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How to Colorize Black and White Photos into Vivid Ones?

Back in the 1950s, technology wasn’t that much known to the people as it is now popular among people. Due to this, people have acquired colorization techniques. These skills have enhanced the visual appearance of black-and-white photos.

However, it is quite tricky when you colorize black-and-white photos manually. For your ease, many AI-based tools are available in the market that can ease you in this regard. Here we have explained the most popular ones so let’s delve into the details.

1. 4 Popular Methods to Colorize Photo Online You Should Know

That being said, using an online photo colorizer also adds to your feasibility. You don’t need to install anything on your computer just visit the website and let that image colorizer do its job. Here are 4 popular online tools which you must consider.


With this AI-based tool, you can colorize photo online. No matter whether you have too old family photos, historical figures, ancestral photos, or old movies, you can bring back the soul to these photos with colorization.

Moreover, it adds stunning colors which look natural. You can have your colorized photos in a few seconds without learning any colorization techniques.

use cutout to colorize black and white photos

Colorize images online

This Ai based tool uses deep learning and image coloring algorithms which let you colorize a photo online. With this feature, you can add realistic colors to your old black-and-white images.

Additionally, it comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to help you do the process without any help.

use colorize images online  to colorize black and white photos

Image colorizer

Its ai colorization algorithms assist you in filling colors to your black and white photos which don’t look appealing anymore. You can colorize photos online and enhance them as well by accessing its free version which helps you to see its functionality and results.

However, this tool doesn’t accept photos of more than 5MBs so if you have an image larger than this size then compress it first and then try uploading it on the image colorizer tool.

use image colorizer to to colorize black and white photos


This online photo colorizer adds brilliant colors to your black-and-white photos in one click. Not only it supports you in coloring your pictures but also restores old photos.

All it takes from you is uploading of images and starting the process to turn black and white photo to color. Its AI feature will bring life back to your boring pictures automatically in seconds.


use fotor to colorize black and white photos

2. How to Colorize Black and White Photos with Adobe Photoshop

Create a new layer

To start, you need to make a layer before you start working on your source image. In this way, you will always have your original image to see. After that, use layer masks to add the colors of your choice to each part of your image.

use ps to colorize black and white photos

Remove dust and scratches

While working on an old photo, you must clean up the image. To do this, make slight adjustments to the Radius and Threshold levels until you there are no flecks remaining. If you see still some are visible in your image, then you can create a layer mask to paint the remaining flaws.

use adobe ps to colorize black and white photos

Neutralize the color and adjust the contrast

If your uploaded image is sepia toned then you should add an adjustment layer (black and white) to neutralize the color. After this also add a levels adjustment layer to fix the proper contrast for your image.

use photoshop to colorize black and white photos

3. AI Colorization - Best Method to Process Your B & W Photos

Using an AI-based tool for image coloring helps you a lot in colorizing black-and-white photos and ultimately makes up for your regrets. You can satisfy your curiosity using such tools to add color to black-and-white photo and enjoy the process.

HitPaw Photo AI is one of the highly professional AI-powered tools. This software smartly analyzes your photo and colorizes it using built-in algorithms. So, there is no human involvement in colorizing photos. This looks so easy to watch the final product but it analyzes your pictures deeply and works accordingly.

use photoshop to colorize black and white photos
  • One-click enhance
  • 4 AI models (Genereal, Denoise, Face, Black & White)
  • Perfectly fix black and white photo
  • Support batch processing
  • Step 1.Launch HitPaw Photo AI on your computer

  • Step 2.Upload your desired image by clicking on “chose images”. You can also use drag and drop method to upload an image

    use hitpaw enhancer to colorize black and white photos
  • 3.Choose any AI model according to your image. All the AI models are tailored to different images. So, you can decide according to your image

    use hitpaw photo enhancer to colorize black and white photos
  • 4.Once selected, process the image by clicking on “Preview”

    5.You can preview the enhanced photo. Click on the “Export” option to save your image


With that, we will end this discussion to colorize black and white photos. We hope this article helped you in deciding the best tool to colorize your precious old pictures. We highly recommend you HitPaw Photo AI since it is a time saver and gives you quality results in a few seconds.

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