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Top 4 SoundCloud Playlist Downloader Tools in 2024

What's better than stumbling upon a straight fire SoundCloud playlist?

Nothing, except being able to listen to it when you don't have WiFi. SoundCloud is that audio wonderland where musical artists and podcasters share their sonic creations. With over 200 million tracks, one could spend a lifetime scrolling through underground gems.

But if someone finds a playlist they vibe with, they'll want to save it for when they're offline on the subway, plane, or in an elevator. Luckily, some clever folks created tools to download SoundCloud playlists with just a few clicks. In this guide, the top 4 playlist savers will be displayed to help bring your favorite SoundCloud sets anywhere. Get ready to pump up the playlists, people.

Part 1: Best SoundCloud Playlist Downloader for PC - HitPaw Video Converter

HitPaw Video Converter is a versatile media toolbox with dedicated presets that make downloading entire SoundCloud playlists a cinch. Beyond grabbing tracks, it also handles video format conversion and editing.

Key features for SoundCloud playlist downloading include:
  • Download SoundCloud MP3 playlists by pasting the URL
  • Ability to batch convert all playlist tracks to MP3
  • Up to lossless audio quality options
  • Edit metadata like artist, album, title
  • Trim, merge, and optimize audio

Save a SoundCloud playlist locally with HitPaw Video Converter

  • Step 1:Download and install the app. Open it and click the "Download" tab. Select "Download Playlist" then paste the SoundCloud playlist link into the analyzer box. HitPaw imports all playlist tracks automatically.

    download playlist option
  • Step 2:Under output settings, set the format to MP3 and your preferred audio quality level from 128kbps to Soundcloud playlist downloader 320kbps. Edit info like the artist’s name here, too.

    select the output settings
  • Step 3:Finally, click the Download button and let HitPaw work its magic to rip and convert the full playlist to MP3 format on your computer.

    download all files
  • Step 4:Completed downloads are accessible in the Finished tab for playback, sharing or loading into the suite's editing tools.

    completed downloads

Part 2: SoundCloud Playlist Downloader Android and IOS

1. Xposed Installer - SoundCloud Playlist Downloader for Android

Xposed Installer is a handy Android application that can grab and save Soundcloud playlist downloader Android for offline listening. It works by seamlessly integrating with SoundCloud's mobile interface to add a download button within the official app. Just tap the download icon next to tracks or playlists to audio in MP3 format.

Pros are easy one-click downloading thanks to tight SoundCloud integration. Cons are the app requires rooted devices in order to function. But for non-jailbroken functionality on Android, Xposed Installer is a top choice.

xposed installer
  • Deep system integration.
  • Extensive customization options.
  • Background downloading capability.
  • Requires root access.
  • Complex installation process.
  • Potential system instability.

2. Shortcut - SoundCloud Playlist Downloader for iOS

Shortcut provides iOS users with similar seamless SoundCloud downloading by embedding an export option within SoundCloud's iOS app.

Like Xposed, locate playlists or tracks in the SoundCloud app, then tap the Share icon and select "Shortcut" to save songs, albums, or playlists straight to your music library. Audio gets embedded automatically for offline listening.

As a lightweight app extending SoundCloud, Shorcut wins big for simplicity. The only con is you must share tracks individually rather than full playlists in bulk. But otherwise it nails mixing downloading functions into SoundCloud's native iOS interface.


So whether you're on Android or iOS, Xposed and Shorcut add handy SoundCloud playlist saver functionality to keep your favorite songs offline and accessible at all times.

  • User-friendly.
  • Seamless iOS integration.
  • No jailbreaking required.
  • Limited customization.
  • Possible background downloading limitations.

Part 3: Soundcloud Playlist Downloader Online Extension

For quick and seamless SoundCloud grabbing straight from your browser, check out SoundCloud's own official downloader extension.

Available as a free add-on for Chrome and Firefox, this extension puts a Download button underneath SoundCloud tracks and playlists for saving audio in Soundcloud playlist to mp3 format.

To use it:
  • Install extension via Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons site
  • Open soundcloud.com and navigate to a song, album or playlist
  • Click the orange Download button now underneath the waveform visual to save
soundcloud playlist downloader online extension

As SoundCloud's proprietary exporter, this extension delivers effortless one-click downloads without any limits or caps. It also perfectly preserves metadata like song titles.

The only downside is the lack of batch downloading - you must export playlists one track at a time rather than fully automated rips. But otherwise, SoundCloud's own downloader tool is reliable, efficient and seamlessly integrated.

For basic downloading direct from your browser, their official extension remains a top choice for grabbing SoundCloud audio fast.

FAQs of SoundCloud Playlist Downloaders

Q1. Can you download an entire SoundCloud playlist at once?

A1. Unfortunately, SoundCloud's native tools don't allow saving full playlists in one go. However, third party apps like HitPaw Video Converter can grab all tracks in a playlist with a single click for convenient bulk downloading.

Q2. Can you send someone your SoundCloud playlist?

A2. Yes! One of SoundCloud's best features is shareable playlists. You can send playlist links via messaging apps, email, or social media. Recipients can then stream the playlist in a browser or using SoundCloud's mobile apps without needing an account. However, for them to listen offline, they'll need to utilize a playlist downloader tool.


Pumping up your personal track library is a blast with this inside scoop on snagging the hottest underground jams and playlists from SoundCloud. We brought the dish on awesome apps, letting you score entire sets with just a few clicks, no WiFi required.

So whether you're a diehard stan looking to own playlists from your DJ faves, or just an average Joe seeking some sweet new tunes, you can now amass it all offline with HitPaw Video Converter. This wiz software works desktop downloading magic to fill your player with back-to-back bangers in MP3 format, fast as fire.

For mobile, slide those SoundCloud playlists into your pocket using the ultra simple Xposed and Shorcut apps. Even peep SoundCloud's own browser extension supplies sweet one-click hotness. So why wait? Expand your audio stash now with whole playlists of the latest club knockers, chillwave vibes, spitfire raps, or whatever flavor gets ya groovin'!

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