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Best 4 Tools to Convert MKV to WEBM for Various Platforms in 2024

MKV, short for Matroska Multimedia Container, is a fantastic format for storing video, audio, subtitles, and chapters all under one roof. However, its versatility can sometimes lead to compatibility issues. This is where WEBM comes in. WEBM is a web-friendly video format. These features make WEBM files smaller in size than MKVs while maintaining good quality, allowing for smoother playback on web browsers and social media platforms.

In this blog post, we'll explore the ins and outs of MKV to WEBM conversion and introduce you to the top 4 ways to convert MKV to WEBM in 2024.

Part 1: Why Learn How to Convert MKV to WEBM

Before diving into the conversion process, let's understand why it's essential to learn how to convert MKV to WEBM. MKV (Matroska Multimedia Container) and WEBM are both popular video file formats, but they have some differences. MKV is a versatile container format that can hold multiple audio, video, and subtitle tracks in one file, making it ideal for high-definition video content. On the other hand, WEBM is a format primarily designed for web use, offering efficient compression and high-quality streaming capabilities.

There are two main reasons why converting MKV to WEBM might be necessary:

  • Compatibility: While MKV offers a wide range of features, it's not universally supported by all devices and platforms. WEBM, on the other hand, is specifically designed for web use and is highly compatible with most web browsers and online platforms like YouTube.
  • File Size Reduction: WEBM files are generally smaller than MKVs due to their use of efficient codecs. This can be crucial for situations where you need to upload videos online or share them via email, especially with limited attachment sizes.

Part 2: The Best MKV to WEBM Converter for Windows and Mac


When it comes to converting MKV to WEBM, one of the best tools available is HitPaw Video Converter. Known for its versatility and user-friendly interface, HitPaw Video Converter makes the conversion process quick and straightforward. Whether you're using a Windows PC or a Mac computer, HitPaw Video Converter has you covered.

Features of the HitPaw Video Convertor

  • Versatile Tool: HitPaw Video Converter is more than just an MKV to WEBM converter. It supports a wide range of input and output formats, allowing you to convert videos between various options with ease.
  • User-friendly Interface: The interface is clean and intuitive, making it easy for users of all technical skill levels to navigate and convert their videos. Drag-and-drop functionality simplifies the process further.
  • Blazing-Fast Conversion Speed: Equipped with advanced hardware acceleration technology, HitPaw boasts impressive conversion speeds, saving you valuable time when dealing with large MKV files.
  • Additional Features: HitPaw offers a treasure trove of additional features that enhance the video conversion experience. These include basic editing tools like trimming and cropping, batch processing for converting multiple files at once, and the ability to extract audio from videos.
Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use HitPaw Video Converter to convert mkv files to webm:
  • step 1. Head over to the HitPaw website and download the software for your Windows or Mac computer. The installation process is straightforward and shouldn't take long.

  • step 2. Launch the HitPaw Video Converter. Click on the big "+" button in the center of the interface to browse your files and select the MKV video you want to convert.

    convert video with hitpaw video converter
  • step 3. Click on the drop-down menu next to "Output Format" on the bottom left corner. In the search bar, type "WEBM" and select the desired WEBM format from the options that appear.

    convert video with hitpaw video converter
  • step 4. HitPaw allows for some customization of the output WEBM file. Click on the "Settings" icon next to the format selection to adjust settings like video resolution, bitrate, and frame rate if needed.

  • step 5. Once you're happy with the settings, click on the large "Convert" button in the bottom right corner. HitPaw will take care of the rest, converting your MKV file to WEBM format quickly and efficiently.

    convert video with hitpaw video converter

Watch the following video to learn more details:

Part 3: Alternative MKV to WEBM Converters

While HitPaw Video Converter offers a comprehensive solution, if you're looking for alternative MKV to WEBM converters, here are three options worth considering:

1. FFmpeg


FFmpeg is a powerful open-source multimedia framework that includes a command-line tool for converting video files. While it may not be as user-friendly as other software, FFmpeg offers extensive customization options and supports a wide range of formats, including MKV and WEBM.

  • Free, open-source command-line tool capable of complex video processing tasks.
  • requires some technical knowledge to use effectively; not ideal for beginners.

2. Convertio


Convertio is an online file conversion service that supports converting MKV to WEBM and vice versa. With Convertio, you can upload your MKV files directly from your browser and convert them to WEBM format quickly and easily. However, keep in mind that online converters may have file size limitations and require a stable internet connection.

  • Free online converter with a user-friendly interface and support for various formats.
  • file size limitations for free conversions; slower processing times for larger files.

3. CloudConvert


CloudConvert is another online file conversion service that offers support for MKV to WEBM conversion. With CloudConvert, you can upload your MKV files from various sources, including cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox. The service also offers advanced features such as batch conversion and file editing options.

  • Another free online converter offering a decent range of features.
  • There are similar limitations to Convertio in terms of file size and processing speed for free conversions.

While these alternative converters offer different features and functionalities, they also provide additional options to convert MKV files to WEBM based on your preferences and needs.


In conclusion, converting MKV to WEBM format is essential for ensuring compatibility and optimizing file sizes, especially for web-based content. Whether you prefer the convenience of desktop software like HitPaw Video Converter or the flexibility of online converters like Convertio and CloudConvert, there are plenty of options available to meet your needs.

By choosing the right tool for the job, you can effortlessly convert MKV files to WEBM format and unlock a world of possibilities for sharing and streaming your videos online. So why wait? Start converting your MKV files to WEBM today and experience the benefits for yourself!

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