How to Record a Zoom Meeting without Permission

Joshua Hill
Updated on 2022-04-27

In the era of economic globalization, with the rapid spread of the COVID-19 in the recent years, it is normal for people to work at home. The daily advancement of work requires business meetings, web seminars and small multinational conferences to be held on a virtual platform. All the meetings you need can be held on Zoom, and important information will be perfectly saved and shared with others after recording the meeting.

However, some Zoom users still have questions aboout meeting recording. Therefore, here in the article, we'll tell you everything about Zoom meeting recording, including "how to record a Zoom meeting with or without permission". Let's get started.

Part 1: Can I Record a Zoom Meeting if I Am Not the Host?

No. According to the explanation of Zoom support, only the host can start a local recording. If another participant would like to record, the host has to grant him/her the ability to record.

Part 2: How to Record a Zoom Meeting with Permission

Zoom users are mainly divided into two categories: free and paid, there are some additional restrictions on free accounts. The paid account provides users with more optional tools and freedom of recording. Both free and paid accounts can make local recordings on Zoom.

1. Make a Local Recording on Zoom (Paid & Free Accounts)

As mentioned above, the local recording must be proceeded by the host or the record-granted participant. Following are the steps to start a local recording on Zoom:

Important: Make sure that the local recording has been enabled.

  1. Start a Zoom meeting.
  2. Click the Record button located in the toolbar at the bottom of the window. For free account users, it will record on the computer; for paid account users will see a menu with the choice to record on the computer or to the cloud.

    click teh record button
  3. You'll see "Recording" in the upper left corner. You can click the pause or stop button recording on the bottom toolbar.

    pause and stop buttons
  4. Press the "Stop" icon to end the recording.
  5. Then Zoom will convert the recording and save it to the computer. The saved files include a video copy and an audio-only copy.

    convert and save the recording


Local recordings don't support the following features:

  • Show timestamp in the recording
  • Show participant's name in the recording
  • Record the active speaker, gallery view, and shared screen separately
  • Audio transcription

2. Cloud Recording without the Host Being Present in the Meeting (Paid Accounts)

Cloud recording is a special feature for paid accounts, and it is automatically enabled. When you choose to start a cloud recording, all the videos, audio, and chat texts are saved to Zoom cloud. If Cloud recording is enabled on your account, you can record your Zoom meeting without the permission of the host. Following are the steps:

  1. Sign into Zoom web portal and enable automatic Cloud Recording for the meeting.
  2. Schedual a meeting with the Enable Join.
  3. The recording will be started automatically without the host in the meeting after the first participant joined. And the recording will be stored at the host's My Recording page.

Part 3: How to Record a Zoom Meeting without Host's Permission

If it is troublesome to how to record a meeting on zoom without permission when you do not want to make additional settings. In such a case, you can use HitPaw Screen Recorder. It can meet all your needs for meeting recording, and it can also take a quick screenshot or picture-in-picture recording. The recorded meeting video will be saved on your computer, you can access it and edit with HitPaw screen recorder anytime you want. Here are the steps to record a Zoom meeting without permission:

  1. Download HitPaw Screen Recorder on your computer. Then, install and launch it.

  2. Open the homepage interface, click the "Screen" option under the "Record" tab. You can choose full screen or custom recording area by following the on-screen prompts.

    record a zoom meeting
  3. Click on the recording icon on the left to record your meeting. Of course, in the course of recording, you can press the pause button.

    record meeting
  4. The video will be automatically saved in the folder. You can click on the play icon to preview or start trimming it as needed. If you don't need to montage the video, just click to open the output folder to view the meeting.

    zoom meeting



You can also press the camera or PIP to take a screenshot or start picture-in-picture recording.

Part 3: Other Free Ways to Record Zoom Meeting on iOS/Android

If you are searching methods to record a Zoom meeting on your iPhone/iPad, you can still utilize HitPaw to do the task, the steps are simple. Except for that, there are other free ways to record Zoom meetings on iPhone/iPad and Android. You can record your meeting or webinar to the Zoom cloud from your mobile device with the Zoom software. Cloud recording allows you to look at, share, and download your recordings from your Zoom account. Of course, you must be a paid user to record in the Zoom cloud.


  • It is impossible to record locally from an iOS or Android device.
  • You must be the meeting host to start out a cloud recording on iOS or Android.


  • You must is a Licensed user.
  • You need to have the host or co-host permission of the meeting or webinar.

1. How to Record Zoom Meeting on iPhone

  1. To host a Zoom meeting from your iOS device, click More.

    how to record zoom meeting on iphone
  2. Click the Record to the Cloud.
  3. The app will now show that it is Recording at the top right of your screen.
  4. When you need to stop or pause the recording, click the More again.

    how to record zoom meeting on ios

After the end of the meeting, the file will be saved under My Recordings on the web.

2. Recording from Your Android Device

  1. When hosting a Zoom meeting from your Android device, click the More.
  2. Then click the Record.

  3. The app of Android will now show the Recording at the highest of your screen.
  4. To stop or pause the recording, click the More again.

    how to record zoom meeting on phone

The file will saved under My Recordings on the web, after the end of meeting.


With the global epidemic spreading, you can only hold video conferences at home. If you are worried about the loss of conference content, the best way is to record the conference through Zoom, which provides the option to record all meetings, you can only access this function if the host of the meeting grants you the permission with the free account. However, if you are bothered to install an application that specializes in video recording, with our HitPaw Screen Recorder, you can learn to how to record the zoom meeting as well.

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How to record a zoom meeting? Can I record a zoom meeting if I am not the host? How can I record a zoom meeting without permission? This article will tell you everything about that.