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How to Watch Members Only Videos on YouTube for Free in 2024

Sometimes you try to watch a video on a channel and find out that its streaming is available for members only. In other words, you must subscribe before you watch it. But do you want to watch YouTube membership video free?

If that's what you need, this post will explain how you can watch members only YouTube videos without paying anything.

Save YouTube Videos to Computer

HitPaw Video Converter supports saving videos from YouTube to MP4 or extract audio from YouTube videos for offline playback. You can download YouTube videos, playlists, and channels without login.

hitpaw youtube video downloader

Part 1. What Are Member Only Videos on YouTube?

YouTube always strives to bring something new to the table. This time it has given a vital feature to YouTube content creators. YouTube content creators can upload videos that their active members can only see.

Simply put, YouTube introduced paid membership features with additional perks for the members only. These members only videos include other perks such as emojis, badges, and much more. You can set this feature on the desktop only. However, it can differ depending on whether the video is new or existing.

Member Only Videos on YouTube

Part 2. Is it Possible to Watch Members Only YouTube Videos without Paying for the Subscription?

Yes, it is possible to watch members-only videos on YouTube. There are four methods for how to watch YouTube members only videos for free. The first method is to sign up for the premium trial and enjoy videos for one month. Another option is when a member watches and records the video. The third one is find the videos on the content creator social media pages or other website. Lastly, you can download members-only videos and watch them offline.

Part 3. Watch Members-Only Videos on YouTube without Being a Member

You can watch YouTube members only videos free in several ways. In the first step, you would get a premium trial. And in the second step, once you get access to the members only video, you will watch and record it.

1. Use the Watch Members Only Videos Free Trial to Play the Video

YouTube provides a one-month free trial of YouTube Premium, allowing you to watch exclusive member-only videos. During this trial period, you can record and save these videos using a YouTube member-only video downloader for future viewing.

Here are the steps to watch members-only videos on YouTube for free:

  • Log into your YouTube account in one browser tab and your Google account in another tab.
  • In the YouTube tab, click your profile icon and select "Purchases and Memberships."

    purchases and memberships on youtube
  • Click the "Learn more" button under the "Premium" option. Choose the free trial, which allows you to watch members-only videos on YouTube for one month at no cost. That's it!

    youtube membership bypass

Here is a YouTube video tutorial explaining another method to watch members-only videos on YouTube without being a member:

2. Use A Screen Recorder Tool to Record the Video

Those seeking perpetual access to members-only YouTube videos can use a recorder to record the screen of a YouTube member. When finding the best screen recording software, you come across a wide variety of them. Both online screen recorder and desktop screen recorder like HitPaw Video Converter provide high quality output. You can easily record, stream and share as many videos as you like.

screen recording youtube member only video

3. Check If Creators Share the Videos on Other Social Media Websites

It is possible that the content creators will make members-only videos available to non-members on their social media pages or other websites. You check and watch the videos for free.

Part 4. Download Any YouTube Videos for Free Offline Watching

Finally, you have an idea of how you can watch and record members only YouTube videos. But do you also know that YouTube won't allow you to download general videos. What if you want to download a YouTube video for editing or offline playback? In that case, you can rely on HitPaw Video Downloader and Converter. You can download your playlist at an exceptional speed.

Main Features of HitPaw Video Converter

  • Download all videos from YouTube and other 10000+ websites without being member.
  • Download YouTube videos up to 8K with thumbnail and subtitles.
  • Supports downloading playlist from YouTube, Spotify, Bilibilit, SoundCloud, etc. in batch.
  • Convert YouTube videos to 1000+ formats for watching on any device.
  • Batch convert, compress, edit videos and create gifs from videos.
  • Other usefule features are available: Convert Apple Music, Spotify Songs to MP3, AI vocal remover and noise remover.

How to Download YouTube videos with Hitpaw Video Converter?

Here are some steps you need to follow. With only one click, you can download any YouTube video with link.

  • Step 1.Download and launch the HitPaw Video Converter on your computer. Open YouTube from your browser. Play a video you want to download. Now copy its URL.

    Copy the video URL
  • Step 2.Paste the URL in the download window. You can either click on the paste URL sign to automatically paste the link or drag and drop the URL in the interface window.

    Paste Video URL
  • Step 3.Once you paste the URL, the software will check the URL. It will display audio and video info on the screen. Now you can select the subtitle and the file type. You can choose the formatting as you please as is your requirement and need.

    Format Changes
  • Step 4.Click the Download button, and the video will start downloading. You can pause the download or resume it quickly as and when needed.

    Download the YouTube Video

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Part 5. FAQs of YouTube Members-Only Videos

Q1. Why can't I download members only YouTube videos even if I have paid for them?

A1. There are many reasons that you can't download a video even when you have paid for it.

  • Poor internet connection: If you want to download a video, your device must be connected to a 3mbps or faster Wi-Fi network.
  • Downloading unavailable: Some videos are not available for download. In that case, you will see that downloading arrow option is not apparent like it usually appears in other videos, or it may be grayed out.
  • Expired membership: Check your membership tab. Maybe your membership needs renewal, or it has expired.
  • Location issue: YouTube premium option is only available in specific countries. You can't download the video if you are in a location where the premium option isn't available.

Q2. How do I watch a member only stream?

A2. You need to be an active channel member and meet its specific level criteria to watch the member-only stream. Channel creators make a live stream and send a notification to members. All the members get the notification, but only members from a certain level can watch it. They can click on the stream and watch it. Other members will get the notification and message that the content is member-only.

Q3.What is the difference between a YouTube member and subscriber?

A3. The main difference between a YouTube subscriber and member is that subscribers follow a channel for free, receiving updates on new content, while members, part of the YouTube Partner Program, pay a monthly fee for exclusive perks and benefits set by the channel creator.Subscribing is a common way for viewers to stay connected with their favorite channels, while memberships involve a paid subscription model offering additional content and features.

Part 6. Conclusion

Finally, you have a clear picture of YouTube members only video download. It starts with getting a free premium trial and then recording the video screen. This fast and efficient tool will do the quality recording.

And when it comes to download members only youtube videos free, you should rely only on the HitPaw Video Converter. It will download as many YouTube videos as you like while letting you convert them into MP4 or any other format of your preference.

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