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Support Hero | Moira Overwatch Tips and Voice Actor

Moira O'Deorain is a brilliant geneticist and former member of the shadowy organization known as Talon in the world of Overwatch. Renowned for her groundbreaking research in biotic science, Moira Overwatch is both revered and feared for her unorthodox methods and morally ambiguous pursuits.

As a hero in Overwatch, Moira serves as a Support character, utilizing her biotic abilities to both heal her allies and deal damage to her enemies. Her primary weapon, the Biotic Grasp, emits streams of biotic energy.

Let’s find out about this genus support character, her abilities in the game, and the talented actress behind the voice.

Moira Overwatch

Moira Overwatch Voice Actor and Abilities

As a brilliant geneticist, Moira Overwatch is driven by a never-ending thirst for scientific advancement, often pushing the boundaries of ethical conduct in pursuit of her goals. Despite making enemies, her affiliations with Oasis and Talon give her the freedom to pursue her research without ethical or financial limitations, often employing ruthless methods to achieve breakthroughs.

Moira Overwatch2

Abilities of Moira

moira overwatch abilities

Here are some of the remarkable capabilities of Moira Overwatch:

  • ● Biotic Grasp
    Moira's primary attack and healing ability involves emitting streams of biotic energy from her hands. When aimed at enemies, these streams deal damage over time, gradually wearing down their health. At the same time, when directed toward allies, the energy streams restore their health, providing crucial support during intense battles.

  • ● Biotic Orb
    Moira can launch a bouncing sphere of biotic energy that serves different purposes based on its mode. When set to healing mode, the orb gradually restores the health of nearby allies as it bounces around the battlefield. Alternatively, when set to damage mode, the orb inflicts damage upon enemies it comes into contact with.

  • ● Fade
    One of Moira's signature abilities, Fade, allows her to become temporarily invulnerable and gain increased movement speed for a short duration. This enables Moira to quickly escape from dangerous situations, reposition herself to a more advantageous position, or evade enemy attacks while continuing to support her team.

  • ● Coalescence
    Moira's ultimate ability, Coalescence, unleashes a powerful beam of biotic energy from her hands. This beam simultaneously heals allies within its path while damaging enemies, providing a potent combination of support and offense. Coalescence can turn the tide of battles by providing much-needed healing to teammates and pressuring enemy targets, making it a game-changing ability when used strategically.

    Moira ultmate

Moira Voice Actor

moira voice actor

Genevieve O'Reilly, the esteemed Irish-Australian actress, lends her voice to the enigmatic character of Moira in Overwatch. With a career spanning across stage, screen, and voice acting, O'Reilly's versatility and talent shine through in her portrayal of Moira.

To bring her character to life, the Moira voice actor drew inspiration from the character's background as a brilliant geneticist and her morally ambiguous nature. Perhaps she experimented with different tones and inflections to capture Moira's intelligence, determination, and ruthlessness.

Character Relationships

Within the world of Overwatch, Talon stands as a notorious organization, comprised of individuals who share a common goal of furthering their own agendas through secretive and morally dubious means.

At the face of Talon is Reaper, an enigmatic figure known for his ruthless leadership and deadly combat skills. Alongside him is Moira, a brilliant geneticist whose groundbreaking research and unorthodox methods make her a valuable asset to the group.

Widowmaker, once known as Amélie Lacroix, is another prominent member of Talon, transformed into a cold and precise assassin after being brainwashed and manipulated by the organization.

widowmaker overwatch

Sombra, the skilled hacker and infiltrator, rounds out the group with her expertise in gathering intelligence and disrupting enemy communications.

sombra overwatch

Extra Tips: How to Make Your Voice Like Moira

Using HitPaw Voice Changer so that you can add Moira's voice to your gaming or streaming content brings sophistication and mystery, captivating your audience and making your content stand out. Moira is a popular character in Overwatch, so using her voice during Discord chats or gaming sessions can attract new fans of the game.

moira voice actor

Voice Changing Function

HitPaw Voice Changer lets you adjust your voice to sound like Moira Overwatch in real-time. It's simple to use, allowing you to fine-tune the effect until you get Moira's sophisticated style just right.

With HitPaw Voice Changer, sounding like Moira from Overwatch is a breeze. Simply follow these steps:

Input and Output Settings

  • Download HitPaw Voice Changer here
  • Navigate to "Settings" and select your input and output devices.
  • Choose "HitPaw Virtual Audio Input" for seamless integration.

Select Voice and Sound Effects

  • Open the application where you want to change your voice.
  • Set your microphone input to "HitPaw Virtual Audio Device."
  • Choose your favorite voice-changing effects and have fun experimenting!

Moira Voice Effects with HitPaw Voice Changer

In addition to changing your voice, HitPaw Voice Changer offers a variety of fun sound effects like fart noises and cat sounds. You can easily customize these effects using shortcut keys, adding humor and excitement to your gaming or streaming experience without any interruptions.

With HitPaw Voice Changer, you can instantly change your voice to sound like Moira while gaming, streaming, or creating content. It's perfect for gamers, content creators, and streamers who want to add a unique touch to their audio.

soundboard online

HitPaw Voice Changer also features dynamic AI covers of popular songs and generates royalty-free music, enhancing your content and keeping your audience engaged. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with platforms like Discord, Twitch, and YouTube, and creates your own keybinds during the game.

ai voice changer

Tips: HitPaw Voice Changer does not modify the input voice through the network. Its working basics on modifying the microphone audio (this is why HitPaw needs to be selected as the microphone input source). Similar to the way anchors use sound cards to change their voices, you can simply consider VOC as a sound card. HitPaw Voice Changer is totally safe for your computer, while other voice changers might make you identified as cheating in the game and your account would be banned.


Moira, a genius scientist in Overwatch, is known for her mysterious personality. Adding her voice to your gaming or streaming content can make it more interesting. With HitPaw Voice Changer, you can easily sound like Moira. Try HitPaw Voice Changer to bring Moira's charm to your content!

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