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Learn Everything About CCTV Footage Enhancer Here!

Have you ever encountered a burglar and tried to find out who it was? Do you want to make sure that the person who is dating someone else behind your back is your significant other? If so, then CCTV footage is vital! What if it is too blurry? The solution is to enhance CCTV footage.

To facilitate you, this post offers everything about CCTV enhancement, its importance, and how to enhance security camera footage for free using camera techniques and a CCTV video quality enhancer!

Part 1. What Is CCTV Enhancement and Why People Need To Do It?

CCTV enhancement is a method of improving the security camera footage quality so it’s clearer and easier to see. To do this, a cctv footage enhancement tool is needed. Though it can be done differently, you only need to ensure the footage is not damaged or altered while processing. Even you can use software and adjust the camera settings for better results. CCTV enhancement is usually used in forensic videos. The purpose is to make everything visible that happens during an incident so the lawyers or investigators can determine the innocent and guilty.

cctv video enhancement

Here is a list of some scenarios when you need CCTV enhancement. So let’s learn them one by one!

1. Scene is too dark or too bright

cctv footage enhancement tool

The lighting conditions matter a lot in CCTV videos. You have to maintain an average amount of light because both excessive and low light leads to grainy results. In case the recorded scene is too bright or too dark, you have to enhance CCTV footage resolution to make it finer so that forensic investigators can easily identify criminals.

2. License plate, text, or logo is hard to read

cctv video enhancement

Forensic experts are supposed to ensure the credibility of digital evidence. But sometimes, low-quality CCTV footage displays a license plate, logo, or text that is difficult to read. In this scenario, a secure and efficient CCTV video quality enhancer is used to get a clue for the subsequent proceeding.

3. Hard to detect moving objects/people

detect moving people in cctv footage

Surveillance videos are essential in criminal investigations; however, a clear identification of the moving people or objects in the CCTV footage is essential, which is only possible using CCTV camera footage clear software. It’s because they need to make the video worthy enough to be used as proof in court before giving any factual statement about a crime event.

Part 2. How to Enhance CCTV Footage Quality?

Are you struggling with CCTV footage quality? Below are several efficient techniques to enhance security camera footage!

1. Denoise

high resolution cctv camera

In the realm of CCTV, clarity is paramount. This way eliminates visual disturbances like pixelation and artifacts caused by low light or high ISO settings. By ensuring clear and smooth footage, it guarantees that vital details in surveillance videos remain easily discernible and actionable. It’s a workable solution to enhance cctv footage.

2. Sharpen

This solution enhances the sharpness and definition of footage, particularly crucial for identifying critical details like faces or license plates. By ensuring that every detail is crisp and clear, it significantly improves the effectiveness of surveillance efforts.

3. Stabilize

improve lighting around cctv camera

Stability is key in CCTV footage for capturing actionable details. This model eliminates shaky camera movements, providing a steady view of the scene. By ensuring that the footage is smooth and jitter-free, it enhances the ability to identify individuals and events accurately, crucial for security and monitoring purposes.

4. Low-light Enhancement

This solution enhances brightness, color accuracy, and detail in such situations. By ensuring that even in challenging lighting scenarios, all critical details are visible, it significantly enhances the effectiveness of surveillance systems.

Part 3. How to Enhance CCTV Footages Using CCTV Video Enhancer?

Whether it's catching a thief or cheating on your partner, HitPaw Video Enhancer has always been a great help! As it is also an outstanding cctv footage enhancement tool, it can effortlessly upscale low-quality videos up to 4K and 8K resolution. Even colorizing your black & white CCTV footage is a matter of a few clicks using its Colorize AI model.

If you receive a corrupted CCTV footage, you can even fix it with this AI tool. Although purchasing is a must for this CCTV footage clear software to export video, it is possible to preview a video without any watermark.


  • Provide an organized and user-friendly interface
  • Process your videos using trained AI technology
  • Help you perform the batch processing if required
  • Offer efficient functioning with GPU acceleration
  • Support MP4 and MOV formats to export videos

Let’s comply with the steps below on how to enhance CCTV footage with HitPaw Video Enhancer:

  • Step 1. Firstly, you need to download, install, and launch HitPaw Video Enhancer. Now, head to the “Choose File” button to import your CCTV footage.

    Import Video
  • Step 2. Next, look at the right-side column to “Select AI Model.” You can opt for the desired model as per the video type to properly repair the footage. As we discussed earlier, based on your requirements, you can select from options such as the "General Denoise Model," "Face Model," "Stabilize Model," "Low-light Enhancement Model," and others.

    ai enhance cctv footage
  • Step 3. It’s time to click the “Preview Effect” tab to ensure the desired results.

    cctv footage enhancement tool
  • Step 4. If everything is fine, check the “Export Setting” to choose the suitable “Resolution” and “Format.” Later, hit the “Download” button, and you are all done!

    Export NBA Playoff Highlights

Tips: Even if your video is corrupted, which is common with CCTV footage, you can still repair corrupted videos using HitPaw Video Enhancer.

Part 4. FAQs of CCTV Video Enhancer

Q1. Why is security camera footage so blurry?

A1. The quality of CCTV footage is undoubtedly better than a decade ago; however, it still appears blurred and of low quality. The compression & resolution due to the recording procedure and cropping of the footage affect the overall quality. Moreover, the security cameras are built for bulk collection, but the high-quality footage requires ample storage, which is possible using expensive cameras.

Q2. Which is the best CCTV enhancement software?

A2. The most credible and comprehensive CCTV enhancement software is HitPaw Video Enhancer. It helps you improve and upscale your videos up to 4K and 8K resolution automatically with just one click. Besides unblurring videos, you can repair faces in the footage to identify the suspects as well.

Part 5. Conclusion

In reality, it’s more possible to enhance CCTV footage using a professional CCTV video enhancer.

To see what you want to see from the CCTV footages, HitPaw Video Enhancer proves to be the best software to enhance CCTV footage since it offers easy & quick processing with 4 AI models, bringing the best quality. Now, download this CCTV video quality enhancer and improve your footage!

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