • ● Real-Time Voice Changes - Anytime, Anywhere!HitPaw Voice Changer isn't just for gaming; you can use it during calls, meetings, or any online session to tweak your voice in real time. It's all about adding a dynamic and engaging touch to your conversations.
  • ● Easy to Use on Any DeviceNo worries about compatibility – HitPaw Voice Changer works smoothly on various devices and platforms. Whether you're on Discord, Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet, you can bring in cool voice effects without a hitch.
  • ● User-Friendly Design – For Everyone!Using HitPaw Voice Changer is super easy, whether you're a voice-changing pro or just starting. The design is intuitive, making sure everyone can enjoy hassle-free voice transformations.
  • ● Gaming Vibes – More Than Just Overwatch!Take your gaming experience to the next level by sounding like characters from Overwatch or other games like Fortnite, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and more. HitPaw Voice Changer lets you dive into the gaming world with unique voices.
  • ● Quick Access with KeybindsSet up keybinds for instant access to your favorite voices. Switch seamlessly between voices during your game, keeping the fun flowing without any interruptions.
voice changer for pc

How to Use HitPaw Voice Changer – Step by Step

  • 1. Download and Install
    Start by downloading and installing HitPaw Voice Changer on your device. Click on HitPaw Voice Changer

  • 2. Connect Your Device
    Connect your microphone device to input the voice that you want to convert into Overwatch Symmetra in real-time.

    audio input
  • 3. Choose Symmetra Voice
    Once you’re all connected, you can choose Symmetra’s voice and convert your choice into hers in just seconds. You can also add other keybinds to switch between voices.

    Symmetra Voice


If you're looking to add a fun and creative twist to your gaming experience, especially in games like Overwatch, I'd definitely recommend trying out HitPaw Voice Changer. This software not only allows you to modify your voice in real-time during voice calls and gaming sessions but also comes with an exciting AI Music function.

So, go ahead, try out those teleportation shenanigans, shield your team with flair, and show the Overwatch universe the true power of Symmetra Overwatch. May your victories be plentiful and your gameplay be nothing short of epic!

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