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What Is Amazon Music Unlimited And How Does It Work?

It is always good to have healthy competition for services that you use so that you get better quality services at a competitive price. The same is valid for music streaming services, which have been battled at the top by Spotify and Apple Music. Many have tried to dethrone them but failed.

amazon music unlimited

But the most recent competitor, Amazon Music Unlimited, has it all: the pricing, fantastic quality, and massive device and app support to make the best two a run for their money.

Everything you need to know about this service, such as how it works or what’s the Amazon Music unlimited cost, we’ll share. So let's begin without any other delay.

Part 1. What is Amazon Music Unlimited?

Just like the other streaming services, such as Apple Music or Spotify, Music Amazon Unlimited is a music streaming service that gives you unlimited access to music and more. You can access millions of songs, excellent podcasts, and thousands of radio stations on which you can discover the next best music scene.

The best thing about Amazon Music is that you can access it on any device, such as your phone, tablet, PC, and even Echo Dot. Furthermore, you can also access it on Apple’s CarPlay and even Android Auto. How cool is that?

Part 2. How Does Amazon Music Unlimited Work?

To better know how does Amazon Music Unlimited work, you cannot miss the following details about it.

1.Subscription Plans

If you are wondering what does Amazon Music Unlimited includes and what is Amazon Music Unlimited individual plan and if there are any other options, then you will be joyed to know that they have four different subscription plans.

  • For individual users, only $10.99, but if you are a Prime member, then you only have to pay $8.99.
  • For a family subscription model, it will cost $15.99. you can use this plan for up to 6 family members and use it simultaneously on all devices.
  • If you are a student, you get the best deal by paying only $5.99.
  • For any other option you don’t want to use multiple devices than for a Single Echo or similar Device, you only pay $4.99.
  • amazon family plan

2. Catalog

Hop on to have a look at the detailed catalog of the product!

  • You can now access over 2 million songs
  • More than 2000 playlists that experts carefully curate
  • No more ads and easily skip songs to next on the list
  • You can listen to all your songs offline without paying extra
  • You get the latest recommendations of your favorite artists and discover amazing music every day.
  • Thousands of podcasts of your favorite shows with streamlined categories and much more.

3.Multi-Platforms Support

The best part about Amazon Music Unlimited is that it is available on all your favorite devices – up to six with each subscription. No matter the mobile or PC OS, you can listen to your music via the Amazon Music app. Furthermore, you also have access to your Amazon Unlimited if you have access to a web browser and internet.

4.High-Quality Audio

When you are considering ‘what is Amazon Unlimited’ and how good is its quality, it is among the best. Now, with any of their subscription, you don't have to pay extra for HD-quality music like you used to.

You can choose the bitrate of your songs from 48 up to 320 kbps. Furthermore, you can listen to much with Dolby Atmos, spatial audio support, and more.

If you want to know about the difference between Amazon Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon Music Unlimited vs Prime Music must be the one you don’t want to miss.

Part 3. Best Method to Use Amazon Music Unlimited Locally

So far, if you have the app and online connection, you can listen to your music online or offline as well. But the only issue with such a fantastic service is that you cannot share music files or listen to music without the app. You also cannot take the music on a USB device and play it on any portable device you like.

hitpaw video converter

These issues are resolved by HitPaw Video Converter, which allows you to download and save lossless music from your favorite streaming service. Now, it supports all the major service platforms, especially Amazon Music. Here are some of its amazing features of it.

Best HitPaw Video Converter Features
  • Lossless Video and Audio converter with massive 120x faster speeds.
  • Easily converts your Amazon music files into 1,000+ formats with easy play on multiple devices.
  • Supports various music platforms, such as Amazon Unlimited Music, Apple Music, and more.
  • The converter has a GPU acceleration-enabled built-in player.
  • Top-of-the-line AI features that support and enhance your creativity to new levels.

How to Save Amazon Music Songs Locally with HitPaw Video Converter?

You will have to follow the following guide to save songs locally from Amazon Music Unlimited using HitPaw Video Converter.

  • 1. Downloading the Amazon Music Converter and run the app.

  • 2. After launching, go to the Toolbox tab, which is the last one from the left. Once here, choose Amazon Music Converter.

  • choose amazon music converter in hitpaw video converter
  • 3. You now need to sign in to your Amazon Music account to download or play any music on the in-built Amazon Music player.

  • sign in amazon music account
  • 4. Enter your account information on the sign-in page and click the 'Sign in' button.

  • log in amazon music account
  • 5. Now that you have signed in, you can choose songs, playlists, and artists that you want to listen to or download. You will see the ‘Download’ button right next to the URL of the song/playlist on the top.

  • download amazon music playlist
  • 6. The app will then analyze the song, and once it is done, you can choose the songs and their settings like format, bitrate, and location, press the ‘Convert’ or ‘Convert All’ button.

  • preview amazon songs
  • 7. All the songs will be converted to your desired format while keeping the metadata and ID3 information of the songs intact.

FAQs about Amazon Music Unlimited

Q1. Is Amazon Music Unlimited Free for Prime Members?

A1. When you are considering ‘how much is Amazon Music Unlimited,’ especially if you are a Prime member, the answer is $8.99 for Prime members. In reality, it is $10.99 for customers who don’t have a Prime membership.

Q2. How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Music Unlimited?

A2. It is different for each plan. If you use the family plan, then you can stream music on up to six devices simultaneously. For individual plans, streaming is allowed only on one device, while offline music can be listened to on all your devices.

Q3. How to Cancel Amazon Music Unlimited?

A3. If you want to cancel your subscription, you either have to do so before the charge date or before your trial expires. To cancel your subscription, you need to visit Music Amazon unlimited settings and cancel from there. If you have Alexa installed on your device or are using Echo, you can ask Alexa to do it for you.


In this article, we discussed at length what you get with Amazon Music Unlimited and its many benefits. But if you are listening to Amazon Music in your old car and want to connect to just the speakers and more scenarios, you will need a good music converter app, like HitPaw Video Converter, to make the process easy for you. Try HitPaw Video Converter today and experience how easy it is to download music to your devices.

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