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Complete Review on GiveFastLink [2024 New]

Online streaming is a great way to watch your favorite content, but it does require the internet to work. While most of us have a stable working internet connection in our homes, workspace, and other areas, there can be times when this connectivity gets lost, or you can also be traveling somewhere you won't have internet for a while.

Hence, instead of getting bored, isn't it ideal to download your favorite movies and shows and keep them with you? Wondering how you can download these shows from the online streaming services? Well, through GiveFastLink, of course! Hop on below to read a GiveFastLink Review we have concluded for you. Let's dive in.

Part 1. GiveFastLink Online Video Downloader Review

GiveFastLink Online Video Downloader – also called GiveFastLink, is an incredible and versatile online tool that makes downloading videos from multiple platforms a piece of cake. Through these platforms, you can download videos, keeping your favorite content downloaded offline to watch whenever you want.

While no app installation or account requirements are two of GiveFastLink's excellent features, this is not where the service limits itself. All platforms support the service's aspects, allowing users to download and save social videos from any browser and OS. The service works on mobile phones, tablets, PCs, Android, iOS, and Windows. The service also provides high-quality downloads from anywhere between 720p, 1080 Full HD, and 4K. Each download would be quick to make and hassle-free, too!

Part 2. GiveFastLink Pricing

Given its incredible features, we are sure you must think that GiveFastLink is a costly website, or it may have a specific subscription amount that must be paid every month. We don't blame you because why would anyone think these exceptional features are all provided without a cost?

However, this is where the good news lies. GiveFastLink is an entirely free tool; hence, users do not have to worry about having any credit cards or making any payments to use the downloader. All you have to do is simply type www.givefastlink.com or givefastlink.com and download your favorite content from any website you want.

Part 3. Pros of GiveFastLink

Though the features are incredible, we are sure that, like any user who would be hopping onto the service for the first time, you'd want to read up on a few of the pros it offers, right? If that is the case, this givefastlink review has this aspect covered, too.

Easy to Use

The best part about GiveFastLink Video Downloader is its ease of use. Hence, one doesn't have to be a tech geek to operate the website and make downloads. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL link of the video you want to download from its original website and paste it into the URL box provided on GiveFastLink. Once done, the service will take care of the rest. Downloading YouTube videos on GiveFastLink is quite easy!

No App Install is Needed

Give Fast Link is simply an online website; hence, users will not have to install any additional software or application to download videos from any streaming platform.

No Account Needed

We all know that multiple video downloaders in the market first require users to either make an account or sign up for the service before they can avail the benefits that those downloaders provide. However, with GiveFastLink, this is not an issue. This incredible downloader will not require you to register an account to use the services provided by the website.

High-Quality Videos

As we mentioned above, GiveFastLink allows users to download videos in many different ways. Hence, whether you want to download a video in 720p, 1080 Full HD, or even 4K, the service will support the download. Thus, with the Give Fast Link downloader, users can easily enjoy high-quality content and watch their favorite movies and shows in full cinematic quality.

Part 4. Cons of GiveFastLink

However, while there are exceptional pros, the service, like any other, has a few drawbacks too. Hence, before hopping onto making downloads from Give Fast Link, one should know about these cons as well:

Cannot Download Videos in Batch

One of the significant drawbacks linked with GiveFastLink is the inability to download multiple videos in one go. Yes! You heard us right! While many other downloading services allow users to make numerous video downloads simultaneously, GiveFastLink robs them of it. Hence, if you plan to download a lot of content, this service might not be for you.

Cannot Change Video Format

Though we mentioned that GiveFastLink allows users to download content in multiple video formats, there is a loophole. While it supports downloading all formats, a user cannot change the format of the video they want to download. This means the downloaded video would remain in its original format and cannot be altered based on the user's preference.

Part 5. Top Two Alternatives to GiveFastLink

Since the two cons mentioned above are significant aspects people consider when choosing a video downloader, chances are that you might drop GiveFastLink from your list of options if you are reading this. If you are searching for a GiveFastLink alternative, let us know if this is the case scenario. Many video downloaders in the market excel in their features and have gathered a large user base. We have mentioned a few of these for you below:

1. Best Video Downloader on Desktop - HitPaw Video Converter

When talking about the best video downloaders in the market, if there is one name that instantly pops into our mind, it is HitPaw Video Converter. The incredible service allows users to download content from a wide range of streaming platforms and websites in the best quality and formats. Are you intrigued and want to know more about this incredible service? We have all that you need to know listed down below.

Features of HitPaw Video Converter

HitPaw Video Converter and Downloader offer its users multiple benefits. A few of these benefits are listed below for you:

  • Robust video downloaders can easily download online videos, movies, and music.
  • 120X Ai Video Converter for videos, music, DVDs, and images.
  • Ability to download multiple videos simultaneously.
  • Your downloads will be lossless, and you can enjoy a cinematic-quality experience at home.
How to Download HitPaw Video Converter?

If HitPaw Video Converter got to you, and you want to know more about how you can make downloads through the service, then we have this aspect covered for you as well:

  • Step 1:Download HitPaw Video Converter to your computer. From the website whose videos you want to download, copy and paste the URL link of the original video and paste it in the URL box present on HitPaw Video Converter.

    copy video url from web past video url to converter
  • Step 2:Choose the format and quality between the wide range of selections that HitPaw Video Converter offers. Select both aspects on preferences which suit you best.

    choose video format
  • Step 3:Once done, tap on the download button to begin the downloading process. Wait for HitPaw Video Converter to get the job done.

    downloading videos from ytb

2. Online Alternative to GiveFastLink – SavetheVideo

Another excellent video downloader you can pick is SavetheVideo. The service has been around for a few years, and many people love its ease of use. Apart from this, here are a few other features that SavetheVideo offers:

  • Download videos from multiple sites.
  • Ability to merge videos and audio in high-quality
  • Save videos and audio in alternative download methods if original video links do not work.
  • It lets users download subtitles and closed captions whenever they are available.

FAQs about GiveFastLink

Q1. Is the GiveFastLink video downloader free?

A1. Yes! GiveFastLink video downloader is free to use.

Q2. Is it safe to use the GiveFastLink video downloader?

A2. Yes! GiveFastLink is a safe video downloader. The website has a safety score of 90/100 based on various factors like past security records, technical and server analysis, and domain inspection.


If you have heard about GiveFastLink and want to read more on this, then we hope this video guide was helpful for you. While the service provides exceptional benefits like ease of use and high-quality downloads, there are times when it won't sit well with everyone. Hence, if you are searching for alternative options, we suggest you try the HitPaw Video Converter. The service is incredible and will not disappoint you for sure!

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