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The Best & Easy-to-use AI Animated Photos Generators Available in 2024

Generating amazing animations for the text prompt or photos is remarkable. Where artificial intelligence is introducing new features quickly, producing AI animated photos is one of the most exciting things artificial intelligence has ever done.

If you're looking to AI animate photo and are looking for a reliable AI photo animation online free tool, look at this exciting post and explore 6 scintillating options.

Part 1: Top 6 AI Animated Photos Generators Available in 2024

Reliable AI, and photo animation tools, are hard to come by, so you must be careful while choosing an appropriate option. Dig into the exciting list of 6 eye catching AI animated photos tools.

1. HitPaw Online Animate Photo

You can almost try out hundreds of AI photo animation to turn the photo into wonderful animation; nothing can justify the artificial intelligence of the HitPaw Online Animate Photo. The hype around this AI anime photo tool is immense, and rightly so. With the intuitive user and highly professional AI technology, this tool takes no time to animate a photo.

ai animated photos hitpaw

The quality of the features this tool offers is such that it doesn't tinker with the resolution of the images either. Moreover, HitPaw Online Animate Photo enables you to import images in multiple photo formats, and animating multiple images is also possible. This tool to AI animate photo is 100% safe, and all you need to do is march into the official website, upload the image, and let it do the rest.

2. MyHeritage

MyHeritage adds a cinematic touch to the AI generated animated photos. MyHeritage AI Time Machine has recently become popular because of its impressive features. Although an AI photo animator asks you to import 10 to 15 images before turning them into exciting animations, it is worth your attention.

The interface of MyHeritage could be improved as various people complained about having faced some issues while producing the eye-catching animations from the photos.

ai animated photos myheritage

3. Cutout.Pro

With the stable Diffusion algorithm, Cutout pro can turn dull-looking images into exciting animations. To convert the AI photo to animation, you don't need to do many things, as only visiting the official webpage and importing the photos will be good enough to serve your purpose.

The best thing about this AI photo animation tool is that it offers various wonderful photo templates making things look more exciting.

ai animated photos cutout pro

4. Reface

Creating the AI-animated avatars via uploaded photos wasn't as simple as Reface has made it look like Reface has much to offer, allowing you to explore 100+ preset animated avatars with great effect. It only asks you to upload the image, choose the template, and enjoy the exciting and mesmerizing AI animated photos.

Although Reface comes up with the watermark on the photos, you can generate the eye catching images from hereon.

ai animated photos reface

5. Simplified

There is no shortage of the amazing and mesmerizing AI animate photos tool, and Simplified is a clear example of it. It comes up with an attractive and simple user interface, and importantly it is AI dependent, allowing you to produce highly mesmerizing animation. The working of this AI photo animator is only to upload the images to the user interface before turning them into mind-blowing animations.

ai animated photos simplified

6. Nero

Nero AI is another highly impressive AI animated photo tool that empowers you to make the photos look exciting and mesmerizing. Apart from offering a breathtaking user interface, the best thing about the AI photo animator is its multi-dimensional design.

ai animated photos nerod

It means that turning the AI to animate photos is only a feature of the Nero AI, as it has much more to offer you. Everything about this AI photo to animation is highly impressive, and you don't mind using this tool to produce wonderful animations.

Part 2: Your Best Choice to Enhance Your Picture Without Efforts

Producing AI animated photos through an AI photo animator is one thing, and editing the images to make them look impressive is another. Thankfully, HitPaw Photo AI emerges as the best photo quality enhancer that presents a massive opportunity to improve the quality of images immensely.

use hitpaw to enhance photos

With the effortless user interface and brilliant AI technology, you have little to do to put things in order. It implies that you'll only need to upload the images to the main interface of the HitPaw Photo AI to start putting things in order.

  • Upscale and enlarge images without the quality loss
  • Remove the noise from the images
  • Make the photos look less blurry
  • Automatically enhance image resolution and quality through one click
  • Allows you to restore old photos quickly
  • Helps you to modify various photos at the same time

Here's the detailed guide below to enhance the quality of images via HitPaw Photo AI.

  • Step 1:Enter the HitPaw Photo AI and import the images by hitting the Choose File icon.

    use hitpaw to enhance photos
  • Step 2:HitPaw Photo AI blesses you with 6 flawless AI models, and you can select the desired one.

    use hitpaw to enhance photos
  • Step 3:After choosing the desired AI model, you'll need to review the images and hit the Export button to download the images. Checking the credentials of photo images before downloading them provides you with the luxury of editing them and making them look perfect.


Opting for AI animated photo by uploading selfies has become a new trend, and millions of people are participating in it. This post has listed the 6 eye catching ways to AI animate photo in no time, maintaining the original resolution of photos.

If you feel the need to modify the generated images, HitPaw Photo AI is there to be taken. Apart from offering 6 mesmerizing AI models, HitPaw Photo AI enhances the photos to original quality.

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