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How to Play Blu-ray with Region Codes in 2024

Blu-rays often has region codes that restrict playback to specific geographic areas. This can be annoying if you buy a disc from a different region or want to watch foreign films. Fortunately, there are several methods to bypass region coding in 2024 and make your Blu-ray player region-free.

In this article, we'll explore 3 easy ways to remove region A, B, C Blu-ray locks, including software programs, manual firmware upgrades, and hardware modifications. With these simple tricks, you can watch any disc from any region on your player and access a wider selection of movies and TV shows from around the world. Let's learn how to remove Blu-ray regions.

Part 1: What are Blu-ray Regions?

Blu-ray discs and players are coded by region to control distribution across different geographic markets. There are three Blu-ray regions:

  • Blu-ray region A: North America, Central America, South America, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia.
  • Region B Blu-ray: Europe, Greenland, French territories, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Region C Blu-ray: India, China, Russia, Central Asia, and South Asia.

Blu-ray players and discs are coded to a specific region. A disc from one region will not play on a Blu-ray player from a different region. This region coding is intended to control pricing and distribution across markets. For example, a movie may be released earlier at a lower price point in one market than another.

Part 2: What are the Difference between Blu-ray regions and DVD Region Codes?

The main differences between Blu-ray region codes and DVD region codes are:

  • Number of regions - DVDs have 6 different region codes numbered 0-5. Blu-rays have only 3 Blu-ray A region, B, and C.
  • Geographic scope - The Blu-ray regions group some countries differently than DVD regions. For example, Mexico is in DVD Region 1, but Blu-ray Region A. Australia is in DVD Region 4 but Blu-ray Region B.
  • Player compliance - DVD region coding is better enforced than Blu-ray. Many Blu-ray players today are region-free and able to play discs from any region. DVD region coding is still more strictly followed by players.
  • Disc features - DVD region coding applies to all aspects of the disc, including menu navigation and special features. Blu-ray region coding only applies to the main movie playback, not the bonus content.

So, in summary - Blu-ray uses fewer regions, geographically groups some countries differently, has looser player enforcement, and only region codes the main movie rather than full disc features. But both schemes serve the purpose of controlling release timing and pricing across markets. Blu-ray coding is just simpler and more flexible compared to DVDs.

Part 3: How to Play Blu-ray from Different Regions

Way One. Use Region Free Blu-ray Player

There are two main options for playing Blu-ray region codes discs from different regions.

First, you can use a region-free Blu-ray player. Many models today advertise themselves as region-free, meaning they can play Blu-rays from regions A, B, or C regardless of the coded restrictions. Two popular region-free players are the LG UBK90 4K player and the Sony BDP-S1700 1080p player.

  • LG 4KUHD Region Free Blu-ray Player
    LG produces top-quality displays and their Blu-ray players match that same high standard. The LG UBK90 plays regular Blu-rays and 4K UHD Blu-rays from any of the three Blu-ray regions A, B, and C.
    It is also compatible with DVDs from all regions 0-8. In addition to ignoring region coding, this LG player upscales lower-resolution video to near 4K quality. It's an all-in-one player that will handle any Blu-ray or DVD discs in your collection.
  • Sony 1080P Region Free Blu-ray Player
    Sony is trusted by gamers for their game consoles, and their region B Blu-ray players carry that same reliability. The Sony BDP-S1700 is very versatile with multiple zone playback and region-free support to handle Blu-rays and DVDs from any region code.
    This Sony player has built-in PlayStation Now game streaming, so you can play PS3 games without a console. It also connects with over 300 online streaming apps. Beyond movie discs, this Sony player becomes a central hub for gaming and streaming video.

Way Two: Best Way to Play Region Locked Blu-ray - Rip Blu-ray to Digital

HitPaw Video Converter is an award-winning video conversion software for Windows and Mac. It offers an all-in-one solution for downloading, converting, editing, burning, and more with videos.

HitPaw Video Converter provides a full set of robust video conversion and downloading capabilities in an easy-to-use interface. It's a top choice for bypassing region locked Blu-ray and accessing regional content.

Here are the main features of HitPaw Video Converter:

  • Decrypt and rip encrypted Blu-ray discs from any region.
  • Convert Blu-ray to digital MP4, MKV, and AVI formats while preserving original quality.
  • Support ripping Blu-ray to lossless MKV format.
  • Fast 120X conversion speed thanks to GPU hardware acceleration.
  • Rip and convert DVDs and Blu-rays while removing region codes.
  • AI tools like upscaling, noise reduction, stabilization, and more.

Here is how to Rip Blu-ray with HitPaw Video Converter:

  • Step 1: Download and Install the HitPaw Video Converter on your computer.

  • Step 2: Import your DVD by dragging it into the program or clicking "Add DVD". HitPaw Video Converter will analyze the disc.

    text: add dvd
  • Step 3: Now, edit the DVD title and metadata if needed. You can also preview chapters.

    add dvd information
  • Step 4: Choose an output format like MP4 or MKV. Use the dropdown menu.

    select the output format
  • Step 5: Enable GPU acceleration for the fastest conversion speed.

    enable gpu acceleration
  • Step 6: Click "Convert" to start ripping the DVD. Bypass any region codes.

    start the conversion process
  • Step 7: When complete, access the ripped DVD files in the "Converted" tab. Open the folder to access files.

FAQs of Region Locked Blu-ray

Q1. What Blu-ray region is USA?

A1. The United States and the USA belong to Blu-ray Region A. This includes all of North America and South America, as well as East Asia. Any Blu-ray player sold in the USA will be coded as Region A, and only able to play other Region A Blu-ray discs unless specified as region-free.

Q2. Are region free Blu-Ray players legal?

A2. Yes, region-free Blu-ray players are completely legal. They simply include internal software that disables the region coding check of the disc. This allows playback of Blu-rays from regions A, B, or C. Many major electronics brands now offer region-free players. Using apps to unblock region coding may violate terms, but hardware players are legal.


Region coding on Blu-rays can be frustrating, but thankfully there are ways around it in 2024. As we covered, you can make your Blu-ray player region free by inputting manufacturer codes to disable the lock.

For the most flexible option, use software like HitPaw Video Converter to rip and convert region-locked Blu-rays to digital formats like MP4. The decryption powers of HitPaw Video Converter make it easy to bypass region codes and enjoy your entire Blu-ray collection from any region.

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