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8 Useful AI Aging Photo Apps for Photos of Different Ages

Not even a single day goes by when you don't talk about the eye-catching innovations of AI. The AI aging photo apps have made huge marks worldwide, allowing you to tell what you'd look like in your childhood. Besides helping you look younger and older, the age AI photo app also lets you know about your current age.

Some apps offer more accuracy than the rest, but we will reveal the 8 perfect aging AI photo apps for you.

Part 1: Top 8 Selected AI Aging Photo Apps Available on Your Android/iOS

If you ever thought of reflecting on the old memories of your age, looking at the AI aging photo app will turn the thoughts into reality. Watch out for the 8 wonderful tools to AI age photo.

1. Tiktok: Viral Old filter

TikTok is a wonderful app with trendy challenges, vibrant communities, and captivating videos. Interestingly, TikTok is also the AI aging photo app and can easily help you access the younger or older look. It comes up with an intuitive user interface, and changing the age of faces is effortless.

ai aging photo

2. FaceApp: Age Progression

FaceApp is another brilliant aging AI photo that relies upon artificial intelligence to help you know what someone would look like in the near future. Although this AI age photo doesn't allow you to select a specific age, you can surely click on the old, teen, child, or baby options to watch the age progressions.

age ai photo

3. Snapchat: Fun Aging Filter

Snapchat is one of the best apps to click and share media files. Luckily, Snapchat also comes up with the AI aging photo filter that makes you look older or younger in your uploaded photo.

aging ai photo

4. FaceLab: Face Editor & Aging

FaceLab also could be an inspirational age AI photo tool for those looking to create aging images. The AI age photo app will perfectly show how you will look when you grow older. It comes up with various features, including adding wrinkles, sagging skin, gray hairs, etc.

ai age photo

5. Oldify: Aging App

Another age progression app that can amaze you with its features is Oldify. It is a flawless AI-age photo app that enables you to click the photo and make it look like the photo of an older person. With this remarkable app, you can customize the age and wrinkles and add glasses.

ai photo age

6. Art Pics: Age Filter & FaceSwa

Switching faces between older and younger ones has been made possible courtesy of the Art Pics. It is a flawless photo editing app that also serves you as an aging AI photo app. Although the app doesn't allow you to select a specific age, choosing a different age progression is possible.

art pics ai aging photo

7. LoopYa: Face Aging

LoopYa asks you to import the selfie, and it doesn't take any time before turning that photo into a mesmerizing outlook. It perfectly shows how you and your family members will look upon growing older, and you'll surely have fun using this AI photo age app.

loopya ai aging photo

8. AgingBooth: Age Progression

AgingBooth will be a good aging AI photo app to make your image look like an older man or lady. To see the age transformation, you only need to import the image to AgingBooth and let it do the rest.

agingbooth ai aging photo

Part 2: How To Enhance Your Portraits to Best Condition on PC/Mobile

Improving the quality of the images will always remain a hot topic. Unfortunately, you won't find reliable options in this regard, but we have put together the most wonderful ways to help you improve the quality of images on mobile and desktop.

1. HitPaw Photo AI for Desktop

Whenever a talk of enhancing the quality of images pops up, HitPaw Photo AI emerges in the scene, beating all the other photo enhancers. With 6 amazing and breathtaking AI models, the AI Enhancer function of HitPaw Photo AI ensures that image quality improves instantly.

use hitpaw to enhance your photo

Whether you want to remove the blur from the images or colorize the black and white images, HitPaw Photo AI will be handy on all these occasions.

  • Wonderful AI photo quality enhancer for Mac and Windows
  • Comes up with the intuitive user interface
  • Allows you to remove the blur and noise from the images
  • Adjust the size of the images
  • Doesn't mess up with the resolution of photos
  • Allows you to import multiple images simultaneously

Here's how to enhance the quality of images via HitPaw Photo AI

  • Step 1: Download and Install the HitPaw Photo AI and launch the photo quality enhancer afterward. Hit on the Choose File icon to import the photos you'd want to improve the quality of.

    use hitpaw to enhance your photo
  • Step 2: After visiting the timelines of HitPaw Photo AI, you can explore the 6 outstanding AI models of HitPaw Photo AI. Select the preferred AI model and adjust other settings as well.

    use hitpaw to enhance your photo
  • Step 3: Preview the photo and click the Export button to start downloading the photo.

2. HitPaw Mobile Photo Enhancer

Apart from allowing you to enhance the images on a Desktop, HitPaw Photo AI also brings in the wonderful AI photo enhancer app for mobile devices. It comes up with remarkable features that help you to animate the images, remove the blur from the images, colorize the black and white photos, and increase the resolution of the photos.

use hitpaw mobile to enhance your photo
  • Beautify the portrait courtesy of the face repair mode
  • Allows you to colorize the black-and-white images
  • Help you to animate the photos to the 3D style
  • Offers the simple user interface
  • Supports Android and iOS device


Seeing the older or younger age is one of the most amazing things that has been done to date.This post has listed the 8 eye-catching AI aging photo apps that allow you to change your age in the images and look like a 20 year old boy despite being 80 years old.

HitPaw Photo AI is the most recommended photo quality regardless of which type of photo you'd like to improve the quality of. It allows you to improve the quality of images while maintaining the overall quality of the photos.

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