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What is Spotify Duo and How to Use It?

Spotify premium streaming service doesn't ask you to pay a lot of money, but what if you can't pay for the Spotify family plan? In this scenario, Spotify Duo comes handy that empowers you to share the music with your friends and family members.

If you don't know much about the Spotify duo and want to gather the knowledge of setting up the Spotify duo plan, get into this guide to acquire all the relevant information.

Part 1: What is Spotify Duo?

Spotify premium duo is a brilliant subscription plan designed for a couple of individuals to help you share the Spotify music. Whether you're roommates, a couple or close friends, you can rely upon the Spotify Duo to enjoy the Spotify music streaming experience without paying much money. How much is Spotify duo?

You'll be asking this question, but the Premium Duo Spotify is affordable as getting the monthly premium Spotify Duo is possible by paying $14.99. Upon getting the Spotify Duo premium, you and your partner can enjoy listening to Spotify music without any restrictions.


Part 2: How Does Spotify Duo Work?

After learning about the Premium Duo Spotify price and other credentials, learning ''how Spotify Duo works'' is also important.

To get the premium of the Spotify Duo, you'll need to ensure that you and your partner are living in the same residence. You'll need to keep in mind the following things before setting up the Spotify Duo.

  • Premium Duo is only introduced for two people so if you've more than two family members you want to share the Music to, you can go for the Spotify Family Plan.
  • Before purchasing the Spotify Duo premium, you'll need to ensure that it is available in your region as it is unavailable on various locations.
  • If your partner is no longer with, you won't be eligible for this plan.

Part 3: How to Set Up Spotify Duo Account?

Now, you're ready to set up the Duo Spotify, and you can watch out for the following methods to start listening to the amazing Spotify music through Spotify Duo.

Starting the Spotify Premium Duo Plan

Step 1: Navigate to the Spotify app or official website before logging in with the Spotify credentials.

Step 2: Jump into the premium section on the account's page before choosing the ''Premium Duo'' option.

Step 3: Enter the relevant information before confirming the purchase.


Joining the Spotify Premium Duo Plan

Step 1: Enter the existing premium account credentials to login with Spotify.

Step 2: Navigate to the Premium Duo section before upgrading to the Premium Duo.

Step 3: Invite the partner through WhatsApp, email, or anything.

Removing or inviting the members to Spotify Premium Duo

Step 1: First, you must log in with the Premium Duo account before navigating to the Manage Duo icon.

Step 2: Press on the Invite Members icon to add someone there.

Step 3: Both of you have to type in the same address and same confirmation code to activate the Spotify Premium Duo.

Creating the Spotify Duo Mix

Step 1: Launch the Spotify App and navigate to the Premium Duo.

Step 2: Click on the Duo Mix icon; this way, Spotify tends to produce the shared playlist based on the music taste.


Sharing the Spotify Music Playlists with each others

Step 1: Launch the Spotify app and create a playlist before hitting the More button.

Step 2: In this phase, you'll need a collaborative playlist to begin the proceedings. Share the playlist linked with the partner. Now, you and your partner can edit and add songs of your own will.

Bonus Tips: How to Keep Spotify Duo Playlist Forever

Spotify Duo allows you to share the music to your selected partner, but when the Spotify Duo premium ends, you won't be able to use that feature anymore. With HitPaw Video Converter, you've got the leverage to maintain the Spotify duo feature forever by downloading the Spotify music in the preferred audio format and sharing it with your friends.


  • Allows you to download the Spotify in lossless quality
  • Supports the multiple audio formats
  • Lets you go download multiple Spotify songs simultaneously
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Retains the metadata information and ID3 tags

Here's the step by step guide to download Spotify music through HitPaw Video Converter.

Step 1: Visit the official webpage of the HitPaw Video Converter and install the software on the computer. Start the program afterwards and click on the Music icon. Proceed ahead by choosing the ''Spotify Music Converter''.

start the program

Step 2: In this phase, you'll need to login with the Spotify account credentials to start the proceedings.

login with the spotify account

Step 3: Search for the Spotify music you want to play. After selecting the Spotify you want to download, you'll need to hit the Download button.

hit the download button

Step 4: Once you've clicked the Download button HitPaw Video Converter starts analyzing the URL address. Next, you'll need to preview the songs, and if you want to delete a particular song from the list, you can do it easily.

preview the songs

Step 5: Press the ''Convert All To'' icon to select the preferred audio format. HitPaw Video Converter supports turning the audio into formats like WAV, M4A, and MP3.

press the convert all to

Step 6: Press the Convert All button, and doing so will initiate the process of downloading Spotify music onto the computer. After downloading the music, you can navigate to the Downloaded tab and play all the songs.

play all the songs

FAQs About Spotify Duo

Q1. Can 2 people use the same Spotify account?

A1. Only one device holds the credentials to use the same Spotify account simultaneously. Thus, if you want to use the same account on more than one device, you can go for the Spotify Family plan, which gives you the luxury you're looking for.

Q2. Why am I not eligible for Spotify Duo?

A2. If you and your partners aren't living in the same location, you won't be eligible to use the Spotify Duo. Upon the activation, Spotify tries to verify the home address so being at the same place is paramount.


Spotify Duo could be a game changer for people wanting to share their music habits live. We have talked about the Spotify Duo plan and also helped you know ''how much is Spotify Duo''. You can also take the full assistance from this guide to set up the Spotify Duo account without putting in extra effort.

HitPaw Video Converter is the most recommended and highly rated way to download the Spotify music as local files allowing you to share the music to your friends and family members. HitPaw Video Converter supports turning the Spotify audios into multiple formats and doesn't affect the sound quality.

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