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Top 10 Free and Paid Age Progression Apps 2022

Joshua Hill

Posted 2022-08-02

AI technology has driven so many trends on social media and looking older than your age is one of them. Nothing is more fun and exciting than giving an amazing aging touch to your favorite pictures using a photo age enhancer.

While the internet is full of such apps but not all of the are user-friendly and worthy of your time and money. That’s why we have handpicked several tested and tried ones that anyone can use to look older.

Part 1: 5 Best Age Progression Software to Make Me Look Younger or Older

Below is a list of the 5 age enhancer apps that are very easy to use even for non-technical users. Check out which one fits your requirements.

YouCam Makeup

Having 100 million+ installs, YouCam Makeup app stands as the #1 age progression app in 2022. Its powerful Time Machine feature allows you to see yourself both younger or older. The fun doesn’t stop here.  

Try this feature on your family and friends’ photos and share the results with them. Another exciting element is hair makeover and hair color changer.    

age enhancer free app – youcam makeup


  • Live makeup cam
  • Selfie editor
  • Real-time AR makeover
  • Blemish feature

Fantastic Face

With over 10 million installs, Fantastic Face is one of the best old age apps. Aside from showing how your old version will look like, it also shows a complete report according to your facial features. Plus, you can compare your face with those of your friends for who look more beautiful.  

In addition, you can have interesting tests of your facial expressions and also get love pairing and smile analysis.

age my child photo free – fantastic face


  • Aging prediction
  • Daily face analysis
  • Celebrity match
  • Smile competition
  • Beauty competition

Make Me Old

Just as the indicates, this app reveals many secrets behind your face using the advanced portrayal technology. With just one tap, you can see your future face as well as how your family, friends, or favorite celebrities will look like in the next 30 to 40 years.

photo age enhancer free – make me old


  • Quick and easy transformation
  • Offers interesting stickers
  • It has precise position markers

Aging Booth

Another top-ranked aging app that allows you to have fun with your photos. With just one tap, it transforms your photos into old age. You can upload photos from the phone’s gallery and apply am amazing effects. Sharing the results directly to your social media accounts has never been easier.

age enhancement photo free - agingbooth


  • Instant transformation process
  • Just shake your phone to see the before and after views
  • Offers the auto-cropping feature
  • Save or share results with one click

Age Face

Want a simple yet multi-feature app to find out what you’d you or your friends look like in the old age?  The answer is Age Face.

It is a powerful age progression app that lets you watch your scary old man face. It also provides a huge library of old-age GIFs, masks, and effects but you have to buy the premium version to access all of them.   

age progressed photo app - age face


  • Many age filters
  • GIFs, face masks, and animal stickers that you can apply quickly
  • Share photos on social media

Part 2: 5 Best Paid Photo Age Enhancers with Rich Functionality

Want to up the game and enhance your photos with professional-grade software? This section will review some paid age apps you should look into.


Arguably one of the coolest aging apps that you must try to entertain your mates. Aside from a built-in selfie editor, it offers advanced portrait technology to have breathtaking and quite realistic transformations.   

The other features of this app lets you swap gender, replace the background, and add aesthetic filters to your selfies.  

how to get an age progression picture – face app


  • Find out how you look older
  • Fantastic background effects
  • Add a beard or moustache to your photos
  • Remove wrinkles

Magic Face

This app tells a lot more than just transforming your photos to old age. You can get predict your baby with your lover, change expressions, switch gender, and travel back to your previous life to see how you would look.

However, users need to get the premium version to use all its features.

age progressed photo app - magic face


  • Realistic aging transformation
  • Ghost makeup
  • Allows you to peek into your past life
  • Gender change


Oldify has been a popular age enhanced photo app for both entry-level and pro users to apply old age face effects to their photos. It provides an intuitive way to see how you will look after 20, 40, 60, or 80 years. Aside from that, users can add mustache on their faces as well as record their videos while making coughing or yawning voices like an old person.

photo age progression - oldify


  • Apply live old-age video filters
  • Use beard or tiger mask on your photos
  • Comes with captivating animation

Age Recognition App

What’s more entertaining than making a funny video of an app scanning your face and guessing the age? Luckily, this app gives this answer in one single step. Analyzing your photo and its ethnicity, it shows how old you actually look to other people.

age progressed photo app – age recognition app


  • Find out how old you are
  • Get face analysis and brain analysis reports
  • It can analyze your feelings based on your facial expressions

Face Story

Another powerful age progression software that automatically detects your face and show your transformation from a baby to an old person. Users can easily morph between faces as well as preview the final results in real-time.  

age progress photos - face story


  • Turn yourself into celebrity
  • Apply animal effects on photos
  • Advanced face extraction feature
  • Share the final photo directly on social media

Extra Tips: Best Photo Enhancer to Make Your Images Less Blurry

If you have a memorable photo that’s old, blurry, or damaged and you want to upscale it, then HitPaw Photo Enhancer is your perfect companion. It used cutting-edge AI technology to improve the resolution of your favorite photos. You don’t need to go through any tech-savvy procedure as it automatically enhances an image to give the best possible resolution.

What makes it stand out from other players is its two powerful modes that allow you to upscale images of real objects as well as make animated images clear and remove noise from them. Use this software once and you won’t be disappointed.

1. Features of HitPaw Photo Enhancer:

  • One-click auto enhancement.
  • Uses advanced AI tech to upscale your images.
  • Offers two powerful modes to improve the resolution or your portrait and landscape images.
  • Real-time preview to see the results.

2. How to Upscale Images with HitPaw Photo Enhancer:

Check out how to use this remarkable software:

Step 01First, download the software and launch it.

Step 02Upload your image(s).

ai face aging

Step 03Select an AI model from the right and click on preview button.

how old do i look app

Step 04After a few seconds, you can see the effect after enhancing. If you're satisfied with it, click on Export button to save it.

photo ager


Hopefully, you won’t find any difficulty in how to get an age progression picture after reading this article. Now, you can have smooth and quite realistic transformation of your photos to get an idea of how beautiful you’ll look in the next 40 to 50 years. All the afore-mentioned apps we reviewed are efficient, user-friendly, and worth-using.

Use HitPaw Photo Enhancer to make your damaged, old, or blurry photos clear as well as enhance their resolution.

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HiPaw Photo Enhancer

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HiPaw Photo Enhancer

HiPaw Photo Enhancer

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