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Overwatch Role Quick Guide: Torbjorn

With his rivet gun and unmatched mechanical skills, Torbjorn Overwatch stands out as a true original in the virtual world of Overwatch. Torbjorn has been an important part of the game since the beginning. His strategic flexibility and iconic turret placements make him a key figure in the Overwatch's of competitive play.

Torbjorn overwatch

Torbjorn: Things You Don't Know

Even though Torbjorn is a rough engineer who likes guns and melting metal, he has more to him than players are aware of. Here are a few things you didn’t know:

  • The Overwatch Veteran: Torbjörn played a major role in founding Overwatch, witnessing its rise and fall during the Omnic Crisis.
  • The Reluctant Hero: Despite his affinity for experiments, duty compels Torbjörn to the battlefield, driven by an innate need to protect.
  • The Family Man: Behind his gruff demeanor, Torbjörn is a devoted family man. Tjornborn’s wife, Ingrid, and daughter, Brigitte, inspire his protective inventions.
  • The Turret Master: Renowned for the formidable Molten Core turret, Torbjörn's expertise extends to crafting versatile armor packs and devastating rivet shotguns.
  • The Symbol of Ingenuity: Torbjörn symbolizes the triumph of human innovation and resourcefulness in the face of advanced technology, embodying the essence of Overwatch's diverse hero roster.

Players eagerly anticipate Torbjorn Overwatch 2 while wondering how tall is Torbjorn and speculating about potential Overwatch Torbjorn leaving rumors

Torbjörn and Brigitte

How Many Kids Does Torbjorn Have?

Torbjörn Lindholm officially has one biological child: his daughter, Brigitte Lindholm. This information is well-supported in Overwatch lore through various sources, including unique voice lines in the game where Torbjörn expresses his love and protectiveness towards Brigitte, and the "Reflections" comic that explicitly mentions Torbjorn’s wife, as well as Brigitte – Torbjörn's only child.

It's important to note that while Torbjörn is happily married and has at least eight children, the youngest being Brigitte, these details are often mentioned to highlight Torbjörn's role as a family man. However, the interpretation of "children" in Torbjörn's case extends beyond biology, taking on additional meanings:

1. Figurative "Children"

Torbjörn perceives Overwatch itself as his creation, often referring to its members as his "children." This sentiment is reflected in his voice lines and interactions with heroes like Tracer and Bastion.

2. Mentorship and Father Figure

Beyond biological ties, Torbjörn serves as a mentor and father figure to several other heroes within the Overwatch universe. Notable examples include Bastion and D.Va.

While the official count of Torbjörn's biological children is one, his broader definition of "children" encompasses his creations, mentees, and the Overwatch team as a whole, highlighting the multi-layered nature of his character within the game's rich narrative.

The community discusses Torbjorn height and the possibility of Torbjorn being removed from the game, while eagerly awaiting updates on Overwatch 2 Torbjorn and speculating about potential crossovers with characters like Torbjorn Rodland or appearances in games like Torbjorn Skyrim.

Torbjorn family

Torbjorn Voice Actor

Torbjorn Voice Actor

Torbjörn Lindholm is brought to life by the talented voice actor Keith Silverstein. With a career spanning various voice roles in video games, anime, and animated series, Silverstein's contribution to the character of Torbjörn adds depth and personality to the game.

Silverstein's ability to infuse Torbjörn's lines with the right blend of seriousness and lightheartedness contributes to the character's charm and appeal. Whether it's rallying the team with phrases like "I have big plans for you!" or deploying his Molten Core ability, Silverstein's delivery enhances the immersive quality of the game.

Beyond being a Torbjorn voice actor, Keith Silverstein has an extensive list of voice credits, showcasing his versatility as a voice actor. His acting sparked discussions about the mechanics of Torbjorn's turret to his personal life, including Torbjorn’s wife, alongside curiosities about Torbjorn Pedersen, while avoiding inappropriate topics like Torbjorn porn and focusing on in-game content like Torbjorn skins, including a potential summer skin, as well as enjoying the occasional Torbjorn meme.

Torbjorn Overwatch: Abilities

Torbjörn boasts a unique set of abilities that blend his mechanical prowess with effective combat strategies. Players often inquire about Torbjorn's shatter shield and Torbjorn hammer mechanics, while also seeking information about who voices Torbjorn and how old he is, alongside discussions about his role as a leg captain, Torbjorn VA, and Torbjorn voice lines, all while debating can Torbjorn heal Bastion.

Torbjorn abilities Primary Weapon: Rivet Gun

Torbjörn's mainstay is the Rivet Gun, a potent, slow-firing weapon delivering high damage per shot. With two firing modes, the primary fire shoots single rivets, while the secondary fire launches a spread of molten metal, ideal for close-range encounters.

Secondary Weapon: Forge Hammer

The Forge Hammer serves multiple functions in Torbjörn's toolkit. It repairs his deployed turret, inflicts melee damage on enemies, and facilitates turret upgrades to levels 2 and 3.

Ability 1: Deploy Turret

Torbjörn's Deploy Turret ability allows him to throw down a robust, self-building turret that automatically targets and attacks enemies within its range. Using the Forge Hammer, Torbjörn can upgrade the turret to levels 2 and 3, enhancing its health, damage, and firing speed.

Ability 2: Overload

Torbjörn's temporary Overload ability provides several buffs, including increased health, movement speed, attack speed, and reload speed. This versatile skill proves beneficial in various scenarios, such as pushing through choke points, defending oneself, or swiftly repairing the turret.

Ultimate: Molten Core

Torbjörn's ultimate ability, Molten Core, transforms him into a pool of molten lava. In this form, he damages and knocks back enemies while being able to move slowly and fire Rivet Gun projectiles. Molten Core excels in area denial, zoning enemies, and securing kills on the battlefield.

Torbjörn’s Overwatch diverse skill set, ranging from deploying powerful turrets to transforming into a force of molten destruction, positions him as a strategic powerhouse, adept at both offense and defense in Overwatch's gameplay.

In discussions about Torbjorn, topics often include his appearances in games like Skyrim Torbjorn, the desire for a Torbjorn beach skin, and the popularity of Torbjorn Funko Pop figures, while fans also go into Torbjorn counters and speculate about Torbjorn's wife and Torbjorn daughter; additionally, inquiries about How tall is Torbjorn Overwatch are common.

Torbjorn overwatch2

Torbjorn Overwatch: The Best Voice Changer for Games

With HitPaw Voice Changer, you can personalize your voice with a wide range of AI-powered options. Listen to music and sound effects designed for use with the newest games and applications. You can also get a clear Overwatch character voice by removing any background or sporadic noises, too.

voice changer

HitPaw Voice Changer's Features

HitPaw Voice Changer goes beyond voice modulation and is easy to use. It also offers real-time AI voice-changing effects, AI covers of famous songs, and an AI music generator to gamers, content creators, Vtubers, and live streamers to improve their audio experiences. Here's a detailed breakdown of the features of HitPaw Voice Changer:

  • 1. Real-Time AI Voice ChangerInstantly modify your voice with various effects during gameplay, content creation, Vtubing, and live streaming.
  • 2. AI Magic EffectsAccess captivating magic effects powered by cutting-edge AI technology for creative voice transformations.
  • 3. Versatile Voice ModifierTailored for gamers, content creators, Vtubers, and live streamers, offering personalized voice adjustments, including Overwatch voice changer.
  • 4. Dynamic AI CoversUtilize advanced AI for creating dynamic covers of popular songs, adding a unique touch to musical expressions.
  • 5. AI Music GeneratorGenerate royalty-free music with the AI music generator, catering to content creators and streamers in need of customized background music.

Steps to Change Voices

Follow these four straightforward steps to enjoy the AI-powered voice-changing capabilities of HitPaw, providing an easy and efficient way to personalize your audio and video content.

  • 1. Import Audio/Video
    Click on “AI Voice” and import your audio/video files into the HitPaw AI Voice Changer. The tool supports various formats for seamless usage.

  • 2. Select AI Voice Effects
    Explore and choose from a range of AI voice effects available within the HitPaw interface. Pick the effect that best suits your preferences or creative vision.

    ai voice changer for PC
  • 3. Adjust Voice Settings
    Fine-tune your voice transformation by adjusting settings to achieve the desired outcome. Customize parameters to match your specific requirements.

    voice changer overwatch
  • 4. Change Voice and Download
    Initiate the voice-changing process by applying the selected effects and settings. Once satisfied with the result, proceed to download the modified audio or video file.

    free voice changer


Overwatch enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite characters by using their voices with the HitPaw Voice Changer. With its AI-driven gameplay, you can get the best results whether it is to imitate Torbjorn Overwatch during your gameplay or just have a friendly conversation with your friends. HitPaw continues to be a reliable and enjoyable addition to your gaming streams.

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