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10 Amazing Girl Drawing Ideas That You Can Easy Handle

Artists tend to blank out and run out of idea most of the times. And if you are an artist who is set on the journey of drawing beautiful girls, there might be times when you might not get any idea. This black out and “lack of ideas” phase is a bit difficult for every artist to pass through. If you are falling short of ideas, then article can be a boon to you. Today we will talk about some of the best drawing ideas for girls that will help you out. Keep reading to know more.

Part 1. Where to Get Girl Drawing Ideas?

In this era where internet has turned out to be a necessity, it is not difficult to find girl drawing ideas. A number of social media platforms and other sites such as YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google can help you with this. In addition to this, there are tons of forums where other users contribute and offer ideas. This can also be one of the sources to get drawing ideas girl.

Part 2. Top 10 Drawing Ideas for Girls

This section talks about the top 10 easy drawing ideas for girls. This ideas will help you get going with the drawing and make the best of your skills and imagination. Refer to the below ideas to create a masterpiece of your own.

1. Girl Drawing:A Girl with Cap

A girl with cap is one of the best drawing ideas for girls easy. This drawing idea tends to be cool and teenagers can easily relate to this. The best part of this idea is that you do not need to draw the whole face, which is hidden by the cap. Users can put their efforts here in drawing cap and not the face in this girl cool drawing ideas.

drawing ideas for girls

2. Cute Girl Drawing: A Girl with Butterfly in Moonlight

This drawing ideas of girls is well liked by a number of users. It represent solitude and peace. Users can actually put their efforts here in drawing the silhouette of the girl perfectly. The reason we are suggesting silhouette is because the girl gets overshadowed in the moonlight. Hence, users do not have to put efforts in detailing the girl and the butterfly in this cool drawing ideas for girls.

cute girl drawing

3. Girls Drawing: A Fairy Is Sitting on the Moon

Another one of the best drawing ideas girls is a fairy sitting on the moon. Now, the best part of this idea is that users draw it as a silhouette or else add details as well. It is up to users how they take this drawing ideas cute girl and make the most of it.

drawing ideas girl

4. Girl Drawing Easy:A Girl Playing Guitar

Users get to play around with this cute girl drawing ideas a lot. How? Well, users can imagine different positions of the girl with the guitar. In this drawings ideas for girls, users can make the girl sit and hold the guitar or play the guitar. Or else, users can make the girl lean against the wall and play the guitar. Or else, in this drawing ideas easy for girls, users can also make the girl hide behind the guitar.

easy drawing ideas for girls

5. Drawing Ideas for Girls: Butterflies on the Face Mask

In this cute drawing ideas for girls, users can either draw only the mask. Here, when you opt to draw just the mask, make sure you add more minute details in the drawing. If you are going with idea of adding a face into the picture, then you can spare a bit on the details. This drawing ideas for girls simple can be a good option for you if you are running out of ideas.

cute girl drawing easy

6. Girls Drawing: Flowers for Your Eyes

Being one of the creative drawing ideas easy cute girl, this work need quite a bit of imagination. When using this drawing ideas girl face, users need to make sure that their imagination fits quite in the place and does not look like an alien.

drawings of girls

7. Drawings of Girls: Girl with Curly Hair

Now, in this anime girl drawing ideas, users get two options. The first option is to draw the girl and make her hair curly. Users can focus on every details on her face and the add efforts parallelly all over the drawing. Another option in this girly drawing ideas, is that users can just draw a blank face and put all the efforts on the curly hairs, thereby highlighting just the hairs.

girls drawing

8. Girl Drawing: A Girl Drinking Bubble Tea

One of the best girl anime drawing ideas, is about girls drinking any type of drink. And this idea about girl drinking bubble tea is the best option. This drawing ideas easy girl focuses on the cuteness of the girls, which can be easily portrayed via this idea.

cute girl drawing ideas

9. Girls Drawing: Crying Girl Drawing

This is one of the best cute drawing ideas girl. Users can easily draw this. Just make sure how much details you add in to this pic. Adding more details might make this girl drawing ideas easy turn into a dark picture. Hence, users must be cautious about adding the amount of details in to the picture.

cute drawing ideas for girls

10. Cute Girl Drawing: Facial Expressions for Laughter

This drawing ideas anime girl can help you a lot. The laughter of any girl can be shown in many ways. It can just be a smile or a loud laughter or a laughter that she is trying to control or a laugh that is genuine. Users get a lot of options if they get along with this easy hipster girl drawing ideas.

drawing ideas easy cute girl

Bonus Tip: One Click to Enhance Your Images with AI

We just had a look at some of the best teenage girl drawing ideas for girls. Whenever you draw a picture such like this, you will need it to upload on the web or social media account. After clicking the photo of your drawing, the photo might not completely capture the beauty of your drawing. And hence, you might need to enhance that image. To do this, a dedicated photo enhancer is require. And HitPaw FotorPea(originally named as HitPaw Photo Enhancer) is the answer to this problem.

  • Advanced enhancing models to enhance the image
  • Automatically getting rid of all the blurriness and noise
  • Auto enhancing images and enhance the quality
  • Available to draw grils on Windows and Mac
  • Easy to use and no technical skills required
  • One click to generate drawing girls image easily

Follow the below steps to know how to use this tool to take your photo in to a new level. Begin by downloading and installing the tool on your device.

  • Step 1:Launch the tool and import your photo that you need to enhance. Tap the Choose File option or just drag and drop the original photo to it.

    upload anime girl drawing ideas on desktop
  • Step 2:There are 5 AI models for you, i.e. general model, denoise model, face model, colorize model and color calibration. Choose the perfect mode based on your needs.

    enhance model for drawing ideas anime girl
  • Step 3:Lastly, the Colorize model makes your black & white photos colorful and lively.

    girl anime drawing ideas
  • Step 4:After you upload the image, tap the Preview option to process the photo.

    preview cute drawing ideas girl
  • Step 5:Preview the effect and tap the Export option to save the final output.

    save drawing ideas anime girl


Having said that, we just had a look at different drawing girl ideas that can be used by users for drawing. We also saw that users easily enhance their image with advanced AI with the help of HitPaw FotorPea. The tool offers advanced enhancing models to enhance the image and take it to a new level by o automatically getting rid of all the blurriness and noise. The tool is perfect for auto enhancing images and enhance the quality.

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