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[2024 Hazbin Hotel] The Voice Behind Vaggie Hazbin Hotel

Hazbin Hotel is an adult animation series that has gained immense popularity since its release in January 2024. So all the fans want to know more about its talented voice cast. For example, who is behind the voice of Charlie, Vaggie, or any other? Vaggie is the manager of the Hazbin Hotel and is known for her fiery spirit and practical approach. But if you are eager to know about her voice actor, you've come to the right place.

This article facilitates the angel and former exorcist in the Hazbin Hotel, the voice behind Vaggie, the Charlie x Vaggie relation, and a voice changer to sound like Vaggie.

Angel and Former Exorcist in Hazbin Hotel: Vaggie

Vaggie Hazbin Hotel

Vagatha, or Vaggie, is a fallen angel and former exorcist. She is one of the famous co-stars in the Hazbin Hotel alongside Angel Dust; however, she serves as a hotel manager, which was opened to redeem the misfit demons. She is the best friend and girlfriend of Charlie. She seems tough but has a heart of gold; she is skilled in combat but is overprotective of Charlie Morningstar.

She is a cautious angel who spends most of her time making the dream of Charlie successful. However, she is kind and loyal but a bit short on patience and trust. Due to her reactive nature, she takes a defensive stance on any upcoming threats. But as an Exorcist, she was a ruthless killing machine. Her change in personality is due to her encounter with a defenceless sinner child and meeting with Charlie.

Regarding her appearance, she has a slim figure with a greyish-lavender skin tone, greyish-white hair with faded-purple tips, and a red hairbow. But when she was an Exorcist, her hair was kept in a bob with both her eyes & wings on the back and a halo over her head. However, her eyes, halo, and wings were ripped by Lute, which she regrew later after training with Carmilla Carmine.

The Voice Behind Vaggie Hazbin Hotel in 2024

Stephanie Beatriz Vaggie

Stephanie Beatriz (Bischoff Alvizuri) is an American actress born in Neuquen, Argentina. She is the voice actress behind Vaggie Hazbin Hotel. Her other notable voice roles are "General Sweet Mayhem" and "Chloe Barbash" in "The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part" and "The Bob's Burgers," respectively.

Furthermore, she provided vocals to the heroine, Mirabel Madrigal, in the 2021 Disney film "Encanto." Known as "Detective Rosa Diaz" from 2013 to 2021 in the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine NBC series, she has even worked as "Carla" in the 2021 movie, "In the Heights."

Charlie x Vaggie: Chaggie, the femslash ship between Charlie & Vaggie

Charlie x Vaggie Chaggie

Charlie Morningstar and Vaggie are in a femslash ship. Every Charlie and Vaggie moment in the Hazbin Hotel Fandom is known as Chaggie. This has sparked interest among the fans about the deep connection between the two characters, leading to fervent discussions and creative fan works. Both became best friends when Azrael sent Vaggie to assassinate Charlie. Later, they started dating and then got engaged.

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    First of all, you have to launch this software and open the “Settings” section. Open the “Input” and “Output” drop-down menus and select the sources.

    Choose Input and Output

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    Detect Manual Sources

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    Microphone and Speaker Color
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    Choose Voice and Sound Effect
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    Adjust Global Settings
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    Change Voice Settings

FAQs about Vaggie in Hazbin Hotel

Q1. How did Vaggie lose her eye?

A1. Vaggie was mistreated and brutalized by Lute, who had grown jealous of Azrael's lustful attraction to her. Going far, he cut Vaggie's eye, thus giving her the mark of a traitor.

Q2. What is the story behind Vaggie?

A2. Vaggie couldn't trust men because of her past experiences. Her father used to assault her sexually and her sisters. So she concludes that if one can't trust her father, one can never trust anyone.

Q3. Did Angel Dust date Vaggie?

A3. Although Vaggie and Angel Dust were written as a couple in the pre-production, this was scrapped. Later, they were changed to homosexuals, and the Vaggie has a relationship with Charlie.

The Bottom Line

This post covers anyone who is looking for detailed information about Vaggie Hazbin Hotel. You have known about Vaggie's personality, appearance, the voice actor, and Charlie & Vaggie's relationship.

However, the most important thing is the HitPaw AI Voice Changer recommendation. All the fans who want to mimic the voice of Charlie and Vaggie can go for this software. It offers a range of voices, characters, stars, celebrities, etc., along with customization options.

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