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Best Review to Record Computer Audio With Audacity

Audacity is a renowned audio recording software that offers a plethora of features for both beginners and professionals. In this review, we are going to explore what Audacity is and find out how we can manage to record computer audio with audacity.

Part 1: Overview of Audacity

audacity record computer audio

Being an open-source audio editing program, Audacity is robust and flexible that provides a large range of functions for users of all experience levels. With support for several file types, its user-friendly interface makes audio recording, editing, and mixing effortless. With so many effects and tools already included, Audacity gives users the creative freedom to improve their audio creations.

Audio enthusiasts throughout the world continue to turn to audacity how to record computer audio for sound design, podcasting, and music creation. It is an essential tool for any audio editing project because of its wide range of features, accessibility, and strong community support.

Part 2: Audacity | How to Record Computer Audio

Audacity is a cross-platform, free, open-source speech recorder that lets you edit, record, and download audio files to your computer. Windows, Mac, and other operating systems may all use Audacity.

How to Record Computer Audio on Windows

If you want to record computer audio on Windows using Audacity then the following steps for how to record computer audio with audacity will be helpful for you.

Step 1: Download Audacity

Get Audacity for your PC by downloading it. When you click "download," Audacity will ask you to choose the type of PC you're using to finish the download.

record computer audio with audacity

Step 2: Open the Audio file

Open the audio file on your computer that you want to record. Next, launch Audacity on your PC and adjust the parameters to correspond with the picture below. These options tell Audacity that your computer's audio is being recorded instead of your microphone.

how to make audacity record computer audio

Step 3: Recording Audio

On the Audacity screen, click the red record button located at the top. Sound bars should show up on the Audacity interface when you play your audio, indicating that Audacity is picking up and recording your audio. Click the stop button at the top of the screen to end the recording.

recording computer audio audacity

Step 4: Export

When you're done recording, click File and then Export to save the audio file to your computer.

use audacity to record computer audio

How to Record Computer Audio on Linux

If you want to know the steps to record audio from computer audacity on Linux then the following methods will be beneficial for you.

Step 1: Install Audacity and Additional Software

Begin by installing Audacity on your Linux system. You can typically find Audacity in your distribution's software repository or download it from the official Audacity website.

audacity record computer audio mac

Step 2: Configure Audio Settings

Once Audacity is installed, launch the application and access the Preferences menu. Navigate to the Devices section and ensure that the correct audio input and output devices are selected.

audacity recording computer audio

Step 3: Enable Loopback Recording

To capture computer audio, you'll need to enable loopback recording in PulseAudio. Open the PulseAudio Volume Control application and navigate to the Recording tab. Locate the audio source that corresponds to your computer's sound output.

Step 4: Start Recording

With the audio settings configured and loopback recording enabled, return to Audacity and click the record button to start recording. Audacity will now capture the audio output from your computer.

how to record computer audio with audacity

How to Record Computer Audio on Mac

The process of audacity record computer audio mac involves a few simple steps. Some of them are provided below.

Step 1: Download and Install Audacity

Get Audacity and install it. To download and set up Audacity on your Mac, go to the official Audacity website.

how to record audio from computer audacity

Step 2: Adjust Sound Settings

On your Mac, open the System Preferences menu and select Sound. You can choose Soundflower as the output device under the Output tab. This sends computer audio to Audacity so that it may be recorded.

how to record computer audio audacity

Step 3: Start Recording

Open the Mac version of Audacity. To record computer audio, select Soundflower (2ch) as the recording source in Audacity. To begin recording the audio on your computer, click the record button.

record computer audio audacity mac

Step 4: Edit and Save

Audacity's editing features allow you to make changes to the audio after it has been recorded. As necessary, trim, edit, or add effects. After you're happy, save your recording in the format of your choice.

Part 3: Audacity | How to Record Computer Audio and Microphone

Audacity is a free, open-source audio editing software available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Moreover, the process of audacity how to record computer audio and mic offers a range of features for recording, editing, and mixing audio tracks. It can also be used for recording Computer audio and microphones.

Step 1: Open Audacity

Open Audacity on your PC to get started. Usually, you may look for Audacity in the computer's search bar or in your list of installed programs.

how to use audacity to record computer audio

Step 2: Getting to the Recording Devices

When Audacity is open, select the toolbar located in the upper-right corner of the screen. Locate the microphone-shaped symbol, which denotes the recording devices tab.

Step 3: Use the Dropdown Menu to Navigate

To view the dropdown menu, click the recording devices tab. All of the tilable recording devices that are installed or connected to your computer are shown in this menu.

record audio from computer audacity

Step 4: Select Microphone

Within the dropdown menu, you'll see a list of recording devices such as microphones and other input sources. Carefully review the options and choose the microphone you intend to use for the recording session.

record computer audio audacity

Step 5: Confirm Selection

Once you've selected the desired microphone, confirm your choice by clicking on it within the dropdown menu. Audacity will now recognize the selected microphone as the input device for your recording.

audacity how to record computer audio

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HitPaw Edimakor

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how to record audio on audacity from computer


  • Users can easily explore and utilize HitPaw Edimakor's screen recording functions thanks to its user-friendly interface.
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Final Words

Audacity stands as a versatile audio recording tool, providing users with the ability to capture computer audio effortlessly. Through this review, you've learned about Audacity's functionality and steps for recording computer audio with audacity. If you want to access the best screen recorder for PC and Mac then HitPaw Edimakor is perfect for you.

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