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What's New About iPhone 14 Camera? Check it Out!

Joshua Hill

Posted 2022-09-26

Apple is always ready to introduce an upgrade in its technology and it is doing the same with the iPhone 14 camera. This new model has a lot for photography enthusiasts who will have a fun time trying out their photography skills with the new camera features and amazing improvements to the iPhone 14 pro camera.

Part 1. New Features and Improvements of iPhone 14/14 Pro Max

Cameras are among the most celebrated features of an iPhone and in the case of the iPhone 12 camera specs, the customers are in for a delight. The new iPhone 12 pro max camera has many new features and improvements that will enhance your photography experience and give you more room to add a generous touch of professionalism and quality to your clicks.

Some of the new features and improvements of iPhone 14/14 Pro max are:

Upgrade of Camera

The new iPhone 14 pro max camera specs are dramatically improved that the old models. Apple’s iPhone 14 and 14 Pro Max come with an amazing iPhone 14 front camera. These cameras are a great asset for on-the-go photographers.

If you are a serious smartphone photographer, concentrating on the iPhone 14 pro camera megapixels will make you feel great about the new models. They come with a 48-megapixel camera that is designed to capture more detail and add a whole new feature to the telephoto lens.

iphone 14 camera upgrade

The 48-megapixel sensor needs the most attention as it can be utilized in more than one way. The central 13 megapixels of the image are capable of acting as a 2x zoom telephoto camera as it crops the outer portion of the image. While shooting with Apple’s more advanced ProRaw format, the user can easily take 48-megapixel images.

This is a great feature for big landscape photos that come with loads of details and gives the user more flexibility to crop images without worrying about losing the resolution.

Pixel Binning

Apple has always carried out its classic feature of the 12-megapixel main camera ever since using them in the iPhone 6S in the year 2015. The approach gave reasonable balance in terms of detail and low-light performance without taking a toll on the phone processors handling image data.

However, their rivals have added image sensors with over 48 and even 108 megapixels. The point to note here is that more megapixels do not mean better megapixels. Increasing the count only means decreasing the size of each pixel which ultimately decreases the quality.

iphone 14 camera pixel binning

Apple has combatted this issue by the process of pixel binning by joining 2x2 or 3x3 pixel groups together into a single virtual pixel. This allows the camera to gain more flexibility. In cases when there is good lighting the camera is capable of taking a 48-megapixel image which allows the user to dive into better photo details.

Full coverage

The loyal Apple customers are noticing a faster processor with the arrival of the new camera modules. These modules are further offering ultrawide angle and telephoto options that are common on high-end phones. Apple also unveiled its new camera technology at its product launch event in the fall which was a significant event on its annual calendar.

Video Improvements

The iPhone 14 models have a new action mode that comes with the feature of being toggled on to achieve better stabilization in case you are running around with your camera. However, it is not completely clear if you would face image cropping more tightly which usually occurs while gathering imagery from the video’s central portion that is more consistently in view.

Another added feature of the iPhone 14 Pro Max camera is that it adds 4k support to the cinematic mode and artificially blurs background elements of the video to focus on the central subject of the shot. The mode also auto switches the focus as new subjects enter the frame.

iphone 14 camera video improvement

Part 2. Make your iPhone 14 Camera Shot Feel Like a Movie

Have you ever wondered if you could transform your iPhone shots to look and feel like a movie? If yes, then we are here to change your imagination into reality. With video enhancers like HitPaw you can easily transform the quality of your iPhone camera shot and elevate its quality to achieve cinematic perfection.

HitPaw Video Enhancer is a video-enhancing application that offers a user-friendly interface to simplify the task of enhancing your videos by converting them into different formats. It helps achieve greater visual quality along with popular formats.

hitpaw can help iphone 14 camera
  • It offers high-speed conversions of exceptional quality
  • It supports advanced encoders like VP9 formats along with MP4 and Apple ProRes
  • The application supports videos shot by devices like DSLR, iPhones, and GoPro

Steps to use HitPaw Video Enhancer

Given below are the Steps to using the HitPaw video enhancer

Step 01 Click the download button below to get this software for free

Step 02 Upload the original video that you want the AI to enhance

hitpaw enhancer can help iphone 14 camera

Step 03 Select the required AI models from the given three options


Step 04 Preview the video after applying the suitable choice

Step 05 Click on the export button to download the final video

That is all you need to convert your video to enhance its quality and enjoy a nice cinematic experience.


iPhone 14 camera is one great piece of equipment to add to your collection if you are a photographer or a videographer. Once you shoot your masterpiece you can head to apps like HitPaw Video Enhancer to improve its quality. These applications are super easy to use and allow the user to engage with a variety of options to select what’s best for them and utilize it to achieve perfection in their art.

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