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[2024 Updated] Get Garfield Voice Effortlessly with the Best Voice Changer

Are you wondering about replicating your voice to Garfield voice for entertainment purposes? Most anime fans love that lazy, lasagna-loving, funny orange cat with a unique and captivating voice from the anime series.

This post helps you learn about Garfield, who voiced Garfield, and how to change your voice to sound like Garfield cartoon voice effortlessly. You will also find various efficient voice changer tools to assist you in having fun conversations as if you were Garfield. Continue reading for the details!

PART 1: Who is Garfield and Garfield Voice Actor

Before exploring the voice changing tools, let's learn about the famous Garfield herself. Garfield is created by cartoonist Jim Davis, a fictional character famous due to her quirky humor, love of lasagna, and distaste for Mondays.

The original Garfield voice actor was Lorenzo Music, who provided the iconic voice for the character in different animated projects. But after he died in 2001, various voice actors, like Frank Welker and Bill Murray, took his place. However, Chris Pratt voices Garfield in the new upcoming 2024 movie.

Garfield Voice Actor Cartoon

PART 2: Get Garfield Voice With HitPaw Voice Changer

Let's begin with the exciting part of changing your voice to the Garfield AI voice with an AI-powered HitPaw Voice Changer. This simple yet powerful voice modulation software helps you transform your voice into a broad range of effects and soundboards; however, Garfield's voice effects will come soon. Since it supports various streaming platforms, you can modulate your voice in real time.

HitPaw Voice Changer

It also offers various options to customize your output as desired. So you can change the pitch, timbre, and volume for the desired voice effect. Choosing the output format is also in your control, such as MP3, M4A, WAV, WMV, etc. It even provides real-time previews to hear the voice changes instantly, thus helping you achieve the perfect results.

Key Features
  • Offer an easy setup and quick navigation
  • Come up with the feature of keybinds control
  • Change voice for gameplay, content creators, etc.
  • Reduce the noise and echo while voice changing
  • Let you create AI music and change the music genre
How to Transform Your Voice into Voice Garfield

Let's follow some simple steps to change your voice into the unmistakable Garfield voice using the HitPaw Voice Changer.

  • Step 1. Import Audio/Video File
    The first step involves opening the software and going to the "AI Voice" section. Now, upload your audio or video file to change your voice.

    Upload Audio or Video
  • Step 2. Choose Voice Effect
    Now, explore various categories and choose the Garfield voice effect by clicking it. You can change the "Pitch" and "Similarity" levels from the right-side column with the slider.

    Choose the Voice Effect
  • Step 3. Change Voice and Download
    Lastly, hit the "Change Voice" button, and if it's fine, choose the options for the "Save format" and "Save path." Tap "Download," and you're all done!

    Change Your Voice

Part 3: Other Ways to Get Garfield's Voice

While HitPaw Voice Changer is the top recommendation, you can also try other voice changing tools. Let's dive into their details:

1. is a fantastic online tool that assists you in voice transformation via uploading your voice clip or microphone. It offers multiple unique voice effects to select from. However, you can also generate a custom voice like the voice of Garfield using the text to speech tool.

  • Offer 55+ voice effect options
  • Let you preview real-time voice modification
  • Provide various effects, like pitch shift, tremolo, etc.
  • No feature for background voice
  • Discord option is under testing
  • Offer no editing & trimming features
Voicechangerio Garfield Voice

2. Kits AI

Kits AI is a remarkable platform that offers 100 royalty-free voices in almost ten languages. It takes the text-to-speech conversion to a new level by bringing realistic output. You can find the voice of Garfield or train a voice that fits your needs. It supports uploading the audio file, recording, entering a YouTube link, or typing the text as input.

  • Provide various pre and post-processing effects
  • Help you adjust the pitch of your input audio
  • Support changing volume length and feature ratio
  • Require learning curve for advanced features
  • Offer less control over pre-trained AI voices
  • Consume a lot of resources while functioning
Kits AI Garfields Voice

3. 101Soundboards

101Soundboards is a versatile program with an expansive library of sound effects, including soundboards, voices, music snippets, and various audio elements. You can quickly access sound clips under the Garfield soundboard and play the desired ones. It lets you create an account to post your sound recordings.

  • Save and download the sounds in MP3 format
  • Share the sound clips on various social platforms
  • Keep updating the soundboards every year
  • Bring a lot of annoying ads
  • Offer an outdated interface
101Soundboards Garfield Generator

4. Voicify AI

Vocifiy AI utilizes cutting-edge technology to help users create cover songs. It provides trending voices and AI models to change your voice. You can convert your voice to the desired person, i.e., celebrities, politicians, etc. It even lets you efficiently generate the voice of Garfield by leveraging this tool's capabilities.

  • Bring high-quality output
  • Allow you to clone your voice
  • Personalize the effects per your preferences
  • Offer a limited toolkit for separating instrumentals
  • Getting familiar with the features may take some time
Voicify AI Garfield AI Voice

Part 4: Simple Table to Help You Choose Voice Changer Quickly

Here is a comparison table for the five tools to change your voice into Garfield:

Tools Price AI-Powered Voice Effects Compatibility
HitPaw Voice Changer Free with limited features Yes 300+ Windows & Mac Free with limited features No 50+ Online
Kits AI Free with limited features Yes 100+ Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
101 Soundboards Free Yes Extensive library Online
Voicify AI Free trial and subscription options Yes 3000+ AI Voice Models Online

According to the stats, HitPaw Voice Changer is an excellent choice for changing your voice with its affordability, AI technology, and other factors.

Part 5: FAQs of Garfield Voice

Q1. Who voices John in the new Garfield movie?

A1. The voice of John in the new Garfield movie is voiced by Nicholas Hoult, coming out in theaters in May 2024.

Q2. What happened to Garfield voice actor?

A2. Lorenzo Music was the original Garfield voice actor cartoon. After he passed away in 2001, various voice actors have taken on the role of Garfield. Frank Welker took over the role for a short time.

Part 6: Final Thought

Changing your voice into the iconic Garfield voice has become easier than ever with various tools provided above. Whether you are a fan of Garfield or just looking to have some fun with other voice effects, opt for the tool that suits your needs.

However, the HitPaw Voice Changer is the most recommended as it offers an affordable, user-friendly, and high-quality solution. So, let's get this software and uncover your inner Garfield.

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