HitPaw Photo Enhancer User Guide

This page will tell you how to use HitPaw Photo Enhancer to enhance an image and batch enhance images, follow us to try it now.


If you want to enhance a blurry photo, HitPaw Photo Enhancer is one of the best choices. All you need to do is several steps. Now, check the detailed steps below. Enhancing an image is a little different from batch processing. Let's take a look at how to upscale an image first.

1: Enhance A Image

    Step 1: Download and Install

  • Go to the official website page of HitPaw Photo Enhancer or click on the download button below to download the official package of HitPaw Photo Enhancer.

  • Step 2: Upload the Original Photo

  • After installing the software, now you need to import the photo you want to upscale to the software. You can click the Choose File or just drag and drop the original photo to it. By the way, HitPaw Photo Enhancer supports commom input formats like PNG, JPEG, JPG, WEBP, TIFF, etc.

    hitpaw photo enhancer guide
  • Note: you can simply click on the sample provided by HitPaw to check the effect.

  • There are 6 AI models for you, i.e. general model, denoise model, face model, colorize model and color calibration.

    General model is perfect for enhancing those pictures of real scene, such as landscape, building, animals and flowers, etc. Denoise model deals with high-ISO or low-light image, and enhance cartoon image as well.

    Face model can greatly make our portrait image or old photos less blurry. Colorize model can be used to bring your black & white photos back to life, colorful and vivid.

    Color calibration is best for photos that are underexposed or in lack saturation.

    hitpaw photo enhancer guide
  • Step 3: Select An AI Model

  • Once uploaded the photo, click the Preview button to process the photo, you may need to wait for a few seconds.

    hitpaw photo enhancer guide
  • Step 4: Preview the Effect

  • Preview the effect and click Export button to save the enhanced photo once you are satisfied with it.

    hitpaw photo enhancer guide

Note: if you are using the free version, you cannot export the enhanced photo. Please check the Buy Now button to purchase a full version so that you can save and use the photo processed with HitPaw Photo Enhancer.

2: Batch Enhance Images

    Step 1: Download and Install

  • Click on the Download button below to have HitPaw Photo Enhancer on your computer.

  • Step 2: Upload All Images

  • Click Choose Images to upload all files you want to enhance.

  • hitpaw photo enhancer guide

    Step 3: Select An AI Model

  • Choose one of the AI models according to your image type.

  • Note: we recommend batch processing of images of the same type so that you can choose the most appropriate AI model.

    Step 4: Start Enhancing

  • Click on Export button to choose a save path, and it will automatically start processing later.

    hitpaw photo enhancer guide
  • Step 5: Preview the Effect

  • Once finished, the enhanced images will be in the completed list. You can click the eye icon to preview the effect.

    hitpaw photo enhancer guide

3: Multi-model Processing

    Step 1: Upload the Image and Select the First Model

  • Select the face model after uploading your image.

  • hitpaw photo enhancer guide

    Step 2: Select the Second Model

  • Check the second model, and the image will be processed with both face model and colorize model. It’s very effective when enhancing the old portrait.

  • hitpaw photo enhancer guide

    Step 3: Preview and export

  • Click Preview to see the enhanced effect and export if you’re satisfied.

    hitpaw photo enhancer guide

4: Cusmotize Your Photo Size

    Step 1: Find Customize Option

  • Click the drop-down menu of the resolution, you can the customize option.

  • hitpaw photo enhancer guide

    Step 2: Set Your Wanted Width/Height of Your Photo

  • Here you can freely set you width or height. And once the width/height is set, the other one will be adjusted automatically according to the original ratio.

  • hitpaw photo enhancer guide

5: Preference

Click the preference, you can see your processor, set your multi task limit and choose whether to keep the photo's Exif data.

hitpaw photo enhancer guide

Set Your Multi Task Limit

Here you can set the AI processor as your CPU or GPU to run the software, which can adjust the computer resource as you want. And adjusting multi-task limit can help you to control whether your device is going to process faster or more balanced.

hitpaw photo enhancer guide

Click the drop-down menu to choose whether you use the CPU or GPU as the basic processor.

hitpaw photo enhancer guide

Multi-task means the maximum number of photos that can be processed simultaneously. The higher amount of multi-task limit can make your device put more computer resource on running the software. The maximum amount can be set to 10.

hitpaw photo enhancer guide

Keep or Remove Your Photo EXIF data

Exif information includes shooting time, location, ISO, camera and other information. You can keep or remove your photo Exif data by turning this function on or off.

hitpaw photo enhancer guide

Select Your OutPut Format

HitPaw allows you to output several formats. In the Preference, you can choose to export as original format, PNG or JPEG.

hitpaw photo enhancer guide

Still Need Help?

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