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Kitsune Guardian | Things about Kiriko Overwatch Voice Actor

We've been thinking a lot about her, and now, she's finally arrived! Kiriko Kamori has now become the 35th hero in Overwatch. We're excited to tell you more about her abilities, character, and how she plays in the game!

Using her training as both a Miko & Kunoichi, Kiriko helps her team with soft and nice healing, smooth movement, and precise attacks. Kiriko Overwatch is made to be rewarding for skilled/experienced players. She also serves as an amazing healing choice for those who are just beginners in the game.

Kiriko was brought to life through a nice collaboration between narrative & hero design. These two work closely together. Initially, her concept art was intended for a PvE enemy in the ninja ecology. However, Kiriko's concept art ended up influencing both the story surrounding her and her gameplay. We're happy that her vibrant personality is amazing in how she plays in the game.

Kiriko Voice Actor and Her Voice Lines

Let’s discuss the voice actor behind Kiriko Overwatch, her abilities, character, and her voice lines in video games.

how old is kiriko

Kiriko Voice Actor in English and Japanese

Sally is a voice actress and singer from the US. She's actually from LA, but later, she moved to Japan for her career growth. Both her parents are Japanese. However, she is not very proficient in her native language. The reason is that she was raised abroad. Also, this might have been a challenge for her in the early stages of her career, but it could have played a great role in her success today.

Sally Amaki

A lot of fans believe that Sally is a perfect choice for Kiriko's voice actor. She does an excellent job voicing a Japanese character in English. Also, she brings existing fame & popularity, due to which the game and the characters become more popular. Sally is a highly experienced actress who has been in the industry since 2017. It is not confirmed yet whether Sally or her group will contribute any songs to Overwatch 2. But it can potentially happen in the future, hopefully.

kiriko voice actor

In the trailer, you can see that Sally has put her own attitude into Kiriko's character. The way Kiriko transitions between her shrine maiden & modern outfits in the game is oddly similar to how fans see Sally adapting to the traditions and norms of Japan as an expatriate.

Fairouz Ai Kadota

For those wondering, Sally is not Kiriko's voice-over actor for Japanese players. Instead, veteran voice actress Fairouz Ai Kadota is the voice-over actor for the Japanese version of the character Kiriko.

kiriko voice actor

Kiriko Voice Lines

Kiriko's most powerful move is Kitsune Rush. To activate it, she says, "Let the Kitsune guide you." Then, she calls upon a fox that dashes ahead. It leaves behind a bright trail. This trail boosts Kiriko and her group mates. It makes them faster in everything they do – for example, shooting, moving, or waiting for their abilities to cool down.

Kitsune's route is outlined by gateways. So, to benefit from the buff, all the teammates should stay within these gateways. They start losing Kiriko's ultimate ability enhancements when they go outside the path.

The creator, Noh, says, "The fox is a key part of Kiriko's concept. It actually made sense for it to play a big role in her ultimate ability."

kiriko voice lines

Kiriko collaborates closely with her fox. It is just like how Hanzo & Genji work with their dragons. Kiriko is a natural leader, which demonstrates this in her ultimate ability. Kitsune Rush creates a totally straightforward route. This urges teammates to advance into battles & objectives. Kiriko guides her teammates to create opportunities for them to join fights.

Here are some Kiriko voice lines which you like to know:

  • The path shapes you... the spirits perfect you.
  • Can't change the world by following all the rules.
  • My mother trained half of our team. I'll sign the rest of you up for lessons.
  • I'm going to kick every one of you in the face!
  • I run with blades all the time.

Do You Like Kiriko's Voice? Let's Modify Yourself to Kiriko!

If you love Kiriko's voice and want to modify your voice to Kiriko, read on to learn. When you play games, you might want to change your voice to that of your famous characters, like Kiriko. For voice changing, you can use HitPaw Voice Changer. It is the perfect voice changer that can change your voice in realistic ways. Here are some steps to follow if you want a Kiriko Overwatch voiceover.

How to Use the Hitpaw Voice Changer to Change the Cute Girl Voice?


  • Step 1:Download HitPaw Voice Changer. Install it.

  • Step 2:Launch the application of HitPaw Voice Changer. Open the app and go to settings. Choose your output & input device.

    voice changer PC
  • Step 3:Choose the voice effect of your choice and apply it.

    how to change my voice
  • Step 4:Turn on the voice changer. Get buttons for “Hear Myself” and adjust the volume.

    PC voice changer for free
  • Step 5:Open the gaming website and click settings. Go to Audio and select HitPaw Virtual Audio(HVA) input as a microphone.

HitPaw Voice Changer's Features

Here are some standout features that make HitPaw Voice Changer different from other voice changers:

  • The HitPaw Voice Changer has a simple and user-friendly interface when you use it in Overwatch 2, making it easy to use with straightforward navigation.
  • The HitPaw Voice Changer allows you to transform your voice into the voices of famous people and your favorite celebrities.
  • HitPaw Voice Changer, available at, can easily work with popular streaming platforms like Streamlabs OBS and others.
  • When you use HitPaw Voice Changer to alter your voice, you won't end up with a robotic-sounding voice. Instead, your voice will remain realistic, sounding just like a natural person.


So, you might have understood about the character and abilities of the Kiriko voice actor for Overwatch. If you want to use Kiriko's cute girl voice in games, do follow all the above steps. And, if you are searching for the best voice changer, choose HitPaw Voice Changer because it can change your voice into the sound you love. You can modify your voice to Kiriko's voice and use it in video games.

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