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[2024] How to Fix Discord Streaming Laggy?

Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-12-28

#Laggy Streaming

Would you like to watch a laggy stream? And is it possible to enjoy the moment? Indeed, no one wants to take this headache!

Regarding Discord, people have to face this problem a lot while sharing their screen or streaming. Though there are several reasons, like GPU acceleration, outdated drivers, and an internet connection, it is better to determine the exact issue and its proper solution.

So if you are wondering how to fix the Discord streaming laggy issue, you are exactly at the right place. Below you will learn more about Discord and how to overcome this problem to get a smooth experience!

Part 1: Why is My Discord Streaming Laggy So Bad?

People often ask why is Discord stream laggy, and to this inquiry, there are several reasons, some common while some major. Let's walk into their details!

1. Low FPS and stream lag

The low frame rate can be the reason behind the choppy or laggy Discord stream, especially in games streaming. When FPS drops, the lag spikes, so this issue must be resolved. Along with this, an unstable internet connection can also be a problem.

2. Improper voice settings

You may have chosen a voice or video setting recently, which isn't go right with the other app settings. Since the improper voice/video settings are another cause of laggy stream, you should reset them to default from the Voice & Video option of the user settings. Also, if you come across problems like Discord streaming with no sound, click here to check the solutions.

Discord Voice Settings

3. Outdated Drivers

If your system's graphics and audio Drivers aren't updated with time, you will encounter the incompatibility issue of Drivers with the Discord updates. And this results in a laggy Discord stream for viewers. Not only the Drivers but also keep the system updated to resolve the relevant issues.

4. Discord overlay

Overlays are the elements on the Discord screen while playing/streaming games with friends in their channel, especially the friends' Discord icons. Although it's a rare issue, you should check it atleast once by disabling this option. Go to the Game Overlay option in user settings and turn it off.

Discord Overlay

5. Software conflict

You may not have heard this before, but it's a situation where some software are working at the same time. So they are using the CPU resources at the same time, thus automatically lowering the performance of your system. To overcome this, close all the software other than Discord, which will usually start working. If there is an issue while ending these programs, try the Task Manager.

Part 2: Ultimate Solutions: How to Fix Discord Streaming Laggy

Let's dive deep into the detailed solutions for various problems!

1. Check Discord server and Internet connection

First of all, you need to check the hosting server and the stability of the internet connection. But how? You can try changing the new server, text, or voice channel. Additionally, it is better to check the speed of your internet connection or try connecting the internet cable with your system to ensure its stability.

2. Update Your Audio/Graphic Drivers

If you haven't updated the Drivers on your system, it's wise to check the updates and process them as soon as possible. Now, press Windows, type devmgmt.msc in the search box, and click Enter to open the Device Manager. Here you need to select Audio inputs and Outputs by double-clicking it. For graphics, double-click the Display adapters. After that, choose the Update Drivers option and Search automatically for updated driver software later. Next, restart your system once.

Update Audio and Graphics Drivers

3. Turn off Hardware acceleration

Since Discord gives you an option of GPU acceleration to improve/smoothen the work performance by optimizing the CPU power; however, it sometimes gives rise to a laggy stream. Open the user settings and Advanced option to turn off the hardware acceleration.

Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

4. Disable the H264 codecs

If the problem persists even after taking the previous step, you should go to check the H264 codecs. Open the user settings and click the Voice & Video option under the App Settings category. Scroll down to find this codec option and turn off the Open H264 Video Codec and H264 Hardware Acceleration tab. Once done, restart the app again to apply changes.

Disable H264 Codecs

5. Clear Discord cache files

The cookies and the cache files are stored in your system for every app/software, and when their amount gets high, you start experiencing the streaming issue in Discord. So it's better to clean them with time for smooth processing. The process is a bit difficult but follow the offered steps. Firstly, exit the Discord app and press Win+R to run Window. Now, enter %APPDATA%/Discord/Cache and hit OK. Select all the files and delete them, simple!

Clear Cache Files

Extra Tips: Start a Smooth Discord Streaming with HitPaw

After reviewing the above details, you must have known about the main problems and solutions of laggy Discord streaming. But if you want to start a smooth Discord streaming without getting indulged in other situations, HitPaw Screen Recorder proves to be your best partner. By using its virtual camera, you can quickly start streaming on Discord. You can stream the content, presenter, or presenter plus screen in different situations. Additionally, it lets you record the screen or stream if required. Even you can record the games, lectures, and devices, i.e., iPhone, iPad, and Webcam.

Screenshot on Discord with HitPaw

Here are some more exciting features to look at!

  • Stream video, image, screen, Window, games, etc.
  • Offer the schedule and segment recording function
  • Capture screenshots and keystrokes while streaming
  • Let you add stickers & texts and change the background
  • Enable or disable the speaker/microphone, whatever is required
  • Built-in player to preview the recorded audio, video, and images

Let's follow the detailed guide on how to solve the Discord stream lagging issue for viewers by using HitPaw Screen Recorder:

Step 01 The first point involves downloading and launching the software on your system. Now, select the text/voice channel and the server, and adjust the connected video and voice settings quickly. Next, you need to press the small "User Settings" icon from the lower left side of the column.

Step 1 to HitPaw Discord Streaming Laggy

Step 02 Scroll down and choose the "Voice & Video" option under the "App Settings." Again you have to move down and open the "Camera" drop-down menu from "Video Settings" and select "HitPaw Virtual Camera." Finally, hit the "Esc" button and go for any option (Screen/Video) under the "Voice Connected" category.

Step 2 to HitPaw Discord Streaming Laggy

Step 03 Next, adjust the aspects like quality, resolution, and channel. In the end, click the "Live" tab. From the HitPaw Screen Recorder interface, click Live > Livestreaming, and then "Add a source to get started." Now, choose Window > Discord. This streaming will display on the screen-sharing HitPaw interface. And that's all!

Step 3 to HitPaw Discord Streaming Laggy


Since the process of screen sharing or streaming is intensive, it's usual to face lag issues while gameplay streaming and get irritated. To help you fix the Discord stream lagging and freezing for viewers, above are the in-depth details of various problems and their relevant solutions. Furthermore, you can use an all-in-one software to start a smooth Discord streaming, and it can be none other than HitPaw Screen Recorder. The reason for this selection is its stability and versatility.

FAQs About Discord Streaming Laggy

1. Why is Discord screen share so laggy?

The most common reason is the outdated graphics or audio drivers. However, it might be the incompatibility of these drivers with the latest updates of Discord. Mainly, you will encounter this issue when the screen you share is working in full-screen mode. And the simplest solution to this problem is to update the drivers and restart the software.

2. Why does my Discord stream keep freezing?

The Discord stream freezing is due to compatibility issues, which happens when the software functions in Compatibility Mode. Though turning on the GPU acceleration feature boosts your performance, it leads to freezing or lagging issues while streaming. To make sure, you need to turn off the hardware acceleration and check the problem.

3. Why is my Discord lagging when my internet is fine?

The primary cause of the stuttering stream is the unstable internet connection. But if the connection is fine, the issue will surely be the software conflict. It's all about having multiple software on your system while running Discord streaming. The solution is to close all the unnecessary programs before starting an efficient live stream.

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