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7 Useful AI Photo Color Correction Solutions for PC & Online 2024

No image could be perfect without vibrant and illustrative colors. Unfortunately, if you click the photo having misoriented colors affecting the productivity of the photos, you watch out for the AI photo color correction tool.

The internet is loaded with countless photo color correction AI tools, and we're taking the opportunity to reveal 6 of them.

Part 1: Best & Free 6 AI Photo Color Correction Solutions Available in 2024

Since AI color correction photo tools can improve the coloring of photos, exploring some remarkable color correction photo tools makes sense. Have a look at the 6 mesmerizing AI photo color correction tools listed below.

1. Cutout. pro

Opting for the color correction photo wasn't considered but the tools like Cutcut. Pro has changed things dramatically. It comes up with an eye-catching color correction procedure to achieve top-notch without affecting the quality of photos.

Regardless of whether your photo has a dull background or uneven skin tone, the photo color correction AI tool has the answer for everything.

ai photo color correction cutout

2. Color.io

Besides offering highly professional and mesmerizing features, Color.io blesses you with an amazing user interface. To opt for the color correction photo, you need to jump into the official AI photo color correction page, log in with the tool's credentials, and then start colorizing the photos.

Despite offering free services, it doesn't bother messing up with the quality of images and keeps the formats of the images the same. Although the free version might come up with unwanted ads, it isn't a concern, especially if you're looking to explore the high-quality AI color correction photo tool for free.

ai photo color correction color io

3. AiPassportPhotos

If you're fed up with taking photos having misoriented colors and would love to opt for an AI photo color correction tool, you can go for the AIpassportPhotos. Since it is an online tool, you don't even need to install any software, and using this online tool and enhancing image quality is super easy.

On top of that, the photo color correction AI doesn't mess up with image quality and will maintain the original resolution regardless of how your image looks bad upon clicking it.

ai photo color correction aipassport

4. Fotor

Exploring the tons of AI photo color correction tools isn't worth it when you've got options like Fotor. It is a splendid online photo editor that offers an effortless user interface taking the quality of images to the next level.

Irrespective of how much damage has been done to the colors of the photos, Fotor will fix it without taking much of your time. On top of that, Fotor stimulates colorizing the black and white photos, and focusing and highlighting the different parts of images with deep saturation is also possible.

ai photo color correction fotor

5. LightxEditor

Another useful color correction photo tool that can take the quality of photos to the next level is LightxEditor. Despite being an underrated photo color correction AI, it does the job wonderfully. It won't make you feel you're using a web-based photo editor instead of the software.

All the things about the brilliant photo editing tool are worth talking about, and it doesn't take any time before amazingly colorizing the black and white images.

ai photo color correction lightxeditor

6. Media.io

An AI photo color correction tool that doesn't shy away from amazing people with better functionality and higher productivity is Media.io. It is a commendable image editor that offers all the attributes needed to improve the quality of a photo.

On top of that, this AI color correction photo tool doesn't mess up with the size and format of photos, keeping the original quality of images intact. Since it is an online tool, you don't need to spend even a penny while correcting the colors of the images.

ai photo color correction mediaio

Part 2: One Click to Automatically AI Color Correct Your Photo

You can try out all the tools mentioned in this guide and then sit back and watch out for the credentials of HitPaw FotorPea. Everything you learn about this amazing AI photo color correction makes it better than any other tool.

ai photo color correction hitpaw

With the ability to colorize black and white photos, HitPaw FotorPea aims to put life into irrelevant, noisy images. The presence of the 5 mesmerizing AI models means that now you can edit the photos from any angle, making them look gigantic and watchable.

  • Mind-blowing image enhancer for Mac and Windows
  • Allows you to enhance the resolution and image quality automatically
  • Helps you to remove the noise from the images
  • Colorize the black and white photos
  • Helps you to resize the photos brilliantly

Get into the detailed guide below to know how to color-correct photos through HitPaw FotorPea.

  • Step 1: Click the button below to download the software.

  • Step 2: Next, you'll need to launch the software and click the ''Choose Files'' icon to upload the images you'd like to edit.

    ai photo color correction hitpaw
  • Step 3: Now, you can find the 6 immaculate AI models in the main interface of HitPaw FotorPea. All you need to do here is to select the colorized model.

    ai photo color correction hitpaw
  • Step 4: After applying the colorizing method, you must preview the images and click the Export icon to download the edited photos. Before exporting the images, you can also change the resolution and format of the image, as HitPaw FotorPea blesses you with these features.


This guide reveals that it is necessary to color-correct photos online to make them by your preferences. If you're looking for an appropriate AI photo color correction tool, this guide has some of the most exciting options.

You can try out all these online tools, and can enhance the quality of images immensely. However, we recommend using the HitPaw FotorPea if you intend for a simplified solution. It offers a straightforward user interface and can improve the quality of your photos unbelievably.

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