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Quick Guide of Soldier 76: The Hero

Overwatch 2 is a game where you play on a team and shoot at opponents. It has 35 characters to choose from. Each character has its own unique personality, abilities, and weapons. These characters fall into three groups: tanks protect the team, support heals the team, and DPS characters cause great damage to enemies. If you want to win a game, it is essential to pick the best hero. Soldier 76 is a DPS (Damage per second) hero in Overwatch 2. He uses advanced weapons to damage his enemies. The role of Genji is aggressive, but Soldier 76 is defensive in Overwatch. Let’s discuss the Soldier character, his abilities, and the voice-over actor behind Soldier: 76.

soldier 76

Soldier 76 Character and His Voice Actor

Soldier 76 is a hero who uses a precise and strong rifle to damage enemies continuously. He has some unique abilities that enhance his accuracy. Due to these abilities, he stays in the fight for a longer time than other DPS(Damage per second) heroes in Overwatch 2. With these abilities, Soldier 76 gay becomes a strong threat on the battlefield. If he gets a perfect view from a high spot, he can take out enemies without much effort.

character of soldier 76

Abilities of Soldier 76

Heavy Pulse Rifle

The main weapon of Soldier 76 is the heavy pulse rifle. It is a precise & dependable hitscan weapon. It means that players don't have to adjust for projectile speed. This makes it great for hitting fast-moving/flying targets like Mercy and Pharah. It has a rapid-fire rate but remains accurate. It does have some upward recoil, despite what the official description might say. The Heavy Pulse Rifle shoots automatically and holds thirty rounds in its magazine. Each shot deals between 6-18 damage. It's most effective at medium distances. But its damage drops off between thirty to fifty meters. So, players should not fight against long-range heroes such as Windowmaker.

abilities of soldier 76

Helix Rockets

Soldier: 76's Heavy Pulse Rifle has a secondary fire mode, which is called Helix Rockets. It can cause much damage in a certain area. Soldier 76 shoots out these rockets in a burst when activated. A direct hit deals 120 damage. There's also up to eighty splash damage within a 3-meter area. You should also note that Soldier 76 can hurt himself with these rockets. So, he should be careful when using these rockets at close range.

Using Helix Rockets can finish off enemies with low health. This gives Soldier: 76's attacks an extra punch. These rockets have a cooldown of six seconds. And they can't be used continuously.

helix rocket ability of soldier 76


Soldier 76's ability lets him move swiftly. It increases his movement speed by fifty percent when activated. This makes it easy for him to get around the battlefield quickly.

The duration lasts as long as Soldier 76 moves forward without taking any actions. Sprint can be used indefinitely when Soldier 76 is not firing or using his abilities. Because of this, he can use it to get into a fight or retreat from one if necessary.


Biotic Field

When Soldier 76 utilizes his Biotic Field, he puts down a device. This device heals him and nearby allies for 35 HP within a 4.5-meter range. Due to this ability, he can better self-heal than other DPS(Damage per second) heroes, which lets him support his team's healers too. It takes fifteen seconds to recharge and is helpful in difficult situations. This is the most valuable asset for any team.

biotic field of solider 76

Tactical Visor

Soldier 76's Ultimate Ability is known as Tactical Visor. It lets him lock onto his enemies when activated. He can hit targets with full care. If any targets move out of his vision, he can quickly eliminate the other closest one without trouble. In crowded battles, Soldier: 76 can easily take down entire teams. His Ultimate Ability was adjusted to include damage fall-off in Overwatch 2. This means it is not as effective at longer distances.

tactical visor of solider 76

Soldier 76 Voice Actor

Fred Tatasciore is an American voice actor of Soldier: 76. He was born Frederick Tatasciore on June 15, 1967. He's the voice behind Soldier: 76 in Overwatch. He has also voiced “The Hulk” in many animations. Tatasciore is known for his work in the “Call of Duty" series. It reinforces the idea that Soldier: 76 serves as a familiar character for players familiar with other first-person shooter games.

soldier 76 voice actor

Modify Yourself to Soldier 76 in Overwatch

Do you want to sound like Soldier 76, the grizzled veteran and leader of Overwatch? Do you want to impress your friends and enemies with his iconic voice lines and commands? If so, we have the perfect solution for you. With HitPaw Voice Changer, you can easily transform your voice into Soldier 76’s and use it in Overwatch or any other game. You can customize the pitch, tone, and effects of your voice to match Soldier 76’s as closely as possible. You can also choose from a variety of pre-recorded phrases and expressions that Soldier 76 uses in the game, such as “I’ve got you in my sights”, “We’re all soldiers now”, and “Tactical visor activated”. With HitPaw Voice Changer, you can become Soldier 76 in no time and have fun with your teammates and opponents.

HitPaw Voice Changer's Features

HitPaw Voice Changer is a totally different software from all other voice changers. It’s the most well-known and loved software. It has the following features:

  • It has a straightforward & user-friendly interface, which makes it less complicated.
  • You can modify your voice to your beloved personalities & celebrities.
  • It integrates with streaming platforms like Streamlabs OBS.
  • You'll get a natural voice, just like a human being.

Steps to use HitPaw Voice Changer

Using the HitPaw Voice Changer is so easy! Just follow these four simple steps:

  • Step 1: Import Audio/Video

    Click "AI Voice". Import your audio/video files. Now, HitPaw AI(Artificial Intelligence) Voice Changer supports uploading in any format you want.

    import Audio/Video
  • Step 2: Select AI Voice Effects

    Select the AI voice effect of your choice and just simply click to apply it.

    choose ai voice effect
  • Step 3: Adjust Voice Settings

    When you’re done selecting your favorite voice effects, you can also adjust the pitch & voice similarity. After all parameter adjustments, click 'Change Voice'. So, the changes take effect.

    adjust the voice
  • Step 4: Change Voice & Download

    After adjusting the voice settings, just click on "Change voice." That’s how you can switch to a different voice using Artificial Intelligence. The free version can process up to thirty seconds of audio. You won't be able to export it. However, if you're a member, you can process up to ten minutes of audio and download the result.

    change Voice in Hitpaw


So, you’ve learned a lot about Soldier: 76 characters, abilities, and voice-over actors. You can also turn your voice into the Soldier: 76 character’s voice. And if you need a perfect voice changer, go and choose HitPaw Voice Changer. Due to this software, you can transform your voice into any other AI voice you like and use it in video games to have some fun.

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