How to Use Multi-processing with HitPaw Photo AI

This page will tell you how to use HitPaw Photo AI to enhance an image with multiple models, follow us to try it now.


If you want to enhance a photo using multiple models at the same time, try HitPaw Photo AI to get better effects. Check the detailed steps below to start.

Step 1: Download and Install

Step 2: Upload the Image and Select the First Model

  • Select the face model after uploading your image. Here take Scratch Repair as an example. Acturally you also can choose other models at first

    hitpaw photo ai enhance select first model

Step 3: Select the Second Model

  • Check the second model, and the image will be processed with both Scratch Repair and Face Model. It's very effective when enhancing the old portrait. Choose one of the AI models according to your image type.

    hitpaw photo ai enhance select second model

Step 4: Preview and export

  • Click Preview to see the enhanced effect and export if you're satisfied.

    hitpaw photo ai enhance multi-model processing effect
  • Note: if you are using the free version, you cannot export the enhanced photo. Please check the Buy Now button to purchase a full version so that you can save and use the photo processed with HitPaw Photo AI.

Still Need Help?

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