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Reinhardt Overwatch's Tank: Something You Should Know

Reinhardt is a tough hero in Overwatch, a video game. He's one of the 21 characters since the game came out on May 24, 2016.

He has a lot of health and carries a huge barrier. This helps shield him and his team from damage. He's primarily focused on defense; Reinhardt can also be a strong attacker. His Rocket Hammer deals excellent damage, and he can easily smash enemies into walls with his Charge ability. However, the trade-off is that he's mainly effective at close range. Reinhardt has only one occasional ranged attack.

reinhardt overwatch's tank

Quick Guide of Reinhardt

Reinhardt is a top-notch defender and a powerful force in battles. His strong barrier can endure intense attacks. This provides a shield for your team as they advance to capture the objective. If enemies come close, they'll feel the impact of Reinhardt's hefty rocket hammer.

Reinhardt Overwatch struggles in battles from a very far distance and can find himself outnumbered in challenging situations. It's important not to leave him alone for a long period. Reinhardt excels when part of a team, especially with a healer close by, to help him out since he doesn't have strong self-sustaining abilities.

reinhardt is a top notch defender

Abilities of Reinhardt

  • Rocket Hammer [LMB] -Reinhardt is one of the rare characters in Overwatch. He is limited to melee attacks, using a hammer. This might not seem like a drawback. You should consider how impactful a hammer strike can be to the face. The hammer of Reinhardt has a decent range and can easily damage many heroes with just a single swipe and pushing them. The only bad thing is that Reinhardt can only swing it about once per second. This is because of his bulky build.
  • Barrier Field [RMB] - Reinhardt's Barrier Field is something like a strong and protective wall that he can create with his hammer. This shield can soak up many types of damage, which keeps his teammates safe and secure. When he uses the shield, Reinhardt can't attack or move fast. He becomes a target for the enemies coming from the opposite sides. So, it's a difficult choice to decide which direction to face and how to block damage. When Reinhardt doesn’t use it, the shield heals. So, it's essential to use it wisely and not keep it up all the time.
  • abilities of reinhardt
  • Fire Strike [E] - Reinhardt has a cool long-range move known as Firestrike. It is similar to a fiery blast that shoots out from his hammer. A hammer that can hit several enemies with just one attack. It's perfect for dealing with some annoying heroes who stay far away, like Hanzo or Widowmaker. So, if those heroes are bugging you from a distance, give them a chance to make them think again.
  • Charge [LSHIFT] - Many think that Reinhardt is not a threat from a distance. However, his Charge(Lshift) move has proved everyone wrong. When people say, "Reinhardt is too far away to be a danger," that's when he slams into them instantly. He takes them out here. While Charge is used to move around fast, it's best for you to catch an enemy hero. Just catch and smash them into a wall. This move sometimes catches opponents by surprise. It is a strong way to deal with those enemies.
  • Earthshatter [Q] - Reinhardt's big move isn't flashy like other heroes. If the team works together, it can damage the entire enemy team. When Reinhardt uses Earthshatter, he slams his hammer into the ground. He knocks down any heroes in front of Reinhardt.

Character Relationships

The Overwatch characters are just like a tight-knit family. Some of the characters are actually related. If you go to the starting area and listen in, you'll see that the heroes are chatting & mentioning many things from their past. In this way, you can understand the relationships between the characters and where they stand with each other.

Torbjörn & Reinhardt share a friendly rivalry. Torbjörn is present as one of his closest friends within the Overwatch team. Torbjörn is a character trusted by all other Overwatch members.

The relationship between Soldier: 76 and Reaper is not officially part of the Overwatch storyline. Both characters have a history. They were best friends before Jack, also known as Soldier: 76. After that, Soldier: 76 got promoted to Strike Commander. Reaper is a close-up combat and is powerful against tanks. On the other hand, Soldier: 76 is perfect for long-distance things. Both have different styles, but they complement each other well. This is something like they did in the past.

character relationships

It was revealed that Ana got married to Sam. Some Reinhardt & Ana fans want to see them as a couple, but many fans don't really think about Sam. When people write stories on AO3, Anahardt is the most well-known pairing for Reinhardt & Ana. In the overall Overwatch category, it is only the 11th most popular relationship.

Extra Tips: Make Your Voice Like a Man as Reinhardt

Want to change your voice to Reinhardt? His voice might be the favorite of many people. So, if you want to convert your voice to Reinhardt, do not worry. Choose HitPaw. We have a solution for you: HitPaw Voice Changer. It is a perfect and popular feature of HitPaw. It’s software that helps you turn your voice and sound like your favorite character, Reinhardt.

HitPaw Voice Changer's Features

HitPaw Voice Changer is the most popular and different software from other voice changers. It has the following unique features:

  • Its interface with HitPaw is straightforward & user-friendly. This makes it easy to understand.
  • With the help of HitPaw Voice Changer, you can have the ability to transform your voice into famous personalities & celebrities.
  • Additionally, it easily integrates with popular streaming platforms such as Streamlabs OBS. So, if you want to use HitPaw Voice Changer, visit their website at
  • When you use the HitPaw Voice Changer, you'll never get any robotic sound. Your voice will remain realistic & natural. It will be just like a human.

Voice Changing Function

  • First of all, Download HitPaw Voice Changer and quickly install it.
  • Now, open the application of HitPaw Voice Changer.
  • Navigate to settings.
  • Select output & input devices from the settings menu.
  • select output & input devices
  • Pick the voice effect you want to apply.
  • pick the voice effect
  • Then, Activate the voice changer feature. Find the buttons of "Hear Myself" and adjust your volume as you want.
  • activate hear myself
  • Go to your favorite gaming website. Go to the settings menu.
  • Choose "HitPaw Virtual Audio (HVA)" input as your microphone. It is in the Audio section.
  • Now, start enjoying Reinhardt's voice in the game.


If you're interested in using Reinhardt's voice from Overwatch in your games, just follow these steps. And if you're looking for a top-notch voice changer, consider using HitPaw Voice Changer. It lets you transform your voice into any sound you like, even Reinhardt's Overwatch voice, so you can use it in your video games.

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