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5 Free Social Media Management Tools [Online]

If you are a social media user then you will find this article helpful. Here we are going to discuss 5 best free social media management tools that are considered perfect for social media management. Each tool allows you to optimise your social strategy, from post-scheduling to analytics tracking.

what is the best free social media management tool

5 Best Free Social Media Management Tools 2024

We are here with the 5 best and perfect working tools that are specially designed for social media creators to easily and effortlessly manage their social media. Let us have a look at the details, along with the scheduling procedure and supported platforms by these free social media management tools like hootsuite as a perfect example.


free social media management tools for nonprofits

Buffer is a popular social media management tool free that helps schedule and improve online content. It's easy to use and has lots of features, making it suitable for different users, including individuals and businesses.


Available for up to 10 posts per channel

Platforms Supported:

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

  • Buffer is lauded for its user-friendly design
  • Buffer is lauded for its user-friendly design
  • Buffer is lauded for its user-friendly design
  • Buffer has a limitation on the number of messages that can be scheduled at a given time.

2.Friends + Me

best free tools for social media managers

Friends + Me stands out as an innovative social media management tool meticulously crafted to facilitate content sharing and collaborative efforts across various platforms. Its user-centric design ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience.


Available for 5 posts per queue

Platforms Supported:

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest.

  • You can upload several posts to a queue of your choice at once
  • You can use the browser extension to share content easily.
  • It automates actions like creating and scheduling new posts
  • Its free plan has limitations on the number of posts and channels


best free social media management tools 2022

Later is included among the best social media management tools free that excel in simplifying the intricate processes of social media scheduling and visual content planning. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals seeking to optimize and elevate their online presence strategically


Available for 10 posts per profile per month

Platforms Supported:

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest

  • You can drag and drop media into the Visual Instagram Planner
  • To drive traffic to your website, you can add a Linkin. bio page to your social media bios
  • It supports uploading or collecting your visual content in one place for easy access
  • The free plan has restrictions on the number of posts per social profile


best free social media management tools 2019

Coschedule stands out as an exemplary integrated marketing calendar and social media management platform that significantly contributes to streamlining the intricate processes involved in the planning and execution of content across diverse channels.


Available for up to five messages

Platforms Supported:

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

  • CoSchedule can import the last 60 days of messages
  • You can schedule a single post across multiple social networks
  • It allows you to publish your posts whenever they’re most likely to get good visibility and engagement
  • Its pricing might be relatively higher for small businesses


free social media management tools like hootsuite

Hootsuite is a remarkably versatile social media management tool that offers users a robust set of features that allow them to seamlessly schedule, monitor, and analyze their online presence. Hence, what is better than free social media management tools like hootsuite that are helpful to the diverse needs of both individuals and businesses?


Available for up to 5 messages at a time

Platforms Supported:

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest

  • You can reach more of your target audience on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • You can set up boards to monitor activity on your social media accounts
  • You can schedule a post across the most popular social networks
  • Its interface can be overwhelming for beginners,

Bonus Tips: Best Content Generator for All Social Media

As you have gained enough knowledge regarding free social media management tools like hootsuite, it is time to discuss another effective and recommended content generator for all social media platforms:

Why Choose HitPaw Edimakor

HitPaw Edimakor transforms the content creation landscape by seamlessly merging powerful features and user-friendly design. From crafting engaging videos with its AI video generator to enhancing visuals through AI-generated text and photo enhancements, Edimakor ensures a holistic content creation experience.

  • HitPaw Edimakor integrates advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to generate and enhance videos
  • The software supports AI-generated text that allows users to incorporate dynamic and engaging text elements in their videos.
  • HitPaw Edimakor includes a robust photo enhancement feature that enables users to improve the quality of images
  • It also supports the integration of AI-generated videos and offers a diverse range of creative elements

Click here to learn how to use HitPaw Edimakor now!


The above list of perfect free social media management tools is helping users a lot in simplifying their work. These tools keep on updating so that users can enjoy the advanced features. For an all-in-one social media management experience, HitPaw Edimakor stands out with its user-friendly interface and powerful features.

FAQs about Free Social Media Scheduling Tools

Q1. Is There A Free Social Media Scheduling Tool?

A1. Yes, several free social media scheduling tools are available, such as Buffer, Later, and TweetDeck. All these tools allow users to plan and schedule posts without incurring additional costs.

Q2. How Can I Manage My Social Media Account For Free?

A2. If you want to manage your social media perfectly then this process involves utilizing tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, or other native platform scheduling features. These tools enable post-scheduling, audience engagement, and analytics tracking at no cost.

Q3. Is Hootsuite No Longer Free?

A3. Most people want to know whether Hootsuite is available for free or not. This social media management tool has been discontinued its free plan in March. All the free users have to now sign up for the $99 per month.

Q4. Is There A Free App Like Hootsuite?

A4. Yes, there are free alternatives to Hootsuite. These alternatives may include Buffer, TweetDeck, and SocialOomph. These tools provide basic social media management features without requiring a subscription fee.

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