How to Remove Background from Photo with HitPaw Photo AI

With AI-Power, HitPaw Photo AI will automatically track and identify the background in your image and help you remove and replace the background in easy steps.


For someone who wants to add a touch of magic to their visuals, our revolutionary "Remove Background from Image" tool is here to transform your creative process.

Follow the 6 easy steps below and begin to remove background from image and change the image background.

Step 1: Import Photo

Click Remove BG to add photos that you need to remove background with. Or you can simply drag the photo into the edit box.

add files in hitpaw ai photo remove background

Step 2: Awaiting Automatic Recognition

When you import a photo, it will automatically recognize the background and remove it.

awting automatic recognition

You will see Output on the left, which is the image with the photo background removed. On the right is the original image.

check the output

Step 3: Adjust the Reserved Areas

You can manipulate the original image with the Brush button to adjust the area you wish to keep.

adjust the reserved areas

What's more, you can also select the size of the brush by clicking the button.

adjust the brush size

Step 4: Adjust the Erased Areas

You can manipulate the original image with the Erase button to adjust the area you wish to remove.

adjust the erase brush size

Also, you can adjust the Erase Size by dragging the size bar.

adjust the erased areas

Step 5: Change Background Color

After adjusting the background you wish to remove, you can select the background color to replace.

change image background color

Step 6: Export the Photo

You can view the image directly in Output after replacing the background color. Then you can browse the path for saving, and click "Export" and save the final photo(s) to your computer.

export the photos

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