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How to Convert Soundcloud to WAV Fast and Easily

SoundCloud is a top-notch platform that allows you to enjoy brilliant music and audio files in different genres.

Apart from listening to your favorite music on SoundCloud, this website also empowers you to upload custom songs on the SoundCloud website. Unfortunately, this website doesn't offer an official way to download SoundCloud. Hence, looking for a SoundCloud to WAV downloader to convert SoundCloud to WAV is essential; all you need to do is read this post to serve your purpose.

Editor's Pick: Best Soundcloud to WAV Converter in 2024

Significantly few tools can help you download SoundCloud to WAV in original sound quality, and HitPaw Video Converter makes it into the list of those elite tools. It is a brilliant SoundCloud to WAV downloader with unlimited abilities, meaning you can download video and audio files from 10000+ websites in 1000+ audio and video formats.

Apart from serving you as a SoundCloud converter to WAV, HitPaw Video Converter is equally brilliant at turning your videos, audio, and images into various formats.

Main Feature of HitPaw Video Converter

  • Convert Spotify, Apple, and SoundCloud music to WAV, MP3, and other file formats
  • Provides several ways to save soundcloud music in WAV format easily
  • Convert DVD, audio, and video files to 1000+ file formats
  • Comes up with the 120x conversion speed
  • Download the videos from over 10000+ online websites
  • Create GIFS, batch convert images, compress the files
  • Comes with a simple user interface
  • Allows you to download the playlists from multiple websites

How to download SoundCloud to WAV in HitPaw?

First, you need to download HitPaw Video Converter to your desktop.

  • 1.After visiting the official website of HitPaw Video Converter, all you need to do is download the software. Next, install the HitPaw on your computer and launch it without wasting time.

  • 2.Next, navigate the SoundCloud website, select the music files you want to download, and copy those songs' URLs.

  • 3.Enter into the main interface of HitPaw Video Converter and tap on ''Download''. Next, paste the URL of the SoundCloud audio you copied earlier.

    soundcloud convert to wav
  • 4.Now, HitPaw Video Converter will analyze the link and then list all the supported formats and quality. The format for the SoundCloud music is MP3 by default. So, please choose an MP3 quality like 320kbps to download.

    soundcloud to wav converter
  • 5.Tap on ''Download'' to start downloading the SoundCloud to MP3.

    downloading soundcloud to wav

After the download process is completed, you will get an MP3 file. You can switch to the Convert tab of HitPaw Video Converter, and import your MP3 file to convert it as WAV file. Finally, you've converted SoundCloud to WAV successfully.

convert soundcloud to wav

Part 2: How to Convert SoundCloud to WAV File Online

Apart from using the HitPaw Video Converter to convert the SoundCloud to WAV, you can also explore the brilliant online tools below.


The biggest thing about an online SoundCloud to WAV downloader is that you don't need to install any tool to download SoundCloud that WAV. However, only a few online tools allow you to turn SoundCloud to WAV in original sound quality. But you can watch out for downcloud.cc, a reliable online tool that empowers you to grab SoundCloud.to WAV in a few moments.

Luckily, you won't see any unwanted ads, and it converts the SoundCloud to WAV in original sound quality.

Moreover, it supports 8 audio formats, including the WAV, meaning you can export SoundCloud into 8 audio formats

Here's how to convert SoundCloud to WAV using downcloud.cc.

  • 1.Navigate to the official website of ''downcloud.cc'' and then open SoundCloud. Next, copy the URL of the SoundCloud audio you'd like to download.

  • 2.Paste the URL of SoundCloud into the main interface of Downcloud.cc. Next, choose the WAV icon and tap on the ''Download'' option.

soundcloud to wav download


You can also opt for scdownloader.io as it allows you to go for the SoundCloud to WAV download effortlessly.

It is a free SoundCloud to WAV online tool that stimulates turning the SoundCloud files into WAV without compromising the sound quality. scdownloader.io supports various audio formats, and you won't see any ads.

Here's how to convert SoundCloud to WAV in scdownloader.io:

  • 1.Launch the scdownloader.io website after using the Webbrowser.

  • 2.Copy the URL from SoundCloud and paste it into scdownloader.io. Select the WAV as your destination to start converting the SoundCloud to WAV. Next, hit the ''Download'' icon to export the SoundCloud audio to WAV.

soundcloud to wav converter

Part 3: FAQs About Converting SoundCloud to WAV

Q1. What is the WAV file format?

A1. WAV is nothing but Waveform Audio file format that tends to store waveform data. WAV audio recordings come up with several bitrates and sampling rates. Moreover, WAV audio files are downloaded in 44.1 kHz, 16-bit stereo format. Although this format doesn't require compression, you can compress the WAV files through the Audio Compression Manager codec. Another thing to like about this tool is that it doesn't reduce the sound quality of an audio file when you compress the WAV files, and it's not the case with various other file formats.

Q2. Can I upload WAVfiles to Soundcloud?

A2. You can upload the WAV to SoundCloud by using the SoundCloud downloader. For instance, you can opt for the ''Cakewalk SoundCloud'' tool to serve your purpose. Launch the Cakewalk and navigate to the ''Utilities'' icon. After launching the tool, tap on the ''Browse'' icon and select the WAV files you'd like to upload. This way, you can upload any music you're looking to upload on the SoundCloud website. The fantastic thing about the SoundCloud website is that you can upload as many music files as you want.

Q3. Should I upload WAV or MP3 to Soundcloud?

A3. Since WAV files have a better sound quality and offer more accurate audio clips, opting for the WAV audio makes sense. Although MP3 audio format supports more devices than WAV, and MP3 also comes up with a smaller size than WAV, it brings top-notch sound quality. Thus, if you're looking for better output, WAV is the way to go.

Q4. What is the best Soundcloud to WAV converter?

A4. You must look for the SoundCloud to WAV converter that comes up with lossless sound quality and helps you to adjust the parameters of your audio. HitPaw Video Converter has all the ingredients that allow you to download SoundCloud to WAV in prolific sound quality. Besides selecting the WAV as the destination format, HitPaw lets you download SoundCloud to various other audio file formats, making it a flexible tool.

Final Thoughts

This guide comes up with the most insightful guide to help you turn SoundCloud to .wav. You can find the most efficient online tools to download SoundCloud to WAV file.

Without undermining the value of online tools, the best SoundCloud to WAV downloader is HitPaw Video Converter.

It offers a simple user interface and allows you to download SoundCloud to WAV in brilliant sound quality.

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