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Genji Overwatch Character Guide: The Dragon Becomes Me!

In the vast and intricate world of Overwatch, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Genji stands as a complex and intriguing character with a huge fan following. Let's explore Genji, the coolest ninja warrior! This guide is perfect for everyone, whether you're a pro or just starting out. We'll uncover his secrets, from his past life to his super moves. Join us as we learn everything about Genji overwatch, where every fight is a chance to be better.


Genji Overwatch Character: Blackwatch Genji

Before he became the ninja hero we know today, Genji was part of a secret group in Overwatch called Blackwatch! He used to work for his powerful family, but his brother almost killed him in a big fight. That's when things changed for Genji.

blackwatch genji

Genji was almost toast, but Overwatch saved him! They turned him into a half-robot ninja and put him in a secret team called Blackwatch. They did dirty jobs to keep the peace, and Blacckwatch Genji fought hard to be good, even with his metal parts. He wasn't sure who he was anymore, but he kept fighting to make things right.

Fun Fact: Remember, Genji’s body is mostly comprised of machines so there’s nothing like Genji ball in Overwatch 2. He's super-fast and can climb walls, but keep that in mind as you zip around the battlefield.

Abilities of Genji

Genji rocks in fights! His special moves make him super powerful. Get ready to impress everyone with your ninja skills:

  • Shuriken:Genji throws ninja stars called shurikens! He can toss them one at a time or unleash a flurry! Be a pro Genji overwatch hero by learning how to throw them far and hit enemies right on target.
  • Deflect:Genji can block enemy attacks with his sword and send them right back. It's like a super ninja shield, but even cooler. Use it to protect yourself and surprise your enemies. It's a sneaky way to win fights.

    genji abilities
  • Swift Strike:Genji has a super-fast dash called Swift Strike. He zooms forward, hurting enemies in his way. It's great for both attacking and escaping battles in a flash! Be a ninja master and use it to surprise everyone.
  • Dragonblade (Ultimate):Genji's ultimate move is called Dragonblade! He pulls out a giant sword and becomes super strong! Each slash cuts through enemies like butter, making him a total boss on the battlefield! Just be careful, it doesn't last forever!

Character Relationships

So, Genji's (Genji Shimada) journey is closely connected with a bunch of important characters in the Overwatch universe.


Hanzo: The most significant relationships in Genji's story is with his brother, Hanzo. Once at odds with each other, their bond has evolved over time, transforming from a place of conflict and betrayal to one of understanding and reconciliation. Through their shared history and the events that unfolded, Genji and Hanzo have come to respect and support each other, ultimately finding a path of redemption and unity.


Mercy: Another important relationship in Genji's life is with Mercy, the brilliant and compassionate healer of Overwatch. Mercy played a pivotal role in Genji's recovery and transformation after his devastating encounter with the Shimada clan. Her medical expertise and unwavering belief in the potential for redemption helped Genji regain his physical and emotional strength. Their connection goes beyond mere doctor-patient dynamics, as they share a deep mutual respect and understanding.


Zenyatta: Genji's relationship with Zenyatta, the wise and enlightened omnic monk, is one of mentorship and spiritual guidance. Zenyatta took Genji under his wing, teaching him the ways of balance, harmony, and self-discovery. Through Zenyatta's teachings, Genji learned to embrace his cyborg nature and find inner peace. Their bond is rooted in Zenyatta's wisdom and Genji's willingness to learn, creating a profound connection that transcends physical limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the age of Genji in Overwatch?

A1. Genji doesn't have an official age, but he looks like a young adult in the game.

Q2. What is the phrase Genji utters when he activates his ultimate ability?

A2. Genji yells in Japanese when he uses his ultimate, saying something like "Get ready for my dragon sword

Q3. Is it possible for me to cosplay as Genji?

A3. Genji's ninja look is awesome, and tons of cosplayers love dressing up as him! Just remember to practice your moves and throws to really master the vibe

genji overwatch

Change Your Voice Like Genji in Overwatch

Whether you're engaging in online gaming, participating in live calls on apps like Skype, sending personalized voice recordings, or adding a voiceover to a video, having a voice changer software can enhance the overall experience for both yourself and those who get to hear your voice transformation. In this regard, HitPaw Voice Changer comes highly recommended. It allows you to change your voice like Genji in Overwatch or any other character of your choice, making it a versatile tool for various applications.

What Makes HitPaw the Best Voice Changer?


Hey there! Just letting you know HitPaw Voice Changer isn't just for Overwatch fans. It's got tons of cool features, like.

  • It offers hundreds of voice changing effects, providing you with a vast range of options to explore and experiment with. Whether you want to sound like a heroic cyborg ninja, a menacing villain, or a whimsical character, HitPaw Voice Changer has the perfect voice effect for you.
  • The software utilizes advanced technology to maintain the integrity and clarity of your voice, resulting in a seamless and natural-sounding voice change. With HitPaw Voice Changer, you can confidently immerse yourself in the character of Genji Overwatch or any other persona, knowing that your voice will sound authentic and convincing.
  • HitPaw Voice Changer serves as a versatile voice modifier for various platforms and applications. Whether you're streaming on platforms like Twitch, engaging in gaming sessions, communicating on Discord or Skype, or even using a PlayStation 4, HitPaw Voice Changer seamlessly integrates with these platforms, allowing you to enjoy your voice transformation in real-time.
  • HitPaw Voice Changer offers the ability to remove background noise, ensuring that your voice remains clear and focused. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where you want to eliminate distractions and deliver a crisp and professional-sounding voice.

HitPaw Voice Changing Function

HitPaw Voice Changer is not just a voice modulation tool; it is an all-in-one powerful program that enhances your voice-related activities. It has got you covered with a bunch of cool features that let you tweak your voice in real-time. You can bring Genji Overwatch voice to life with just a few clicks.

Coming up next are the steps how you can change your voice like genji in overwatch or any other character using the HitPaw voice changing function:

  • Step 1:In the first step, install the latest version of HitPaw Voice Changer on your computer and go to its “Settings” tab from the main interface. Once you have opened the settings panel, click on the drop-down button and choose both the input and output device for the software.

    input and output hitpaw interface
  • Step 2:Next, you will need to select the sound effect that you want to apply for your voice transformation process. When you choose the required sound effect, click on it to apply the effect in real time.

    sound effects panel
  • Step 3:Now, select the “Voice Changer” and “Hear Myself” options to hear how you’re sounding after applying the sound effect. HitPaw Voice Changer lets you adjust things like how high or low it sounds and how serious it seems from the toolbar located at the right side of the interface.

    voice adjustments interface

To Sum Up

Genji Overwatch is more than just a game character - he's a hero who overcomes challenges and changes for the better. Whether you love his fighting moves or his story, there's something cool about him for everyone. With HitPaw Voice Changer, you can sound like him and make your gaming even more awesome! Here are some of the features highlights that make HitPaw Voice Changer the most efficient tool for this purpose:

  • Easy-to-use interface: HitPaw Voice Changer is super easy to use, even if you've never changed your voice before. It's perfect for anyone who wants to have fun with different voices in their games.
  • Instant voice modification: Make your games even more awesome! Change your voice while you play and feel like you're really there! It's super fun and easy to do.
  • Adjustable pre-set options: Want to switch voices fast in your online streaming? Save your favourites with HitPaw Voice Changer! Be one character, then another, all with a click. It's easy and fun.

So, download HitPaw Voice Changer now to channel your ninja spirit and unleash the power of Genji!

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