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How to Fix Blurry QR Code & Barcode Online | Scannable

Although QR codes and barcode can make the business accessible to potential customers, it becomes a nightmare for people scanning documents if the QR codes blurry or barcode blurry happens. Since scannable codes come up with a brilliant way to access websites, information, and promotion, things get frustrating when you struggle with the QR code blurry and barcode blurry.

Thus, if you're also dealing with the ''QR code blurry'' issue, this post reveals some of the most usefl ways to fix blurry QR code and recommend a nice QR code enhancer.

qr code blurry and blurry barcode

Part 1: Why Is QR Code Blurry?

A QR code may appear blurry or not scan correctly for several reasons, which can be related to the creation of the QR code, the printing or display process, or the condition of the code itself. Here are some common reasons why a QR code might appear blurry:

  1. Low-Quality Image: If the QR code was generated or displayed as a low-resolution image, it can appear blurry, making it difficult for QR code readers to recognize and decode it.
  2. Printing Issues: When printing a QR code on physical media, such as paper or packaging, issues like poor ink quality, smudging, or a low-quality printer can result in a blurry code.
  3. Scaling: Enlarging or reducing the size of a QR code without maintaining the correct aspect ratio can cause blurriness. QR codes should ideally be printed or displayed at their intended size for optimal clarity.
  4. Damage or Distortion:> Physical damage or distortion to the QR code, such as creases, tears, or smudges, can make it appear blurry and may prevent successful scanning.
  5. Encoding Errors: Mistakes in the creation of the QR code, such as incorrect data encoding or incorrect error correction settings, can result in a code that is difficult to read.
  6. Lack of Contrast:b> A QR code should have sufficient contrast between the dark and light areas. If the contrast is too low, it can lead to blurriness and make it challenging for QR code readers to distinguish the patterns.
  7. Environmental Factors: Poor lighting conditions or glare in the environment where the QR code is scanned can affect its clarity and scanability.

In many cases, the blurriness of a QR code can be resolved by ensuring its proper creation, handling, and display.

Part 2: How to Troubleshoot Blurry QR Code Online

You won't find a better QR code enhancer than HitPaw Online Photo Enhancer. It is a mind-blowing tool that only asks you to import the blurred QR code images and automatically eliminates the blur from the photos.

HitPaw Online Photo Enhancer relies upon a powerful algorithm, which means the image won't lose the original resolution while eliminating the blur from the photos. It's the most convenient QR code sharpener that worth trying.

Features of HitPaw Online Photo Enhancer

  • Allows you to fix the low quality, blurry, and pixelated images
  • No installation needed, get qr code sharpener in no time
  • Helps you improve the quality of the images automatically
  • Doesn't affect the quality of the photos while enhancing their quality
  • Helps you to enlarge the photos to up to 8X
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Steps to Fix Blurry QR Code Online

Here's the step by step guide to learn how to fix a QR code through HitPaw Online Photo Enhancer.

  • Step 1:First, you'll need to navigate to the official website of the HitPaw Online Photo Enhancer and then import the photo you'd like to enhance the quality of.

    qr code repair
  • Step 2:Select the Magnification, Style, and Format button before hitting the Apply icon.

    qr code enhancer
  • Step 3:Click the Preview button to review the outcome, and upon being satisfied with the results, you can download the QR code images into the desired format.

    how to fix qr code
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Part 3: Other Ways to Fix Blurred QR Codes

Although there isn't any guaranteed way to fix the QR code blurry, you can look at the methods listed below to fix blurry QR code online.

1. QR Code Generators

Some Online QR code generators come up with the built in feature to improve the clarity of the QR codes. You can import the blur QR code into the online QR code enhancer to fix the issue you've been dealing with.

2. Image Editing Software

You can also sharpen your QR code using QR code sharpener software, including the GIMP, Photoshop, and online tools. You can also apply adjustments or filters to improve clarity, sharpness, and contrast.

3. Upscale the Image

You can also fix a QR code by upscaling the QR image through an image resizer. Although doing so won't improve the original quality, it allows you to scan the QR code effortlessly.

4. Retrace the Code

You can also rely upon the vector graphics software to retrace the pattern of the QR code, provided you've got an understanding of photo editing. Doing so might allow you to create a clear version of the images.

5. Contact the Source

If the organization or a business provides the QR code you've been using, you can contact them before letting them know about the situation. This way, you can ask them to provide you with a better quality version of the QR code.

Part 4: What Are QR Code Scanning Problems and How to Fix?

You may face some issues while scanning the QR due to multiple reasons. When the ''QR code not scanning'' issue occurs, you won't be able to scan the QR code.

Apart from exploring ''QR code scanner not working'' problems, we've also listed the terrific ways to fix these issues.

1. Inverted color and color contrast of QR codes

If you cannot scan the QR codes appropriately, it might be due to a lack of inverted colors or color contrast. Luckily, you can fix the ''QR code go small to scan'' issue by looking at the guidelines listed below. You'll need to ensure that the foreground color must be darker than the QR code's background color.

Avoid using light colors, including light blue, yellow, and pastels, which might end up causing the you've been dealing with. You can enhance the scannability by opting for the high contrast combination.

2. Blurred QR code output

Blurred QR code output might also prevent you from scanning the QR codes for various business purposes. Thus, you must use the proper image file format to ensure the crisp scanning experience. You can opt for the formats vector formats, including the SVG, for print materials to maintain the photo quality. You look at the raster formats like PNG for digital use.

3. Congested QR code data

If you're putting too much information in the static QR code, facing the QR code not scanning'' issue will be evident. Static QR codes tend to store the data directly into the patterns. Each module or square represents the data's portion.

Thus, the bigger data implies you'll get the highly congested patterns through modules. You can fix this issue by keeping the data at a minimum. You can opt for an online URL shortener for long URLs. Using the dynamic QR codes is also recommended.

Data size doesn't affect the pattern as the QR codes come up with the pre embedded short URLs redirecting the data.

4. Mismatched QR code sizing

Size matters a lot when you talk about scanning QR codes. If the code is put at a distance or too small, you might struggle to scan the QR codes. Thus, you must use the 3 cm x 3 cm minimum side for short-distance scanning.

You can apply the distance formula from your scanner divided by 10 for long distance scanning.

5. Inaccessible QR code data

If the data isn't accessible, there isn't any benefit of scanning the QR code. Thus, you must check the data before facing difficulty scanning the QR code. You'll need to ensure the access permissions are there for data files stored in the cloud services. Using the dynamic QR codes, you can maintain data accessibility by double checking the subscription plan's validity.

6. Wrong QR code placement

Despite trying various things, if you're still struggling with the ''QR code scanner not working'' issue, you must check the placement of the QR code. Placing the QR code in the accurate place can create the you've been dealing with. You need to place the QR code in the areas containing no folds or creases. You can embed the QR code by using the appropriate paper material.

Final Thoughts

Apart from allowing you to fix the QR code blurry issue, we have listed the sensational ways to tackle the ''QR code not a scanning'' issue. You can dive into this guide to explore the most reliable ways to make the QR codes look better and terrific.

Of all the options you can find from hereon to fix blurry QR code online, HitPaw Online Photo Enhancer remains the best qr code enhancer. It allows you to eliminate the blurry QR codes and blurry barcode without affecting their resolution. But if you want to try a more secure desktop side, you can also try HitPaw Photo AI.

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