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TOP 6 Voice Modulators (FREE Included)

Voice modulation has become increasingly popular in the field of content creation, gaming, and entertainment. A voice modulator offers a spectrum of voice effects and customization options. However, finding an efficient one takes time and effort.

To facilitate you, this article provides the top 6 voice modulators of 2024, including some free and paid options. This will help PC, mobile, and online users find the perfect tool. Let's keep reading for the details!

[PC] Best Desktop Voice Modulator Powered by AI in 2024

Voice modulation on your PC gets much better with HitPaw Voice Changer, the best desktop voice modulator powered by AI.

This incredible software stands out due to its seamless integration with various applications and its ability to provide a natural and voice-changing experience. So you can change your voice during live calls, live gaming sessions, etc. It offers a wide array of voice effects to choose from. So you can seamlessly use this software as a Robot, Scream, and Ghostface voice modulator. Even modulating the various voice aspects, like pitch, volume, etc., is in your control. You can also eliminate the background noise from your audio if needed. Thus, it lets you perform your real-time voice transformation task in a few clicks.

  • Offer a user-friendly interface for easy navigation
  • Come up with unique voice effects for voice modulation
  • Support various platforms, like Discord, Steam, Deck, etc.
  • Provide you a real-time preview of the voice modulation
  • Ensure high-quality output without compromising audio clarity
  • Step 1. Choose the Input and Output Sources
    Once you download and install the HitPaw Voice Changer, launch it and click the "Settings" button. Select the "Input" and "Output" sources. Click the refresh button before choosing if you have recently added a manual source.

    Select Input and Output

    If the source doesn't show up, press the "Detect" tab to see all the new connected devices.

    Detect the Manual Sources

    You must see the microphone and speaker green if they are working correctly.

    Check Microphone and Speaker

    Otherwise, click the three bars from the main interface and tap "Feedback" to contact the support team.

    Feedback to HitPaw Support
  • Step 2. Real-time Voice Effects
    Next, go to the "Real-time Voice" section and explore the library of various categorical voice effects. Select the desired voice effect and click to apply it. However, your device must be with or above Nvidia 4G and AMD 6G for using real-time voice effects.

    Choose the Real-time Voice Effect
  • Step 3. Change the Global Settings
    It's time to change the global settings from the bottom. You must enable the "Hear myself" and "Voice changer" options. You can also turn on the "Noise reduction" option in a noisy environment.

    Global Settings Adjustment
  • Step 4. Adjust the Voice Settings
    Change the audio aspects from the right-side column once you have chosen a voice effect to apply to your stream. You can adjust the "Volume," "Pitch," and "Timbre."

    Adjust Voice Settings
  • Step 5. Voice Modulation on Discord
    Lastly, change your voice in real-time on a supported platform. For example, if you want to use this software as a Discord voice modulator, open its "User Settings" and go under the "Voice & Video" option.

    Voice Modulator for Discord

    Select the "HitPaw Virtual Audio Input" from the "Input Device" drop-down list for Windows.

    HitPaw Input on Windows

    For Mac, choose the "BlackHole 2ch" for the "Input Device."

    HitPaw Input on Mac

[APP] Best 2 Voice Modulator Apps in 2024

Now, let's shift the focus to mobile applications, where you will find the two best voice modulator apps of 2024, each offering unique features and capabilities.

1- Audio Editor - Music Editor

Price: $2.99/month, $10.49/year, $29.99 (Lifetime)

Audio Editor is a powerful voice modulation app for iOS users to convert voice clips to professional ones in a snap. It provides advanced editing options like sound mixing, recording, cutting, balancing, shifting, etc.

You can also add effects to your voice, like changing the pitch, reverbing, and using a custom equalizer with ten sections of frequency. It even lets you reduce noise for vocal enhancement and separate the voice from the accompaniment.

Let's learn to use the Audio Editor for voice modulation:

  • 1.After installing this app, launch it and click the "Edit Audio" button. Now, import the desired voice clips to the interface.
  • 2.You can select a clip and fine-tune it by changing the volume, adding fade in & out, applying effects, and balancing the settings.
  • 3.Later, hit the "Tick" button to save the output and export it to the desired format. All done!
Audio Editor Voice Modulator iOS
  • Support UTI, Apple Music, and WiFi to import voice
  • Auto-save the draft completely to be edited again
  • Control the rhythm freely with speed from 0.2x to 4x
  • It doesn't allow the advanced features in the free mode

2- Lexis Audio Editor

Price: Free, $5.56 to $6.27 per item for In-App Purchases

If you want to enjoy the complete set of voice modulation with audio editing capabilities on Windows, Android, or iPhone, Lexis Audio Editor must be your way to go. You can either record or upload your voice to modulate the audio aspects.

This voice modulator app lets you normalize, reverse, reverb, and compress the voice, along with changing its speed, tempo, and pitch. You can also use the voice cleaner and vocal remover features, although these are accessed through Cloud.

Here is how to use PowerDirector as a voice modulator:

  • 1.Once you install, open the app on your phone, click the "Open" tab to upload the audio clip, or press the "Red" button to record your voice.
  • 2.Later, tap the three dots, expand the "Effects" menu, and select the feature from equalizer, compressor, changing pitch, noise reduction, etc.
  • 3.Whatever you choose, move the slider to adjust and hit "Apply." Play it to listen to, and then hit "Save." Select the preferred format and tap "Save."
Lexis Audio Editor Voice Modulator
  • Let you share the output with your computer
  • Help you convert stereo to mono and vice versa
  • Support popular formats, like M4A, AAC, WMA, etc.
  • The interface is complex for beginners

[Online] Best 3 Voice Modulators Online in 2024

Moving forward, for those seeking the convenience of online voice modulators, below are the three top options available. These web-based tools provide a hassle-free way to modify your voice without downloading or installation.

1- VEED.IO Audio Editor

Price: Free, $12 per user per month (Basic), $24 (Pro), $59 (Business)

VEED.IO is a remarkable voice modulator online that assists you in achieving studio-quality voice by offering a professional audio editing setup. Whether you need to remove unwanted sections, fine-tune the length of a track, or create unique audio snippets, this tool provides the necessary precision and control.

It assists you in editing, cutting, and trimming the audio clips. You can also reduce background noise, adjust volume levels, and apply different audio effects to enhance the voice quality.

Let's comply with the given steps for using the VEED.IO audio editor:

  • 1.After accessing the website, click the "Edit Your Audio" button, tap "Upload your file," browse, and import the required audio.
  • 2.Now, you can change the "Volume," adjust the playback "Speed," "Split," make a "Voice Clone," or edit any other aspect.
  • 3.Lastly, hit the "Done" button, choose the quality, and export the output to your device. That's all!
VEED IO Voice Modulator Online
  • Help you rearrange clips to make an audio mix
  • Offer an AI background noise-removing feature
  • Provide royalty-free stock music and audio effects
  • You may experience glitches when uploading the audio

2- Kapwing

Price: Free, $16 (Pro), $50 (Business)

Kapwing Audio Editor is a fantastic online tool designed to help you modulate and enhance your vocals. You can efficiently perform various audio editing tasks, including trimming, cutting, and merging audio clips. Thus, it helps you create seamless soundtracks according to your specific requirements.

You can also remove background noise, adjust volume levels, and apply various audio effects. It even lets you overlay audio tracks, synchronize them with your visuals, and fine-tune audio settings to achieve the perfect blend of sound and visuals.

Here is a tutorial for using Kapwing as a voice modulator online:

  • 1.First of all, open the tool's website and click the "Start Editing" tab. Now, drag & drop the audio file you want to modulate.
  • 2.Now, you can "Trim," change the "Volume, "Clean audio," "Smartcut," "Convert to waveform," or other required editing.
  • 3.Once done, hit the "Export Project" button and select the "MP3" format. All done!
Kapwing Voice Modulation
  • Allow collaborating in real-time
  • Support URL to import the audio/video file
  • Offer multiple export formats & quality settings
  • Only support MP3 to export your audio output

3- AudioMass

Price: Free

AudioMass provides a versatile platform for all your voice modulating needs. You can trim, cut, merge, compress, distort, and even apply fade-in and fade-out effects to create seamless and high-quality audio clips. It helps you remove the silence and reduce the noise of your clips.

Also, it offers a powerful audio effects library, including equalization, reverb, noise reduction, and pitch shifting, to improve the quality of your voice recordings. You can also analyze the frequency and spectrum along with using the Tempo tools.

Let's learn how to use AudioMass as a voice modulation tool:

  • 1.Open the tool's website on your browser and click "File" to import the audio from various supported sources.
  • 2.Secondly, press the "Edit" tab and choose "Select All," or you can make a selection with the cursor.
  • 3.Expand the "Effects" section and perform whatever modulation you need. Click "File," choose "Export/Download." Select the quality with other options and hit "Export."
AudioMass Free Voice Modulator
  • Provide you with ID3 Tags
  • Offer a clean user interface with no ads
  • Offer Graphic EQ with and without 20 bands
  • Not suitable for professional audio modulation


In the world of voice modulation of 2024, this post offers many options, from desktop applications to mobile apps and online tools. Although every voice modulator has its strengths and weaknesses, one that stands out as a top recommendation for PC users is the HitPaw Voice Changer.

With its AI-powered real-time voice modulation capabilities, it has become a preferred choice for people, including content creators, gamers, etc. It's time to embark on our voice modulation journey with HitPaw!

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