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[Full Guide] How to Overlay Images on iPhone

Overlaying images on your iPhone can allow you to create unique photo collages, memes, and edited images. With the default Photos app and third-party apps, it's simple to blend multiple photos together into creative works of art. In this comprehensive guide, I'll walk you through the steps to overlay images on your iPhone using both built-in and external apps.

I'll also introduce a useful PC tool - HitPaw Photo AI - to help you retouch images seamlessly before importing them to your iPhone. Whether you want to merge landscapes, create a meme, combine group photos, or showcase your latest vacation pics, this guide has the techniques for how to overlay images on iPhone.

Part 1. How to Overlay Images on iPhone

Overlay image iPhone is a creative way to blend multiple photos together into visually engaging collages and memes. With iOS shortcuts, the process is quick and easy directly on your iPhone. In just a few taps, you can combine landscapes, portraits, text images, and more using the built-in Photos app and an overlay shortcut. The easiest method is the iPhone overlay images shortcut.

Here is how to overlay an image on iPhone:
  • 1.Open the Shortcuts app and tap the "+" icon to create a new shortcut.

  • 2.Tap the "i" icon and toggle on "Show in Share Sheet" then press Done.

  • 3.Tap "Any" under Media Types and deselect all except Images. Press Done.

  • 4.Use the search bar to add two "Select Photos" actions.

  • 5.Search for and add the "Overlay Image" action.

  • 6.Tap the two "Images" variables in Overlay Image and select a variable from each Select Photos action.

  • 7.Search for and add the "Save to Photo Album" action.

  • 8.Rename your shortcut to something like "Overlay" or "Superimpose".

  • 9.Open Photos, select two images, tap Share, select the images, then reposition/resize the overlay.

  • 10.Press Done to save the overlaid image to your Camera Roll. So, this is how to overlay two images on iPhone.


Part 2. The Best Tool to Enhance Images with HitPaw Photo AI

Once you have mastered how to overlay images iPhone, you may want to enhance or touch up the individual photos before blending them together. This is where the versatile photo editing tool HitPaw Photo AI comes in handy. With powerful AI models, HitPaw Photo AI makes it easy to improve image quality and composition with just one click.

As an all-in-one AI photo editor, HitPaw Photo AI features a robust image enhancer to increase clarity and color, a creative AI art generator that transforms text descriptions into stunning artwork visualizations, object and background removal for cleaning up images, and more.

  • AI Image Enhancer - Boosts image quality with one click; enhances clarity, resolution, and color
  • AI Art Generator - Creates beautiful artwork images from text descriptions typed by the user
  • Object Remover - Removes unwanted objects from photos seamlessly without leaving a trace
  • Background Remover - Erases photo backgrounds automatically and replaces with a solid color
  • Photo Restoration - Colorizes black and white images; fixes faded, grainy photos
  • Facial Enhancement - Accurately sharpens and enhances facial features using AI face models
Steps to Enhance Image
  • Step 1:Go to the HitPaw website and download the HitPaw Photo AI installer.

  • Step 2:Launch HitPaw Photo AI after installing. Upload a photo you want to enhance by dragging and dropping it in or clicking "Choose File."

  • Step 3:Once your image loads, click "Preview" to let the AI process it. This may take a few seconds. Select one of 7 AI models depending on your enhancement needs including the Face Model, General Model, Denoise Model, Colorize Model, Color Calibration, Scratch Repair, and Low-light Model.

  • Step 4:Preview the enhanced image. When satisfied, click "Export" to save the finished photo.

Steps to Generate AI Portrait
  • Step 1:Download and install the HitPaw Photo AI from the official website.

  • Step 2:Launch HitPaw Photo AI and select the “AI Portrait” function.

  • Step 3:Select the “Art Style” from the 28 styles available in HitPaw Photo AI.

  • Step 4:Click on “Generate” and upload 3 of your photos. Now, click on “Generate my portrait.”

  • Step 5:Wait for some time till the feature image generation is completed.

  • Step 6:Once the process is completed, you can download the 3 different versions of your AI Portrait.


Part 3. FAQs of Overlay Images iPhone

Q1. How do I insert a picture into another picture on my iPhone?

A1. To insert a picture into another picture on your iPhone, you can use the overlay image shortcut described in this guide. Simply select the two images you want to combine from your Photos app, tap share, and then select the Overlay shortcut. This will allow you to overlay one image onto the other and blend them into a photo collage. It is an easy way for image overlay iPhone.

Q2. How do you overlay screen on iPhone?

A2. To overlay one image or video over your iPhone screen, open the Screen Recording options in the Control Center. Tap the Screen Recording icon, then tap the toggle for "Show Touches" and select an overlay like Finger, Doodle, or an image from your photos. Start your screen recording and the chosen overlay will display on top of the screen content being captured. Stop recording when finished to save the video file with the iPhone image overlay.

Bottom Line

Creating unique photo overlays directly on your iPhone is easy with the built-in Shortcuts app. Simply add a few actions to select images and overlay one on top of the other, adjustable to your liking. Now you can blend landscapes, portraits, text images, and more into creative collages and memes in just taps.

While the iPhone tools work great, taking the quality up a notch depends on the individual images used. That's where the versatile HitPaw Photo AI comes in - with powerful AI photo enhancement and editing tools to give images a new life. The one-click photo enhancer can boost clarity, resolution, and color. Other features like the AI Art Generator, Object Remover, and Background Remover take images from good to stunning.

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